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"It happened, it happened! hit me in the most powerful way, there were waves of energy going up my spine and out of my head and great vibrations throughout my body...."


The Peak Experience of Sex™

The foundation of The Peak Experience of Sex™ is a simple and natural method called the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™. The Protocol was developed in the early 1990’s by sex educator Jack Johnston MA to help men and women access this vital form of Peak Experience.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™ can be used by anyone who wants to enhance sexual experience by making it more intensely pleasurable, by lasting longer in bed before ejaculating, and by unleashing wave after wave of ecstatically intense orgasm.

Nearly all of us have been led to believe that progressively increasing genital stimulation is necessary to experience orgasm. This, however, is just a myth... one based on an understandable confusion between ejaculation and orgasm, especially for men. The fact is, ejaculation and orgasm are two distinct reflexes that for most men usually seem to occur simultaneously.

The basis of the  Protocol is a proven method of loosening the tie between the two reflexes, the result being the triggering of orgasmic waves of intense pleasure that may continue for hours. This is true regardless of gender, age, or sexual orientation.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™ is based on using a pleasurable alternative to ever-increasing stimulation, while nevertheless gradually and gently pumping arousal to multi-orgasmic intensity.

Continuous stimulation is not the only source of increasing erotic arousal... and it's not necessarily the best. In fact, increasing physical stimulation in the pursuit of orgasms may actually lessen their ultimate intensity, duration, and degree of full-body erotic and emotional satisfaction.

The use of more and more physical stimulation to chase after orgasm is most often the source of those feelings of frustration, disappointment, and... "Is that all there is?"

Multiple Orgasms for Men and Women

Since most people have been led to believe that male orgasm and ejaculation are a single process that must be delayed or prevented in order to prolong the sex act, men often resort to methods that remove them from the intimacy and even the pleasure of sex, such as making mental do-lists, applying something topical to their penis to desensitize it, or any number of other dissatisying strategies.

Orgasm is not a physical process like ejaculation, it’s an energetic one. An orgasm is a rush of intensely pleasurable sensations and emotions. The orgasmic reflex is neither dependent upon - nor inevitably linked with - ejaculation.

If you are male, while empowering you to enjoy ultra-high levels of arousal, learning to use the Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ will enable you to easily bypass ejaculation, and awaken the multi-orgasmic reflex.

You can enjoy all of the orgasms you want and then if you choose, easily 'switch gears' and go for orgasm with ejaculation.

Last Longer In Bed

Because orgasm and ejaculation are two separate reflexes, it stands to reason that The Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ may also offer tremendous relief from premature ejaculation. As a matter of fact it does, and has done so for many men since the Protocol was developed.

And for the same reasons, many people living with physical disabilities have reclaimed and greatly expanded their sex lives using the Protocol as well.

This pleasurable method will teach you how to open to your full ecstatic potential, helping you last longer in bed, enjoy better sex and a more fulfilling sex life, and giving you unlimited access to The Peak Experience of Sex.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol Seminars

Order the introductory audio seminar and energize your full multi-orgasmic response.

NOTE: Included with the purchase of the introductory seminar is complete access to all online training chats and forums. These services will provide you with support as you are learning the practice, while taking you deeper into the method and the miracles it has to offer you.

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