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Multiple Orgasm Step by Step For Men AND Women Complete Library : 4-Download Set

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Multiple Orgasm Trigger Complete Library for Men AND Women

>THREE hour-long iPod-friendly .mp3 audio programs
PLUS "Multiple Orgasm Trigger - The First 12 years A fully HTML-linked Training Forum Archive standalone database
that you can study even when not online.

  • Multiple Orgasm Step-by-Step™ 4th Edition (audio):
    The original Peak Experience program, updated for men and women.
  • Further Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ Training (audio):
    Additional intensive training in this powerful technique to awaken your multiple orgasm response.
  • Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ Success Stories (audio):
    Actual interviews with satisfied men and women who detail their multi-orgasmic awakenings.
  • Training Forum archive database (html-linked):
    Includes completely searchable first twelve years of posts including answers
    by Multiple Orgasm Trigger Adepts and by Jack, plus over 250 complete transcripts of Training and Discussion Chats hosted personally by Jack.
  • REAL-TIME ONLINE Access to the LIVE Multiple Orgasm Trigger Training Forum

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FOUR Hardopy CD Set
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Multiple Orgasm
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