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  • Turning Pain into Pleasure

    Discussion in 'The lounge' started by Biscuit, Jul 23, 2003.

    1. Biscuit

      Biscuit New Member

      I have a question to ask about the hot spot, G-spot, X-spot, and other sensitive spots in men and women. I hear that these spots are very sensitive to touch and can really bring out some EXPLOSIVE orgasms. The MOST sensitive I mean THE most sensitive spot I can think of is the testicles. I mean just thinking about being stabbed in this area makes me cringe. One thing I really hate is being hit in the testicles. IT HURTS LIKE CRAZY! I don't like having my testicles touched when it comes to sexual pleasure but I was wondering if there is any exercises I can learn to turn this annoying pain into pleasure. I mean turn my testicles into a HIGHLY sensitive area like a G-spot or X-spot or any kind of hot spot so maybe I can enjoy having my testicles rubbed some day. Please tell me thank you.
    2. MikeS

      MikeS New Member

      Super relax yourself, do nothing particularly sexual and use the
      lightest possible touch of one finger tip, perhaps using your
      smallest finger and just lightly stroke, stop, and feel. Just do that
      and feel. It's like your body needs to learn trust there, to feel safe

      Were you badly hurt there that causes you such discomfort? Is it
      interfering with your KSMO practice?
    3. Pan

      Pan Member

      Hey Anonymous,

      Of course I agree with Mike's suggestions. They sound like a good way to safely, "wake up," that area.
      But, personally, I've also felt sensitive about my testicles in the past (it's only natural!). I had heard about some guys really enjoying having them squeezed and played with, during sex. I never was all that into it myself. Over time, I just found that on occasion, I enjoyed massaging or squeezing them a little bit, but they still aren't a major focal point for me.
      The thing is, physically, while that area IS extremely sensitive, it's not, "wired," through nerves, for the same pleasure, that oh say, your penis or prostate is. Although I'm sure it exists for some people, somewhere, I've never heard of a purely, "testicular orgasm." So, I'm thinking, why bother trying make that area different, when you have so many other options available for orgasmic pleasure?
      Certainly, it makes sense to want to get to a comfortable place with them, where you're not overly defensive or sensitive in that area. For that, I think Mike had some great ideas. Also, through KSMO, you can learn to greatly enhance your arousal, so your WHOLE body is basically orgasmic. Obviously, that includes your testicles. so you can certainly enhance your pleasure there.
      But, why go to McDonald's for spaghetti? Know what I mean? You have other super orgasmic, "Hot Spots," available to you. If you become acquainted with them, you may have all the pleasure you can handle right there!

      Best of Luck to You,

      Pan :)

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