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  • PC muscles too strong?

    Discussion in 'The lounge' started by Davek, Oct 28, 2002.

    1. Davek

      Davek New Member

      This may seem like a wierd question, but I'm not sure how else to phrase it. Basically, before discovering Jack's MMO techniques, I had been doing a lot of work at building strength in my PC muscles. I worked up to being able to do about 700 "reps" over the course of a day.

      Having this "skill" I tried "holdback" techniques, and didn't like them of course., but I did find that my new strength allowed me to have much more intense orgasms, with much more volume, which as we all know is a lot of fun! Basically I had no complaints.

      But since this MMO stuff seems to have a lot to do with relaxing, i.e. NOT using muscles, I wonder if this is actually somewhat detrimental too the practice. I tend to start using my PC muscles when practicing the key sound, when I start to have echo effects. It's actually hard to tell whether this is an involuntary response or something I'm doing to do out of habit or reflex to try to force orgasm.

      I do have the aneros BTW, and I think I'm getting somewhere with it. But I think it's a different muscle group... Is there a difference between the "anal sphincter muscles" used for the aneros and the PC muscle?

    2. Pan

      Pan Member

      Hey Dave,

      First let me say, "Wow, 700 reps a day!" That's impressive man! Ok, so my guess is that with that much practice, there may be some degree of "learned," muscular reaction that you'll have to "unlearn," in order to really move forward with your MMO practice. I suppose it will be most helpful to just kind of say to yourself (and your body,) "Ok, that was a fun practice and I got a lot out of it. But now I'm gonna put that aside and try for something even cooler!" I think just making an agreement like that with yourself may help to get you in the mind set for letting go of old ways and being open to an entirely new experience.
      As for the confusing place between voluntary PC squeezes and involuntary Echo Effects, maybe best bet would be to try practicing the Key Sound when you are not doing any stimulation at all. You may find that you can feel the distinct sensation of Echo Effects, without any genital reaction at all. This may be a very slight sensation at first, but it should gradually increase as time goes by. Of course, its fine to continue practicing the Key Sound along with stimulation as well. But perhaps trying a KS here and there, throughout the day will help you make that distinction and give you an idea of what you're going for with KSMO. Also, I imagine simply stopping the PC exercises, will let those muscles relax more over time and become a little less reactive to stimulation. Considering how much practice you put in with the PC's, it may take some time for them to "calm down," a bit. But I have a feeling that it will get easier over time to feel a distinct difference.
      About the Aneros, I have one as well. And yes, there is definitely a difference between the anal sphincter muscle group and the PC's. In fact, its a common practice in Tantra to learn to engage these muscle groups separately, while allowing all others in the area to relax, in order to learn more distinct control over them. Part of the genius of Jack's KSMO system, is that none of this is necessary. In fact, relaxation is one of the pillars of learning this new MMO method. Its in the process of giving up "control," of your body and feelings that you will ALLOW the multiples to happen on their own. However, there is a way to feel the difference between the PC's and the anal sphincter using the Aneros. To feel the anal sphincter, just concentrate on "lifting" the inserted portion in towards your prostate, using your anus. To feel your PC's, observe the place where the other appendage of the Aneros rubs against your perineum and concentrate on "pulling" it more firmly against that area, using your perineal area. But, as long as we're talking about the Aneros, I want to stress here that its really a good idea to make sure you already are feeling competent with your Key Sound and Valley Breathing, and able to experience MMO's this way, before using the Aneros. I say this only because, its possible that the Aneros can be too stimulating, too soon for most "newbies," and may pose a risk of inducing some pretty heavy emotional "furballs," by creating more pleasure than they are able to process safely in the beginning. It can also be more difficult to avoid ejaculation using the Aneros, before you have "mastered," the basics of KSMO. Just some food for thought there.
      I hope I've answered your questions to some extent here. Maybe some other folks will have more to add?
      Best of luck to you : )

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