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  • Long Intense Orgasm

    Discussion in 'The lounge' started by hawk_nc, Oct 5, 2000.

    1. hawk_nc

      hawk_nc New Member

      Bill wrote:
      > Hi John -
      > Just thought I'd drop you an 'update' note.

      Great! I always appreciate hearing how things are going!

      > Last night my lady wanted to just pleasure me...

      How nice!

      >as I laid back and enjoyed
      > her efforts she brought me to 'the edge' over and over again... each time
      > leaving me more aroused than the last.

      Yes, that's a wonderful technique to use!!! What a tease! ;-)

      By the way, there are some more great suggestions for activities such as
      this in David Schnarch's excellent book, Passionate Marriage, which you
      can order through my online catalog... he offers some very spicy
      activities that couples (of any gender combo, actually) may enjoy.

      BTW, the link to the catalog is:
      > When I finally reached orgasm, well,
      > it was the longest and most intense orgasm I've ever had!!

      All RIGHT!!! Congratulations!!!

      > She commented afterward that 'normally' I ejaculate very forcefully, and
      > that this time it just sort of 'flowed out'...

      That's a great observation, and yes it has been reported by others, and
      experienced by yours truly... you are definitely getting into the realm
      of the "full-body" orgasms... you are getting very close to being able
      to experience the non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms that can result from
      use of the Key SoundTM described in my Audio Seminar.

      It's a frequent favorite, once you learn how to do this, to then finish
      the experience (or at least "accent" the experience) with a group of
      orgasms that include ejaculation, and yes they often are WAY more
      intense than those to which you are accustomed.

      Again Congratulations to both of you!

      Also I compliment your wife on her being so observant about the
      different characteristics of the ejaculation as more of a "flowing"

      >and that even she could tell
      > it was a very different orgasm.

      Great! Now it would be great if she would describe (and post to the
      Forum so that others may benefit!) what it was she noticed that was
      "different"... articulating these differences raises one's awareness of
      the whole experience, and of course sharing it with others in the
      anonymous context of the Forum can help many many others as well.

      > Interestingly enough, I wasn't 'trying' to
      > achieve anything... but just enjoying the sensations and the feelings her
      > touch was creating.

      And THAT's why you got the big payoff! As you browse through the Chat
      Transcripts and the other posts in the Forum, you will see many
      discussions of this very issue! Especially for men, this seems to be
      paradoxical and run contrary to our cultural indoctrination...

      We have such a habit of forcing it, staying "in control" in a very
      direct way, trying to push ourselves to create the desired outcome...
      yet my experience and that of a number of others who post to the Forum
      confirm your experience that the real secret to all of this is to learn
      to RELAX >>>INTO... the orgasmic state.

      When you're not concerned about feeling like you "have to" maintain an
      erection, that's a wonderful gift from your partner and for you to give
      yourself... then you REALLY get the goodies... and it's very possible
      that the next time or very soon time that you share penetration with her
      again, that THAT experience will be quite something as well.

      > I'm hoping we, as she put it, 'crossed a bridge' last night and that even
      > longer and more intense orgasms are headed my way :)

      It sure sounds like there's a great probability of that!!!

      > Do you think I'm (we're) right in thinking this is in fact another 'step'
      > along the path?
      > -Bill

      Most definitely!!!

      I notice that during this experience you didn't mention use of the Key
      Sound... so as a next step, I would suggest that as she pleasures you in
      this way, that when ever you feel a rush of pleasure and you take a big
      in-breath in response, exhale it using the Key Sound. It need be no
      louder than just to release the energy that has built up in your

      As you do this, SHE may also start feeling turned on to what's
      happening, and SHE can use the Key Sound in a similar way! Review the
      guidelines in the Audio Seminar for how to time the Key Sound with the
      "larger than average" in-breath that automatically tends to happen in
      response to pleasure from her stimulation.

      And... keep reporting!!! :)

      Again and again, congratulations to you both!!!


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