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  • Gold Nugget KSMO Musical Accompaniment

    Discussion in 'Complementary Resources and Perspectives' started by rumel, Dec 3, 2011.

    1. rumel

      rumel VERY SMILEY Yeoman 1st Class Administrator Staff Member

      Gold Nugget - Music to practice KSMO by
      Throughout the great number of posts and Chats on this Forum, members have occasionally listed audio recordings which they felt have enhanced their practice sessions. Hopefully this thread can become a central repository for those listings. In your readings, if and when you find such listings can you create a link to that post here so other members can quickly see it as well. If you have a new suggested piece, please add that as well. Help your fellow members find it by providing a complete title to the piece, the album it occurs on, the artist performing it and (if possible) a link to where it may be obtained. Thanks in advance for your contribution to making this site as useful as possible.
      The following was copied from a members only community group titled "Muse Music" on the Aneros Forum :
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    2. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      "I Feel the Earth Move" by Carole King!! :D
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    3. Agon

      Agon Articulate Empathic Member since 2009 & KSMO ADEPT Staff Member

      What about Ludovico Einaudi? He is a contemporary classical composer who adopts some elements of New Age pianists, esp. a sense of lightness, of liveliness, of playfulness. On the other hand a certain amount of tension is preserved to avoid getting too lofty.

      The result is a highly relaxing kind of instrumental music that gives your mind enough to work on though, so it doesn't get monotonous. And for me it provides a lot of material to fly through some mental landscapes. I consider most of it just beautiful, but should you ask for specific tracks, I would name Quel Che Resta, Divenire, Ancora, Andare and Melodia Africana III.

      I personally do not use any music during sessions, for it consider it distracting. But I guess some of those who do experiment with it might find Einaudi's music to fit their needs.
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    4. Kepler

      Kepler Happily KSMOing since 2009!

      I like a lot divenire and I've used it sometimes during practice as well. Ludovico Einaudi has some interesting tracks to listen to
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    5. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      Going through my music to listen to something that was calming but not quite sleep-inducing :D , and came across the CD I use for teaching yoga, the "Devotion" CD by Rasa. Awesome stuff! Might even use it for KSMO meditation tonight.
    6. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      For a more meditative flavor, I can recommend the following two CDs:

      "Hidden World" by Jonn Serrie and Gordon Stroutos - 51+ minutes... I use this CD to go to sleep to every night to help my brain wind down... I've also started playing it in the background of my KSMO sessions... After 10 or so years of listening to this at night, my brain is now "trained" that when it hears the chime 7 seconds in to the 1st track, it is time to go quiet. I have found this to be immensely helpful with ridding mind noise from my practice and keeping me stay in the here and now of breathe, breathe, caress, sound, breathe.... :)

      "David & Steve Gordon's Shaman's Vision Journey" - 69+ minutes... I have this one as the second CD to play each night, so I hear it but I'm usually asleep at that point. If you like a more indigenous flavor (but NOT plastic shaman-y), this is a great CD. There is a drone element in one of the tracks that was annoying at first, but now I can't imagine it without it (other trance forms of music utilize a drone as well)... I've even started listening to this when I'm sitting and thinking (I guess, meditating, but on artsy stuff)... and have found I really love it.... David & Steve Gordon started out doing drumming CDs, so if you like indigenous drumming (various styles from around the world) to get your mind waves chilled out, you'll probably really love their early stuff...

      "En Attendant Cousteau" by Jean Michel Jarre - Originally released in the 1990's, the first 3 tracks are heavily synthesized and not to my personal tastes, but I remember being mezmerized by the 4th track (the title track) and listening to it while sitting and thinking (I think that's my version of meditating :) )... it was listening to this last track, laying on floor pillows, under a ceiling fan that I had my first "levitation" experience -- I felt myself floating, almost like in vertigo -- couldn't feel the pillows or floor beneath me, and the air flow from the ceiling fan gave a feeling of movement... this was actually my first insight (way back in 1994) that orgasm could be more than the physical (no, I wasn't jerking off, just laying back and letting my mind wander)...

      "Cappuccino Afternoon" - This is a compilation CD of various tracks... it's not in the groove or chill genre, per se, but I love listening to this CD.

      "Becoming One" by Tommy Greer... ditto...

      For CLASSICAL flavor, anything by Paul Schwartz is going to be great. He takes classical arias and works and gives them a laid back makeover. He has several CDs out, but the ones I have are "Aria," "Aria 2: Cafe del Mar," & "Aria 3: Metamorphosis"... These CDs are actually a great way to introduce someone to opera who might otherwise be too scared of big-voiced dames. :D

      For piano/classical/jazz - Keiko Matsui is awesome. My first CD of hers was "Whisper in the Mirror" (!!!), and I recently bought her "Deep Blue" (!!!) and "Dream Walk"...

      First up on my To-Buy list is "Relax: Sublime Music for Reading & Lounging"... Also the soundtracks to the movies "Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love" and "Exotica"...

      Other Meditation/New Agey-type music might include music by Rasa, 2002, Diane Arkenstone ("Aquaria"), David Arkenstone, Australis, Jen Gad, Sleepthief, Blue Stone, and so many more... and of course Enya, if you like modern Gaelic music ("Watermark" is still one of my all-time fave piano pieces)... the music from these artists ranges from Indian/Hindu-inspired to Irish, to soothing massage type music, to orchestral musical journeys...


      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tango, Flamenco, & Spanish Guitar. Not only does this genre have the ability to raise the heartbeat, it also encompasses some achingly beautiful works as well... Some of my fave musicians/composers: Astor Piazzolla (the KING of Tango), Jesse Cook, Willie & Lobo, Ottmar Liebert, Johannes Linstead, Esperanza II... and so many more... awesome stuff! ... And if you like some Cuban flavor, get the soundtrack to the movies Dance With Me (with Vanessa Williams) or Mambo Kings.

      Indigenous / World Music:

      Oceania by Oceania - from New Zealand -- I don't know exactly what they're singing, but they are awesome... and the fact that it souonds like they're singing "puntang" is good enough for me. :D

      Afro-Celt Sound System -- they have a number of CDs blending African and "Celtic" rhythms and instruments with a dance beat... I used their "Afro-Celt Sound System, Volume II: Release" when I taught Pilates to start the class and get the blood pumping...

      "Spirit" by Peter Buffet - this is the soundtrack to a show (and DVD) composed by Peter Buffet, featuring American Indian singers, Native and non-Native dancers, indigenous instruments, all backed by orchestral and electric instruments. Great stuff! Who knew reading the names of 500 tribes could be groovy??? Great rhythms and dancing (if you get the DVD)... There's one sexy, groovy song I like to put on "repeat" called "The Dream"... My favorite song is the first one (not surprisingly, it's called "Fire Dance" :HOT: )...

      "Other Side" by Hevia -- a Spanish guy who plays bagpipes -- who knew?! :D Good stuff, and will definitely get your toes tapping...

      "Shafqat Ali Khan" self-titled CD -- Shafqat Ali Khan is a Pakistani singer/composer, and his music is definitely inspired by Indian music, but he also uses electronic instruments as well, bridging old and new in a way... a few of his tracks I've put on my "slow groove" listening play list as well... if you're not used to the riffs sung in Middle Eastern/Indian music, this will take a little adjusting to...

      Okay, I guess that's enough for now. :D
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    7. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      Wow, thanks Lava, looks like I've got a bit of homework to do!
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    8. Kepler

      Kepler Happily KSMOing since 2009!

      Interesting that you know this one... We used to have one of his melodies as main team in our cyclism tournaments when televised :D
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    9. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      Being of Irish/Scottish descent, I'm always interested in good bagpipe music... as it can so often be terrible. :D But Hevia is great...

      And my love of music wanders the globe and its cultures... notice there's no pop/rock? :D Except of course, my orgasm anthem, "I Feel the Earth Move" by Carole King... :HOT:
    10. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      I just found Deepak Chopra's new video game, Leela. I can't stand video games, but this one, I might have to get, especially for my daughter who loves video games (but I'm very selective about what she plays -- most tend to be violent, IMO)...

      But the reason why I'm posting this here is because in going through the demos on their website, I really liked the music. Turns out the soundtrack is available thru the usual suspects online.

      It's called: "[​IMG] Deepak Chopra s-Leela Body, Mind, Spirit, Play Soundtrack - Deepak Chopra; Audio CD".

      Just thought I'd share. :D
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    11. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      Hey nice linkage via the image there Lava!
      But if I go to the usual suspects website how do I get to listen to a demo? BTW some sites don't let foreigners preview there stuff, so this may be the case here. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

    12. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      Awww, poor furrners.... :p ... Here's the main site: http://www.deepakchopraleela.com/

      Click on downloads, and that takes you to a page where you can download 2 audio tracks... these are not energy raising, so don't feel disappointed that they don't "go anywhere". :D And once on the site, there is music playing in the background. Good stuff.
    13. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      Thanks Lava.
      Hey that's an interesting game, could be tempted by that, but I don't have an xbox. Hey never knew it was pronounced "chuckras" either!
    14. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      They make it for the Wii, too. That's what I'll be getting.... BTW, my daughter has categorically refused to play it... so I will get it, start playing it, and she will eventually just join me -- thinking it was here idea to play it.... (man, sometimes, she can be such a Aries!... but she's a Cancer)...
    15. artform

      artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao Staff Member

      Great great thread!! Thanks all!! Will return with my lists soon!!;)
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    16. pmyr1200c

      pmyr1200c Member

      Hi Lava. Newbie pmyr1200c here. I'm currently listening to the Leela soundtrack on the Deepak Chopra website, at least I think that's what it is. It sounds great! Have you played the game, and what did you think of it? I've been interested in chakras for a while, and I've read some books about the subject, but I haven't had any direct experience involving the chakras, at least that I'm aware of.:)

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