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  • Gold Nugget Key Sound + Science = Ecstatic Energies + more

    Discussion in 'Complementary Resources and Perspectives' started by artform, Aug 23, 2009.

    1. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Furthering the complementary information and resources quest here at KSMO, the science of the Key Sound technique itself and the wider science of orgasmic energetics and into the whole full range of bioenergetics is intriguing and can enhance the mental mapping and the feel of our experiences.

      A bunch of us at Aneros have been exploring this for awhile there and questions are starting to come up about KSMO too.

      In a thread about "what happens in the brain during an orgasm?"
      Aneros Forum ,
      J4 asked: Doesn't it seem intuitive that the KSMO practice stimulates the vagus nerve through the larynx and stomach? Is their any KSMO research on why this approach is effective?

      Here is the article of the title above: HowStuffWorks "Orgasms and Nerves"

      Here is a fascinating site linking advanced science ideas with the Kundalini tradition: Biology of Kundalini - A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy

      And here is that site's take on the Vagus Nerve: Biology of Kundalini - Viva la Vagus

      The vagus nerve system is the wanderer from the abdomen to the neck and into the skull brain. It virtually bypasses the spinal column and connects in many places to our gut brain, our Second Brain (actually probably our first ontologically) – The Second Brain: Your Gut Has a Mind of Its Own by Michael D. Gershon, M.D. – which has as many neurons as the skull brain and much complexity as it wraps around our intestinal tract. :D

      This gut brain and the vagus nerve system are involved in generating and controlling peristalsis, the rhythmic contractions waves along our gut wall as we move the processing food along the tube until we leave it behind as waste.

      It has been observed that the vagus nerve connects to each sphincter along the gut and on out to the anus, and J4 is therefore suggesting that the KSMO technique could be stimulating the vagus at the larynx, with the Key Sounding, and the stomach with the valley breathing and particular exhale move on the inner and outer musculature of the abdomen.

      Does this resonate with you? Do you feel any other sensations in your chest? Outer abdomenal muscles? Elsewhere in the lower abdomen or elsewhere?

      It is known that sexual signal travel the vagus nerve because that is the path that has enabled people with serious spinal injuries and breaks to continue to have sexual responses.

      Other sexual response nerves include the pudendal nerve, the pelvic and the hypogastric. These connect into the lower spinal column and depend upon it to function.

      Let's have this thread become a library of science resources and ideas. Anyone with additional experience or knowledge?
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    2. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Here is another site scientifically exploring Kundalini, in the context of general "awakening" of greater brain capabilities and the personal and social effects of this New Brain = New World: New Brain - New World

      Here is another exploration of the neurology of the development path we explore here and the potentials for "riding the Kundalini Serpent" eh Jack?
    3. JJreg Active Member

      GREAT one, artform... Thanks for the reference! :D
    4. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Definitely Gold Nugget!

      MMOs and opening the body/mind consciousness doors to ecstasies unbounded is a mental game of release. Release from "Emotional Furballs" and the Social Constructs that dictate otherwise and block these kinds of paths. See last night's chat (August 29-30/09) for three good links to articles on this from the Buddhist point of view and the possible complementary practice here of Non-Attachment.

      The both/and complement to that is that we are all fundamentally connected, and that as we "rewire" for ecstasy, while society has in the last couple of centuries sliced and diced and fragmented us, externally in family, society and culture, and internally within ourselves, within our "being in the world", within our deepest connection to being enfleshed in this reality, we are in pursuing these MMO and related practices, reconnecting at many levels.

      Here is a quick introduction to the other side of the same coin view: Quantum Consciousness and Our Energies Sources from the Artform Perspective.

      1. Neurosciences have made and are still in the emergent midst and mist/mysteries of what consciousness really is all about and how it operates. We used to think Einstein's Relativity was weird enough with E=mc2 (m times c [the speed of light as a constant, squared]) but then came Quantum Mechanics at the micro/nano and beyond, ever smaller scales! Totally Weird!!!

      The Quantum world and what is possible there astound and boggle even many of the best scientists and philosophers. It turns out these "magical" quantum ways of being and doing are in fact at the core and key to our whole consciousness and the mechanics of our brains, our thoughts and other consciousness experiences.

      Roger Penrose, in his books The Emperor's New Mind and Shadows of the Mind is a pioneer advocate of the fact and mechanisms of quantum effects in our mental life. Lab results from around the world are daily verifying this and it is deeply relevant to our adventures here.

      For those with a science bent, Erwin Schrodinger (one of the fathers of Quantum Mechanics) wrote about this in 1944 in his book What Is Life? Among the counter-intuitive elements of quantum mechanics is the phenomenon of "non-local entanglement" meaning instantaneous change in one part (electron for example) in another location if its entangled paired electron is changed. Para-normal events now have a possible explanation and many books are being written on that topic.

      2. Two recent insights:
      The amazing global navigation skills of birds have been identified recently as depending on biological quantum effects giving them "readings" of energetic landscapes in their retinas.
      Chloroplasts, the solar energy converters in all plants, convert light energy (photons) into electrical energy (electrons) far more efficiently than our manufactured solar cells can yet. Recent finding show that to do that they send the photon/electron down all available pathways in the chloroplast's converter simultaneously and end by "choosing" the most efficient one. This happens all at once. No retracing of the steps and "deciding" then doing the best route. No. Time is reversed. The trial runs reverses and the best is complete in an instant. Look around at your garden, your house plants, the forest nearby. Everything green around you is pulsating back and forth in time. No wonder we get a sense of energy from the green world, eh!!!:D:confused::D:eek::D

      3. Quantum Theory (rapidly becoming Quantum Fact) says there is a common base level energy field from which all energy and matter [condensed forms of energy] arise; the Zero Point Energy Field.

      Lynne McTaggart in her books, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe http://www.livingthefield.com/ , and, The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World The Intention Experiment | Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World has mapped this territory and some of these possibilities for us.

      4. J_4, also an Aneros practitioner as I am, started the Full Moon Club at Aneros where the members (anyone is free to join in!:)) energy build and possibly ecstasy orgasm at around 9:00 pm on the night of each full moon to see if they/we experience any different results as a result of the group orgasmic energies wave we create around the planet that night in luna-light. Y'all come! Aneros Forum

      There is a growing group of Orgasmotechies investigating and measuring themselves and their bioelectric and other responses. All welcome here too! Aneros Forum

      all toward the best orgasmic bioenergetics all

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    5. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Chloroplasts energetically pulsing back and forth in time all around us as they transform energies!:D

      OK. That's the green world. Well...?

      Aha! Chloroplasts are symbionts, cohabitant lifeforms, within plant cells, and perform their special work without which plant cells wouldn't be plants or even alive...

      We have our equivalents, fellow sojourners. In our cells, our mitochondria are our energy generating symybionts, formerly independent cells that were swallowed and not digested by our simpler single-celled ancestors, who suddenly were abuzz with energies they hadn't had before!!! Sounds kind of familiar, eh!!?!:D

      Mitochondria retain some of their own original DNA that is passed down inside them, as they are passed through the generations in our mothers' egg-cells. You may have heard of the Mitochondrial Eve, which scientists have traced back using DNA from every race and society on Earth, the common mother of us all!

      Our mitochondria are far more important in our lives and our living than many of us realize. They produce the cellular energies that let us function at all. For all of our cells! They determine chemically when to trigger the death of each particular cell. They operate our internal clock systems; our circadian rhythms. They trigger several other key functions. They can synchronize and act as multi-cellular energetic pumps, to give an absolutely essential example, they drive our heart pumping. Here is a detailed science paper describing this: The Fundamental Organization of Cardiac Mitochondria as a Network of Coupled Oscillators

      This phenomenon of mitochondria as coupled oscillators fascinates me for a several linked reasons:
      1. Just over a year ago I experienced what I then called a Micro-cosmic Orgasm as described in my blogs: Micro-cosmic Orgasm: the new IO? - Last longer in bed using the Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ And I suggested that this might in fact be mitochondria individually pumping and then synchronizing in clusters or small group coupled oscillators, then escalating into full body communicating orgasmic energies pulsation patterns.

      2. I came to call these Mitochondrial Orgasms and they have become one of the most powerful and greatest delights of Echo Effects from KSMO practice and Day-After Effects from Aneros practice. I am in the process of contacting and enquiring about the possibility of scientific study of this energetic phenomenon.

      3. Being able to be consciously aware of these energies patterns as well as their effects, as well as being able to call them up at will co-operatively, also suggests to me that more than being blind "coupled oscillators", like all sociobiological community species, mitochondria may well be capable of "hive mind" super-intelligence like a beehive, using quantum emntanglement rather than pheromones.
      This is the essence of Artform's Theory of the Mitochondrial Quantum Hive Mind! :D I can feel it! It is/I am alive!! I humbly suggest that we will find that it is a dimension of what we mean by consciousness ultimately.

      4. Thirty years ago James Lovelock published his GAIA: A New Look at Life on Earth James Lovelock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and James LOVELOCK's web site - the international homepage and Lovelock: Home. . His thesis is that all life-forms/species communicate and community regulate to maintain the homeostasis or balance needed in planetary conditions to sustain all life. Unlike the Wikipedia article comments about opposition to his thesis, most environmental scientists now demonstrate evidence and affirm that Lovelock is correct, and so celebrated.
      The Artform Theory of the Mitochondrial Quantum Hive Mind is based applying the GAIA principle inward ("Lovelock Inward") into the required communications systems inside each species, focusing on ourselves, beyond the basic neurological network we have assumed was sufficient and did all the work electrochemically, until recent years, and the theories and discoveries discussed in previous posts in this thread.

      5. Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor Home - Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor in her book My Stroke of Insight takes us on her journey to ecstatic experiences of her energies body during a major stroke in her left hemisphere. This is real beyond metaphor and language.

      In this dramatic video, Jill passionately retells her story. Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight | Video on TED.com

      Well, as if that isn't enough!

      We really have to stop thinking of ourselves as a singular ego driven meatbot! We are much more like a coral reef or a forest, home to communities of many many species. Mitochondria are another species, permanently living and reproducing internal to our cells. In addition, we have ten times as many cells as our own attached body cells (not to mention all our free floaters swimming around in our blood streams, our embodied remnant of our original ocean birthplace and home) in the form of bacteria living inside, on and all around our fully attached gang! And do they communicate! Another vote for "Lovelock Inward"!

      In this dynamic video, Bonnie illuminates this new and ongoing research clearly and crisply with humour and great energy! Bonnie Bassler on how bacteria "talk" | Video on TED.com

      So electrochemical communication can explain intra-organ mitochondrial communication, that mito-pulsing for example within a given organ in our body. However I feel from experience that it takes more instantaneous communication for full body Mitochondrial Orgasms, therefore quantum entanglement.
      Are our trillions of energetic generators also pulsing back and forth in time?

      Remember that chloroplasts are converting photons, light energy to electrons, electrical energy and are great at it because of their quantum pulsations back and forth in time. In addition to the methods Bonnie presents so powerfully, science has revealed that bacteria themselves also can communicate using light: producing and signalling with light!

      Animal cells, energized by mitochondria, also use combinations of photonic and electronic energy transmutations, including some of our attached body cells, as well as our contained friendly bacteria. Just as we can't live without the soupcan's volume of gut bacteria to process our food into the chemistry that our mitochondria can then convert to our energies, perhaps it is some others of our body bacteria that participate in those light flash intercourse energetic orgasms you and I and Pan (and maybe others?) have reported, eh Jack?

      Maybe those gut bacteria play a key role in Leeloo's Fifth Element Love Light Orgasm too...:D:cool:

      Click on the "Movie Preview" to see that briefly! SonyStyle.com | The Fifth Element

      lighting up like the Forest Moon of Endor and invigorated all ways

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    6. JJreg Active Member

      Brilliant posts, artform! Keep'em comin'! (ahem!). :cool:

      All the best to my fellow orgasmonauts across the spectrum of time, space, gender, and beyond!!! ;)

      PS: Artform and others, PLEASE post to the trackbacks field below the new post entry box, any links mentioned within the post. TRACKBACKS are metamitochondrial infostrands wiring up the web's global orgasmic metamind. :D
    7. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Thanks Jack! :)

      Hope you enjoy all the additions that have completed my post above yours, particularly the three video links, and even more the last one with Leeloo and the light!

      On Trackbacks, do we use Trackbacks, Pingbacks, or Refbacks? Need more detailed guidance on this, thanks.
    8. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      In addition to the science of the origins and energies that create and power these orgasmic variations and effects of such subtle to enormous power, there is another dimension to the full being of these phenomena in our consciousness and continuing experiences.

      Having referred to Roger Penrose and our quantum brain, and James Lovelock and the GAIA communications web of ecologies (along with the notion of "Inward Lovelock" communication in our own complex ecology since we are walking communities of lifeforms, not singular meatbots!;)) let us now consider another maverick Brit scientist and his integrative theory of Morphic Resonance and the Morphic Field.

      Rupert Sheldrake: Rupert Sheldrake Online - Homepage and Articles and Papers - Scientific Papers - Morphic Resonance - Morphic Fields . The second link takes you to his work summarized with further web links to more detailed works, online resources and online experiements and demonstrations you can try and test/train yourself.

      Some of this also links directly to Lynn McTaggert and the Zero Point Energy Field, and the collective consciousness Intention Experiement(s). Please see posts above in this thread for links. And, Jack et al, this ties into Benoit Mandelbrot and his The Fractal Geometry of Nature Benoit B. Mandelbrot and fractals - Google Images and Benoit Mandelbrot: The influence of drawing & the ability to think in pictures .

      Here is a great visualization of energies amplification and frequency increases in sound but IMHO, fun and worthwhile to imagine and feels as orgasmic energies building!:D Benoit Mandelbrot: The influence of drawing & the ability to think in pictures

      Sheldrake says that the fundamental patternedness of most everything is about the resonance of the vibratory energies of all particles, atoms and molecules. Other orders of scale are also part of this in other ways. Crystalline and biological species and the laws of nature are more like habits. Habits that strengthen with use and their spread in replication. Again sounds/feels a lot like our practices here!:D Resonates, eh!:eek:

      These patterns are stored and communicated throughout the universe through the Morphic Field, and our memories are repeating patterns stored remotely in this field. Wait, shared common ground of memory in McTaggert's Field too!

    9. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Hi All! :)

      Even as I keep adding here, please feel free to post here too with you added scientific resources, requests, suggestions, questions and ideas!

      All are welcome! :D

      all energies of nature naturally known all

    10. Lava KSMO Adept

      Hey, artform!! (and Jack and everyone else!)

      I'm loving all the info on quantum, kundalini, and KSMO. I've been doing lots o' research into quantum issues this year. Read lots of books by Bruce Lipton, Esther Hicks, Greg Braden, Lynne McTaggert, Robert Fritz, etc., and even some actual scientific tomes.

      I've especially learned a lot from the books "Molecules of Emotion" and "Biology of Belief", liked the overall good feeling of "The Vortex" by Esther Hicks and Dr. Emoto's "Hidden Messages in Water", and McTaggert's "The Intention Experiment". Also read up on Quantum Touch and Safa healing (energy healings) but ultimately got Eric Pearl's book "The Reconnection". I only mention all this because this research has helped me deal with PTSD issues in my own life so that I can make room for KSMO... have been spreadin' the word, Jack! And I hope to contribute something worthy soon! ;)

      Keep up the great info, artform!! Take care!

    11. JJreg Active Member

      Hey Lavahhhhh! It's great to hear from you and learn how much you've been growing... Congratulations!!!

      We sure look forward to hearing more from you again... We've missed you! :)

      Lots of Love to you... and Good Wishes for all the very best that life has to offer,
    12. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Here is one person's book length account of his journey to male multi-orgasmic capabilities: Man Health and Multiple Orgasm

      I have added it here, not having read it all yet, but because it has a 9 page chapter on Key Sound Technique! Enjoy as you will however. Please post any comments here too.

      all the wonders of our full potential all

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    13. Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator

      Well found artform!
      I think though Jack may have some copyright issues on his hands, it's a edited reproduction of the KSMO summary update and his own tips and comments.:eek: All positive though!
    14. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Thanks Sky_Walker! :)

      A well journeyed adventurer he, eh?:D

      Here is a key page, with links at the bottom to others, from a very interesting science references site of a woman involved in childbirth preparation and care for other women. It is focused on Energy Healing and the scientific studies of it; energies that we are evoking and calling up ourselves in their orgasmic forms: Some Scientific Support for Energy Healing

      What do you think?

      the highest energetic potentials all

    15. Kepler Happily KSMOing since 2009!


      I have a question.

      What are the echo effects from a scientific point of view?
    16. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      First, great question Kepler! And one we will return to soon. ;)


      Hapticbear, over at Aneros and I were referring to Pan and his experiments with Neil Slade's Amygdala Clicking technique. HB also found the web archive of the original text/workbook by the originator of the technique; T. D. A. Lingo

      Herewith the link to Lingo's BrainBomb: Brainbomb! Contents ,

      and HB's new blog at Aneros describing his results: Aneros Blog - Orgasmicgate

      Although this illustrates an aneros application, Pan and others have discussed this Amygdala Clicking technique here and in complementary use with KSMO too as listed in this search result: Last longer in bed using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger™

      How many have tried or can regularly use Amygdala Clicking?

      esoteric and anecdotal rather than strictly peer reviewed but a useful nugget with great potential

    17. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Hi again All!

      Here is the link to an excellent NFB/ONF film on the scientific exploration of the "Mystical Brain", most relevant to our practice here, as it too has sent many of us there: Mystical Brain by Isabelle Raynauld - NFB

      Please post your thoughts and questions here as we continue to open this discussion.

      all the best orgasmic mystical spiritual journeying all

    18. Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator

      That was a great film artform....a bit above my level of comprehension but insightful nevertheless.
      So when are you offering your brain for the study? An investigation into ecstasy!
    19. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao

      Thanks Sky_Walker!:cool:

      Here is a great man who documented his own exploration of his own mind and being: Carl Gustav Jung

      In his The Red Book or Liber Novus, which has recently been published in a magnificent volume in a translation and scholarly analysis by Sonu Shamdasani, we all get a awe inspiring insight into Jung's great journey, that has informed so much of our collective understanding. Here is Sonu introducing the project on YouTube: YouTube - Sonu Shamdasani Introduces The Red Book

      There are many other YouTube vids about The Red Book, including more detailed discussions by Shamdasani. I was fortunate to be able to acquire the book last year and it is astounding. Here is the Amazon link: The Red Book: Amazon.ca: Sonu Shamdasani, C Jung: Books

      It appears to be sold out now. I don't know when or if it is being reprinted. Check your libraries and universities to find one with a copy accessible. It will reward your efforts if you connect to Jung's approach to life and consciousness.

      Aha! Still listed at the pre-publication offer at Amazon.com: Amazon.com: The Red Book (9780393065671): C. G. Jung, Sonu Shamdasani, Mark Kyburz, John Peck: Books

      great flowerings all

    20. artform KSMO ADEPT/CORE since 2007 Aneros/KSMO/Tao


      Here is a link to a key article by Stuart Hameroff, an anesthesiologist working with Roger Penrose on quantum biology: Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time

      This is from the magazine EnlightenNext, which has many excellent articles and interviews as it explores Cosmos, Culture and Consciousness!!! Sounds like a good KSMO perspective to me!:D EnlightenNext: The Magazine for Evolutionaries

      Also see (get!) Sir Roger's new book: The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe. This is a bright and accessible read, calmly taking us through many otherwise abstruse subjects, all neatly subdivided and digestible, while gently firing up your imagination and energies quotient! All the formulae, simply discussed! A cookbook for anyone wishing to bake their own universe:D

      Amazon.com: The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe (9780679776314): Roger Penrose: Books So cheap! No excuse for not getting it!

      Enjoy! Thrill! Absorb! Energize!

      all the best energy builds and reintegrational bliss all


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