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  • Devotional Sex

    Discussion in 'Complementary Resources and Perspectives' started by Sky_walker, May 24, 2012.

    1. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      G'day all,
      Anybody here heard of, know about, practice Devotional Sex?

      Just wondering.
    2. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      From the devotional Sex website:

      The outline of Devotional Sex shows how the Taoist multi-orgasmic man technique is combined with a touch of Tantra and then some mild female erotic power to create Devotional Sex.

      Devotional Sex is an enhancement of sensual and sexual life through practices derived from two ancient Eastern techniques and a mild form of a more modern practice.

      The first ancient practice comes from the Tao. Applying this practice, a Devotional Knight does not ejaculate during most sexual encounters. uh oh, that's me out!

      As he does not lose erotic energy after a non-ejaculatory orgasm, he remains erect and energized. This makes it possible to enjoy many non-ejaculatory orgasms one after the other - he has become multi-orgasmic.

      With Devotional Sex the Knight deliberately does not perfect the Taoist technique, so he always feels slightly horny and thus always desires his Princess.

      The second ancient practice used in Devotional Sex is Tantra.

      In `real´ Tantric sex couples use Tantric techniques to reach a higher state through very long, slow intercourse.

      The Tantric component of Devotional Sex is just a natural consequence of the Knight not ejaculating - sexual activity becomes slower and goes on for longer - sex becomes more sensual and intimate. For most who enjoy Devotional Sex their sex life will be much closer to ordinary sex than it is to real Tantra, but much that they do will have a slight Tantric feel.
      Tantra is also about improving your connection with your partner and with your own feelings. With Tantra the biggest changes are not in what you do, but in how you think and feel. This also applies to Devotional Sex.

      Interesting.....I might have to join their forum and enlighten them in the teachings of KSMO!
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    3. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      Was just checking out the site... seems a hodge podge of info... will take time to look thru.... which I won't attempt at 2:33 in the morning... possibly tomorrow!
    4. deva

      deva Active Member

      I took a look, and read thru one of the stories - hmmmm.... I like some of the ideas, but it feels a bit wierd to me...! To me it seems to keep everything in roles, which undoubtedly works for some, though personally I'm not sure if one can get into deeper intimacy from it, but having not tried it I can't say either way. Maybe that's why the guy who started it has had a number of lovers with this. Then again it might work well for say a long-time married couple who love each other deeply but who've lost their mojo and don't want to dig too deeply into the spiritual for instance, so I would say it could be a nice option to some of the role play erotica that's available today.

      I guess I'm more of a 'soul to soul' kinda gal, though I do like how it takes away the 'regular sex' paradigm of sex usually ending at ejaculation.
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    5. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      Yeah, the more I read the more I back away not wanting to make eye contact....:eek:
    6. deva

      deva Active Member

      they seem to be in your neck of the woods, too!
    7. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      I saw that......scary!

      After I started this thread I realised they only have 63 members and the main guy is from Melbourne.
      Not as well known as I first envisaged.
    8. deva

      deva Active Member

      ah... smaller group!
    9. Lava

      Lava KSMO Adept

      Yeah, dontcha hate when that happens?! :p :D
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    10. Sky_walker

      Sky_walker Administrator Posing as a Moderator Staff Member

      Yeah me too. That's what brought me here. ;)
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    11. deva

      deva Active Member


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