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The Multiple Orgasm Trigger for Both Men and Women™

offers you Female Multiple Orgasms without straining or reaching and Male Multiple Orgasm including help for premature ejaculation yet
without any frustrating last moment ejaculation control, PC muscle tensing, or other holding back

Now both men AND women are enjoying continuous multiple orgasms for hours using one simple revolutionary technique

Highlights from a recently posted discussion about learning to last longer while enjoying multiple orgasm using little- or even no stimulation.

From our Multiple Orgasm Trigger Discussion Forum Hosted by Jack Johnston, M.A.

Discussion is between a newbie, Kutso, and Multiple Orgasm Trigger adepts Laly, Mog, and Pan...


Hi you all!

I'm quite new to this stuff, but I've already had some success with it.
I've only practiced for a few weeks, and I already get feelings of ecstasy. I have a question though. I have never in one practice session stimulated myself. I have only been doing the key sound. And yet I get REALLY good feelings. Is it possible to get multiple orgasm just by doing the keysound, without any stimulation? Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Earlier in my life I experimented with drugs a lot. Ecstasy was one of them. And now when I practice this method I find that the good feelings I get feels almost exactly the same as the feelings when on ecstasy. Anyone else who have noticed this?


To answer your question-

YES!! I am able to achieve not only single orgasms without stimulation , but multiples as well.

Isn't amazing just how tuned in our bodies can be to this possibility :-). Once awakening those responses , I find it easy to freely and un-quivically (sp?) rise to the most sacred and blessed Orgasms ever.

Congrats on the successes!!

I welcome you to the forum and eagerly look forward to hearing more!
OH, I should introduce myself : I am 36 years old, female, and been using the KSMTOP for one year and 5 months now and my successes and adventures are well-documented in the forum and also in the OrgasmWIki site as well.

A HUGE hug to you!!

With Love, Light and from my Joyously singing heart,


Hello kutso,

Welcome to the forum, and it's good to hear about your early indications of success.

>Is it possible to get multiple orgasm just by doing the keysound, without any stimulation?<

Too true it is! Without boasting, I can usually clock up around 30 first-rate gold-standard events in the first hour of a session without any stimulation whatsoever. And that's just for starters. I no longer even need to use the key sound. But I have to say that I've been with the KSMO for about 30months now.

Just lying still, flat out on my back, fully relaxed and thinking of my favourite fantasy images (usually young women from my past!) and it's not long before I'm up above the clouds in an orgasmic trance and feeling the amazing sensations rippling and intensifying around my body. In no time they grow inexorably towards the first inevitable full-bodied orgasm. But things get much better from there onwards. The sensations are impossible to describe but I can say that they are nothing like anything else I've experienced in a long life of sexual experimentation. And I know that this is not unusual for a KSMO adept to achieve.

>Earlier in my life I experimented with drugs a lot. Ecstasy was one of them. And now when I practice this method I find that the good feelings I get feels almost exactly the same as the feelings when on ecstasy. Anyone else who have noticed this?<

That's interesting. I've never taken any kind of recreational drug but I've often wondered how the ecstasy experience aligns with that of the KSMO. Perhaps, as you progress down the KSMO trail - and I hope you do - you will tell us about your experiences.

Good luck.

And Hi, Laly - I hope things are well with you!



Hi Kutso and welcome to the forum!

Not only is it possible to enjoy multiple orgasms just by doing the Key Sound, with enough practice, it's actually quite common.

And after a couple years of practice, I realized that I could experience orgasms even just by IMAGINING I'm making the Key Sound. And not long after that, I could pretty much access the orgasmic state at will!

Jack has often referred to the KSMO protocol as "multi-orgasmic training wheels." And I think that's a great way to describe what the protocol really is.

At first, the Key Sound helps you open up to new feelings and experiences, which in turn leads to more and more pleasure and arousal, and finally results in spontaneous multiples orgasms with or without stimulation.

Eventually, this ability becomes so natural that the original protocol is no longer necessary. At that point, you're no longer doing something orgasmic - you're simply BEING orgasmic!

This is especially true when learning to apply KSMO to lovemaking. Once you've learned how to give yourself multiple orgasms, it's easy to share those feelings with a partner. There's no need to bring the protocol along with you, but using spontaneous Key Sounds can be a wonderful way to share not only multiple orgasms, but a deeper level of intimacy with a partner.

>Earlier in my life I
>experimented with drugs a lot.
>Ecstasy was one of them. And
>now when I practice this
>method I find that the good
>feelings I get feels almost
>exactly the same as the
>feelings when on ecstasy.
>Anyone else who have noticed

YES! In fact, years ago, Jack asked me during a telephone interview what it felt like to experience multiple orgasms through KSMO and all I could think of to compare it to was the drug Ecstasy!

Actually, you could say that for me, KSMO became a healthy REPLACEMENT for drugs like Ecstasy. Within a few months of learning KSMO, I stopped using drugs and alcohol entirely and have been clean ever since (7 years now).

I guess, looking back, the truth is that my primary motivation for using drugs was an ongoing search of greater sexual pleasure. So once I was enjoying all the pleasure I could ever ask for, the drugs just kinda lost their appeal, ya know?

The cool thing is, I've found that with KSMO, that "ecstasy" feeling just keeps getting stronger as the years go by and the best part is, I know it's actually GOOD for me! There's no side effects, or "come downs" from KSMO sessions, and the highs just keep getting better.

Well, that's my experience anyway. I hope this gives you some enticing thoughts about what awaits you in your own practice!

Pan :-)


Thanks for your responses. All of your words are very inspiring.


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Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0108

  • THE EXPERTS SPEAK! LEARN FROM OTHERS WHO HAVE LEARNED HOW TO ENJOY MULTIPLE ORGASM without requiring male EJACULATION CONTROL: Along with Jack were Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adepts Drew and Pan, telling more details of their multiple orgasm experience and what new discoveries they continue to make, and offering the benefits of their experience in assisting returning newbie Adam.
  • This chat offers tremendous insights to men AND women as to what actually happens when you learn how to experience these continuous (and for men non- ejaculatory) multiple orgasms using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Method(tm) (and for men: withOUT using ANY kind of ejaculation blocking or other PC squeeze or "control").
  • Adam comments about the assistance he received in this chat: "You guys are blowing my mind!...I can't thank you enough, brothers!"
  • Drew began by sharing details of a recent breakthrough the "emotional furballs" (i.e. unresolved past issues that prevent one from opening to full multi-orgasmic potential) to a new level of pleasure, and what he's continuing to learn, including RE: transcending chronic tightness / emotional energy blockage in the heart and throat areas (a very common challenge, especially for men!).
  • He goes on to detail how this new opening of greater emotional capacity has resulted in his noticing that HE NOW MOVES ALMOST >>>INSTANTLY<<< INTO THE MULTI ORGASMIC "ZONE" >>>FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF HIS PRACTICE SESSIONS<<<.
  • He then offers further tips (from a multi-orgasmic expert!) about clearing momentary blockages to open FURTHER to the orgasmic energy, and what other sensations and body movements were happening spontaneously (those fully orgasmic Echo Effects!).
  • NOTE: Drew goes into CONSIDERABLE DETAIL describing the emotions, and the physical manifestations of the CONTINUOUS WAVES of multiple orgasms, with very powerful emotional releases.
  • He also noted how having access to the greater pleasure and emotional release resulting from his learning to enjoy multiple orgasm in this way has ALSO made it easier to cope with the chronic spinal pain when it recurs! He goes on to offer additional thoughts about how chronic pain tends to dull awareness overall, and how enjoying these multiple orgasms is helping ameliorate that.
  • Next, newbie Adam arrived and asked for assistance in that he reported losing interest in the process and felt that somehow he wasn't quite getting it. [Hint: He was right, but we helped him get back on track!].
  • After just a little q & a, Adam becomes aware of ways he was stopping himself from ALLOWING the greater pleasure to begin happening. HIS STORY WILL SPEAK TO >>MANY<< PEOPLE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING THIS PROTOCOL.
  • As part of this discussion Pan discusses arousal without sexual fantasy: how many people, perhaps especially men, believe that they cannot become sufficiently aroused without sexual fantasy, etc.
  • Jack offers some tips to Adam about integrating his Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger practice with massage, to help the orgasmic energy pathways open up more easily, and release emotional blockages more easily. He also provides the link to the directory of sex counselors certified by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).
  • NOTE: A very significant portion of this chat is devoted to hearing a report from a 30 year old female who has begun using this system ("Tomgirl"), and EXCELLENT QUESTIONS FROM HER about various aspects of the practice, including with a partner.
  • Additionally: More very important tips as to timing, and other issues from past sexuality conditioning that can often get in the way of accessing the multiple orgasms available through the practice of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger protocol.
  • Present were Jack, Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adepts Drew (i.e., an average guy, but one who has learned how to have non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms using this method), Pan, and Andi (Bilko's wife)... returning newbies Bilko (North Wales), Gerry (student at a military college), rags (Oklahoma), Adam, and newbies Tomgirl (female, age 30, Michigan area), and Fred.
  • Newbie 'tomgirl' (female, age 30) began the chat with Jack and KSMO veteran Drew, receiving details on how the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm method can be just as effective for women as it is for men.
  • She received very specific details re: learning the correct TIMING of when to use the Key Sound, and then using the Echo Effects as the green light to continue.
  • She also expressed gratitude in being in a venue (i.e. the multiples coaching chats) where there are men she can talk with who are interested in committed relationships, and not just casual sex.
  • Jack also pointed out how the practice of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Method naturally leads people to open up their hearts and not just their genitals, and encourages her to read some of the past chat transcripts where men in particular talk about how their hearts are opening as a result of this practice.
  • Tomgirl also stated that she found chat 0103 very helpful.
  • When tomgirl suggested that she get a copy of Jack's audio seminar for her lover, Jack made an alternative suggestion which she thought would be very helpful.
  • She also made a point in saying that all of the chats she read were very helpful for her as a woman.
  • When Jack asked her what she gleaned from reading all the transcripts, she made a VERY IMPORTANT POINT that both men and women should take note of.
  • Next, Tomgirl mentioned some issues between her and her lover that motivated Jack to give her a web site address for sex counselors and therapists.
  • Then Jack gives her some details for learning HOW A >>WOMAN<< CAN LEARN TO TIME THE USE OF THE KEY SOUND CORRECTLY.
  • She reports that she started getting Echo Effects just by listening to the Key Sound demonstrations in the audio seminar!
  • Bilko returns, and confirms with Tomgirl that HIS WIFE ANDI >>>IS<<< USING THE KEY SOUND MULTIPLE ORGASM METHOD SUCCESSFULLY.
  • Jack compliments Tomgirl for honoring spirituality and that she wants an emotional connection and not just sex. He urges her (AND ALL READERS!) to check out Heartgasms in the Live Forum. When Jack does so, she replies that she believes that she already has experienced Heartgasms!
  • She next asks if her partner will respond to her Key Sound orgasms if he has no knowledge of the Key Sound. Jack and Drew both make suggestions.
  • Since Bilko is the male part of a couple, he offers Tomgirl several suggestions for introducing this practice to her lover.
  • Newbie Fred then introduces himself for the first time. He expressed some frustration, but also recognized almost immediately that it could be that he was trying too hard.
  • The group confirmed that this is definitely a very common trap for beginners. He also stated that he was not clear about the timing of the use of the Key Sound, but that he would study the recent chats for more details.
  • Tomgirl then asked AN EXCELLENT QUESTION REGARDING WOMEN'S USE OF THE KEY SOUND: Since she's female, she was concerned about not being able to make the Key Sound in a deep enough voice. Jack reminded her that the object is not to make the Key Sound in an artificial way, but only at the lower end of one's personal voice register.
  • Jack shared some thoughts about why people sometimes have a difficult time making the Key Sound correctly.
  • Tomgirl then asked several additional EXCELLENT questions:
    • Are the powerful Echo Effects a result of the Key Sound or just the breathing? (Jack offered his reply. He also gave her additional suggestions as to what to tune into during her practice.)
    • Why are men reporting hesitancy and other anxieties Re: sharing the practice with a female partner? (Jack offered his thoughts about why, including the idea that they may need professional counseling assistance in building communication skills Re: sexual activity, and Jack offered them the URL to the AASECT directory of certified sex counselors and therapists.)
    • Is it OK to end a Key Sound Multiple Orgasm session with male ejaculation? (Jack reassured her that it very definitely is OK in his opinion, and that he tended to agree with her that it can help a man maintain a healthier prostate, and he also mentioned some additional very surprising benefits for a man's experiencing ejaculation AFTER enjoying a session of NON-ejaculatory multiple orgasms.)
    • Is it OK to give her lover an Aneros (prostate stimulator offered in the multiples website catalog) even before he learns how to use the Key Sound method? (Jack shares his concerns about doing so IN SOME CASES because men so often already have the problem of too much stimulation when just beginning to use the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Method...
    • ALTERNATIVELY, Jack also describes how, once a man learns how NOT to lapse into continuous genital stimulation during this practice, the Aneros can provide tremendous ADDITIONAL benefits in the practice.)
    • Is it OK to use the Aneros during intercourse? (Jack: Yes in his opinion (at one's own risk of course), provided one doesn't use too much lubricant on it.)
  • Next, newbie Fred requested and received suggestions for dealing with ONE OF THE >>>MOST COMMON ERRORS/CHALLENGES THAT MALES FACE IN THIS PRACTICE<<<, i.e., his impatience, and his tendency to want to 'sprint' to ejaculation, rather than to follow the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm protocol, which requires using very low levels of stimulation and only intermittently, at the beginning of the practice.
  • READERS NOTE: In spite of Fred's concerns for some "fine tuning" in this chat, note also that he says that the Key Sound practice is already producing Echo Effects which are, in his words: "...taking the top of my head off."
  • The group IMMEDIATELY starts idenifying the causes of his concerns. READERS PLEASE NOTE ALSO: There are issues discussed here which can be helpful to everyone just beginning this practice. VERY IMPORTANT TIPS FOR ALL NEWBIES in this section of Fred's discussion! [BTW, Fred also mentioned that he benefitted a great deal from this chat's earlier discussion with Tomgirl, and her questions. THANKS AGAIN, TOMGIRL!]
    • What can a person do when they begin the practice and suddenly feel an urge to abandon the Key Sound protocol and switch to vigorous stimulation (and a 'quickie' (usually single) orgasm-with-ejaculation)?
    • What are the differences/similarities between the "pleasure sigh" and the Echo Effects?
    • >>>Reminder from Jack: Treat the practice more like a meditation/exploration session rather than a typical masturbation session.<<<
    • Next, Newbie Adam reports that he has already been taking the approach of not rushing, just staying open to what his body will teach him. He then asks about using sexual fantasy during the practice, and whether one "should" keep eyes open or closed. The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm "veterans" offer their experience and suggestions.
    • Jack then clarifies his personal views about the role of ejaculation, in combination with the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger practice.
    • From Multiple Orgasm veterans "Adepts" Pan, Drew, Mari, and Jack (i.e., just regular folks, who have learned how to enjoy non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms using this method), returning newbie Gerry received very specific assistance regarding the specific TIMING of the use of the Key Sound.
    • Jack and Pan began by offering Gerry some VERY DETAILED additional information about learning how to recognize the AUTOMATIC "Pleasure Sigh" (also referred to as the "automatic larger-than-average INbreath") that vitually EVERYone experiences immediately in response any erotic stimulation.
    • Drew then shared what he'd learned about the importance of timing the Key Sound correctly to stimulate the ever-stronger Echo Effects which eventually turn into orgasms at higher levels of arousal, and offered a REALLY EXCELLENT TIP about how he uses the timing of the Key Sound (linked to a sense of "fullness" in his heart) to stimulate the non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms, and WITHOUT EJACULATION CONTROL.
    • Next, Pan described how when he first learned to enjoy multiples this way, he hadn't yet linked his use of the Key Sound to the exhale of the Pleasure Sigh. He then described the significant difference he enjoyed after going ahead and linking his use of the Key Sound to the exhale of the automatic "Pleasure Sighs" when they'd happen in immediate response to GENTLE erotic stimulation.
    • When Gerry needed to take a short break, Jack commented that UNDERSTANDING >>>WHEN<<< TO USE A >>>GENTLE<<< KEY SOUND IS >>>ESSENTIAL<<< TO ENJOYING THE BEST NON- EJACULATORY ORGASMS.
    • Jack includes several different analogies to help people understand how important the use of the Key Sound is and how to apply it.
    • As the group finishes helping Gerry, Jack also mentions a very useful book titled: "The Highly Sensitive Person", which he recommends to all.
    • The chat concluded with Adept Mari describing a Women's Empowerment workshop she taught recently and what the women learned about their sensual selves, both anatomically and energetically, through a variety of creative exercises.
    • This chat is jam-packed with more ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR NEWBIES, ESPECIALLY REGARDING the TIMING of the Key Sound (thanks to newbie Adam for asking for assistance!), and an excellent discussion by several male and female Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adepts about 'advanced topics'such as...
    • Mari's comparing traditional G-spot orgasm with Key Sound Multiple Orgasms, KSMO Adept blissful1's discussion of "soft-entry" entry intercourse (i.e. when the penis is NOT erect!!!), sharing simultaneous multiple orgasms with a partner, "passing the orgasms back and forth between partners" (thanks to Adept Pan!)...
    • ...and even more details about all of the great intimacy people can share once they've learned to enjoy multiples using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger method.
    • Present were newbie Adam, returning newbies Bilko and rags, and Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adepts Mari, Pan, Drew, blissful1 and Jack.
    • Adam came in from some assistance in practice. After just two questions, Jack was able to help him identify the missing link in the way he was TIMING his use of the Key Sound.
    • Jack then offered some IMPORTANT NEW TIPS in learning how to TIME the use of the Key Sound, and explained how we learn to use the Key Sound to "hitch a ride" on the AUTOMATIC exhale of the Pleasure Sigh.
    • He also presented additional details on why it's important to learn to LINK the INTENTIONAL Key Sound with the AUTOMATIC Pleasure Sigh response.
    • As part of this discussion Jack reminded everyone of the enculturation that men have to "MAKE themselves 'come'(i.e. orgasm)", and to MAKE their partner come, and described how THIS CAN BE A TRAP when learning to have non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger(tm) method.
    • Key Sound Multiple Orgasm veteran Mari then addressed this issue from a woman's experience and point of view.
    • The group then assisted Bilko with some issues re: identifying the automatic sigh that tends to happen when we feel the pleasurable results of any erotic stimulation. With just a little questioning, the group was able to identify the little gap in understanding to help Bilko get back 'on protocol'.
    • Next, returning newbie rags requested assistance in his practice, and Pan and Jack addressed issues of relaxation and identifying how to TIME the use of the Key Sound correctly.
    • Then Mari shared a woman's experience of the use of the Key Sound and timing during arousal.
    • Key Sound Multiple Orgasm ('KSMO') Adept blissful1 from Australia then arrived and asked an EXCELLENT QUESTION of Mari: Are the multiple orgasms she experiences using Jack's method similar to the G-Spot orgasm. Check out her detailed answer in the chat! (Hint: the KSMOs are way more pleasurable and extensive/full-body than previous G-Spot orgasms for her!)
    • blissful1 then asked fellow Key Sound Multiple Orgasm veterans if they also noticed that since they've learned KSMO, it has become easier to enjoy orgasms at exactly the same time as their partner. DON'T MISS THIS... As veteran Pan says in this segment: "Sometimes we can't tell WHOSE orgasm we're riding!"
    • blissful and others next offer some great suggestions for meditation-music CD's to incorporate in the practice.
    • He next describes another VERY IMPORTANT topic that most men and many women are not at all aware of: "Soft entry"!!! That is, a man's learning to enter his partner with a penis that is NOT erect! Check out the results he describes! As a veteran woman sex educator has said "Sometimes a soft-on is way better than a hard on!" VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC!!!
    • HINT: "Soft entry" connection is GREAT for building intimacy and HEARTGASMS!
    • Discussion concludes with blissful1 sharing details of a workshop he'll be holding in Australia, to teach people Jack's Key Sound method.
    • More newbie questions answered and tips offered by Jack and other Key Sound Multiple Orgasm veterans.
    • Newbie vesta returned reporting an increase in Echo Effects, although he apparently has not yet triggered the full multi-orgasmic reflex.
    • Nevertheless, he describes these pleasurable sensations as the strongest he's ever felt! Jack and the others counselled patience... and offered their congratulations! :-)
    • Veteran Drew then responded to returning newbie Gerry's question about whether or not you always have to use the Key Sound even after you learn how to have multiple orgasms.
    • Matteo (SF Bay Area) described a significant loss of sensitivity after adult circumcision and is interested in recapturing some of the intensity he used to experience prior to that surgery.
    • Veterans Drew, Pan, and Jack were joined by returning newbies Bilko and his wife Andi from North Wales, Jman, vesta, Gerry, and Jr.
    • In this very helpful chat, Andi (wife of Bilko) offers her thoughts and feelings about how learning this method has benefitted her own sexual response, her relationship with her husband, and her emotional relationship with her children; she also offers her tips and suggestions for women.
    • Bilko and Andi share extensive details of what they are discovering in their marriage as they continue to open to this multi-orgasmic process with each other.
    • Jack gives very detailed instructions for a newbie suffering from premature ejaculation, for a young man who is not getting results, "no matter how hard he tries". Hint: Jack describes how the "trying hard" mindset, although very common for men, creates a block to opening to these orgasms, and he then offers suggestions for bypassing this blockage.
    • Although practice time's been limited for Bilko, he reported on a recent practice session in which he experienced some encouraging new effects.
    • Bilko received some support, encouragement, and tips from the veterans re: some "mind noise" he's been experiencing while at the same time enjoying new, positive feelings.
    • Jack responded to some of Bilko's concerns in reading about the relationship between tests testosterone levels and sexual experience, by noting that very many texts still seem to use "Orgasm" and "Ejaculation" interchangeably.
    • The group then offered Bilko additional suggestions on how to tune in to the feelings and for now to set aside the intellectual associations and linkages which seem to be a distraction.
    • Bilko then proceeded to describe his actual feelings and how they are new. He noted that they ARE starting to feel orgasmic!
    • Next, Bilko's wife Andi checked in with a progress report. She detailed some great tips for integrating use of the Key Sound to amplify and extend her erotic arousal during intercourse.
    • She also offered some encouragement to women who are wondering about the effectiveness of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm ('KSMO') method, and offered details of how her own sexual experienced has improved.
    • She and Bilko then offer some details of discussions they've been sharing about the effects this practice has had on them, their relationship with each other, and their relationship with their children in terms of increased emotional openness, etc.
    • Next, newbie jr checked in and began by thanking Bilko and Andi for all they have been sharing in this chat.
    • He then reports that even though he is totally new in his practice, he's already having more pleasurable feelings than he's had in 30 years!
    • VERY IMPORTANT: jr reports that even after only two months of practice, KSMO is helping him resolve 'premature ejaculation'!
    • Jr very graciously and courageously describes what his 'premature ejaculation' experience was like prior to KSMO practice, and what is different now.
    • This leads naturally to his concerns about having trouble slowing down (one of THE MOST COMMON CHALLENGES that men face in learning this!), so Jack guides jr through a VERY SLOW process of getting set up to practice KSMO, and then just very gradually introducing stimulation.
    • Vesta then reported that he is starting to experience an increase in pleasurable feelings as a result of his practice. The group made some suggestions for taking the next step
    • Then newbie Gerry checked in with some concerns about Echo Effects. He reports that they seem to be getting quite strong, but don't yet feel 'multi-orgasmic' and sometimes he notices cramping. Jack helps Gerry identify where he is "off protocol" and makes suggestions for his getting back on track.
    • Newbies Ananda_orchard, thejoy, and returning newbie vesta joined veterans Pan, Drew, and Jack.
    • Ananda just read a little on the site and decided to stop in at the chat.
    • "thejoy" then joined as well. Thejoy reported that this is the second day of practice since getting Jack's audio CD: "Male Multiple Orgasm Step by Step".
    • At Ananda's request, the group defined and discussed "Heartgasms" (multiple orgasms which seem to originate in the heart and in the genitals simultaneously) and what they are like.
    • Next, the group heard from thejoy, re: what the first experiences have been like.
    • Jack then detailed a KEY DIFFERENCE between this method and most others, which nearly all seem to be based on some form of ejaculation CONTROL.
    • Jack described how this method does NOT involve ejaculation CONTROL since the ejaculation reflex is not activated, thus does not need to be blocked or stopped, yet multi-orgasmically high levels of AROUSAL >>ARE<< experienced.
    • KSMO veteran Pan described the self-control practices of his younger days and his personal evolution since learning including this protocol in his experience.
    • Veterans Pan and Drew, as well as Jack, then offered tips to thejoy and other newbies for learning how to begin opening to increasing arousal while at the same time NOT setting the stage for the ejaculation reflex.
    • Thejoy then asked another excellent question: the issue of introducing a 'Key Sound' practice to a partner. Drew, Pan, and Jack offered experience and suggestions. more detailed annotation will be posted soon.
    • Bilko and his wife Andi (North Wales) return with an eloquent and detailed description of what sharing the learning of this multi-orgasmic skill is like for them, including Andi's report of triggering intense orgasms with just ONE Key Sound, and NO stimulation!
    • Returning newbies and total newbies share questions and get help from Key Sound Multiple Orgasm veteran Pan, and Jack
    • This HISTORIC 100TH (EIGHT PLUS YEARS ONLINE!) transcript represents a truly a GLOBAL DISCUSSION of all stages of practice and details of success... when Key Sound Multiple Orgasm discoverer/developer Jack and veterans (aka 'Adepts') Drew and Pan were joined by newbies Walter (Hong Kong), zoolander (Texas), vesta (Florida), chris_k, and Bilko (North Wales), and a report via Bilko from his wife Andi that she is now enjoying strings of multiple orgasms, often stimulated by a single Key Sound, a loving glance from her husband, etc.
    • Walter receives reminders from Jack and Drew about not forcing the use of the Key Sound, and Walter details of the beginnings of the Echo Effects. Jack offers additional tips on the proper articulation of the Key Sound, that will be helpful to all who are practicing this protocol.
    • Returning newbie vesta asks for suggestions on finding positions which are comfortable since he's been experiencing some back discomfort. Jack offers suggestions with a caution regarding how certain positions should be avoided since they can trigger the ejaculation reflex.
    • KSMO veteran Pan also offers some suggestions for greater comfort, since he suffers from a chronic spine injury.
    • Newbie zoolander and also offers vesta and others some additional tips for remaining comfortable while lying on one's back.
    • Jack once again cautions people to avoid the activities which set the stage for triggering the ejaculation reflects, and he enumerates them. He also reminds everyone that when the KSMO protocol is followed correctly, one does not experience any sense of Point of No Return WHATSOEVER.
    • Next, newbie zoolander reported difficulty in recognizing Echo Effects. Jack gives him detailed guidance in learning how to time his use of the Key Sound.
    • This assistance includes learning how to recognize the subtle change in breathing that happens automatically at the very time that someone experiences a pleasurable response to erotic stimulation.
    • Jack also offers some pointers regarding a learning to distinguish the difference between forcing or trying to make Echo Effects happen versus ALLOWING the Echo Effects to come into awareness.
    • Since zoolander was still having trouble identifying Echo Effects, Jack asked the various Adepts to describe their experience of Echo Effects. Pan and Drew both shared what Echo Effects felt like to them.
    • Zoolander reports at times some very strong feelings that Jack and the others definitely felt qualified as Echo Effects.
    • Consequently, Jack addresses the tendency that some people have to discount the Echo Effects that ARE happening, as well as alerting newbies to the the manner in which 'emotional furballs' (i.e., unresolved emotional wounds), if not intended to, will tend to block the ability to experience higher levels of erotic pleasure, including multiorgasmic pleasure.
    • Since zoolander is an engineer, Jack offers several engineering-related metaphors for understanding how the Key Sound serves to build erotic arousal to multi Orgasm levels while not triggering any of the behaviors which lead to the ejaculation reflex.
    • He also offer some suggestions for other activities that can assist in opening up one's feeling body and sensual self.
    • Zoolander then gets affirmative feedback from the KSMO Adepts that because of the extent of the Echo Effects he is feeling, he most definitely IS on the right track.
    • Next, zoolander reports a significant shift in his awareness that learning not ejaculatory multiple orgasms in this way is not just a mechanical process, but rather, that it can be a process of very deep emotional awakening. In this regard, Jack recommends reviewing the Heartgasms conference in the live forum.
    • Jack reiterates the reminder NOT to FORCE the use of the Key Sound and emphasizes that this is a very common and VERY BIG trap.
    • Zoolander reports and noted change in breathing, to where it begins to become more rapid and shallow. Jack alerts him that this may be the beginning of the ejaculation reflects getting established. Consequently, it's very important to learn how to slow this breathing down and rechannel the energy using the Key Sound.
    • Jack likens the KSMO protocol to a feedback circuit that one needs to learn to tune to full resonance by using the presence or absence of the Echo Effects to let yourself know when you are 'on protocol' (i.e., the Echo Effects are present and strong), or when you are drifting 'off protocol' (i.e., the Echo Effects are fading, or are absent altogether).
    • Drew introduces the notion that these Echo Effects and multi orgasmic feelings typically start happening in waves. Pan confirms this sensation as being part of his experience as well, as does Jack.
    • Pan offers an excellent insight to zoolander regarding the trap of trying to hold on to a positive effect, which paradoxically seems to chase it away, rather than simply ALLOWING the positive Echo Effects to ebb and flow in their natural cycle, the latter being the path to virtually unlimited non ejaculatory multiple orgasms.
    • Jack also likens the experience of learning to tune our body to allow these Echo Effects and non ejaculatory multiple orgasms has been very similar to learning how to produce standing waves in any harmonic circuit.
    • Newbie chris_k then arrived to report that he wasn't experiencing any Echo Effects yet. Jack invited zoolander to teach chris_k what he had just learned.
    • [NOTE: chris_k reported that he had only been practicing for less than one day! REMINDER TO ALL READERS: This is a skill, not a pill, that is, it takes a while to learn the new protocol and to UNlearn the old masturbation habits.]
    • Zoolander, with the help of the veterans, offers chris_k a number of very useful tips and insights for someone who is just beginning to learn this.
    • Jack next makes a Very Important Point: The most common complaint that women have of men lovers is that they need to learn how to SLOW DOWN. This is essential for men to learn, because WHEN YOU SLOW DOWN, YOU GIVE YOURSELF LOTS MORE TIME TO BECOME WAY MORE FULLY AROUSED, and it is this slowing down and giving yourself enough time to become COMPLETELY AROUSED that leads to non ejaculatory multiple orgasms without having to use ejaculation control.
    • Next, chris_k introduces a sidebar discussion describing how in one instance he didn't experience what he considers to be some limited form of multiple orgasm using a method called 'anal breathing'.
    • Jack cautions newbies and readers to consider avoiding the combining of the KSMO protocol with other techniques, at least in the beginning. It turns out that this is another very common trap that man fall into when they're learning to have multiple orgasms without ejaculation control. A certain number of men have, from the very beginning, had a tendency to mix other methods with the very simple KSMO protocol, and then not get the desired results.
    • Jack emphasized that is ESSENTIAL to give yourself the opportunity to practice the very simple and basic KSMO protocol completely by itself, without mixing it with other practices in the beginning, until you learn how to enjoy multiple orgasms in this way... and THEN, if you choose, began integrating the KSMO protocol with other variations you may have learned.
    • As a sidebar, Jack mentions the report of some recent research that suggests the possibility that the male brain is constantly SUPPRESSING and automatic tendency for constant erection! That is, this research suggests that without this constant suppressive activity on the part of the brain a male of average age would tend to have a constant correction!
    • Pan next introduces a challenge he has faced for most of his adult life: he has been plagued with frequent spontaneous erections. He shares the challenge this has been for hamming emotionally, particularly since most people in our culture think that such a condition would be funny or desirable or at some kind of a joke. Pan goes on to express his gratitude for being taken seriously in the discussions at this web site.
    • chris_k offers a few final comments regarding anal breathing.
    • Jack introduces the concept that there is a great deal to be said for the idea of women who have learned how to enjoy multiples in this way teaching men how to do so, since this process of gradual arousal is more familiar to them.
    • Bilko from North Wales checks in at 4:30 a.m. his time!
    • He reports how he is beginning to experience his strongest Echo Effects when he is outside, high on the Welsh hills.
    • He reports that his wife Andi IS already enjoying multiple orgasms using the Key Sound method, including the experience of intense multiple orgasms just to making eye contact with her lover Bilko. Jack notes that this definitely qualifies her as an Adept!
    • He encourages Bilko to use her as the tutor.
    • The group offers him some additional tips for handling the emotional tendency to get too eager to "finally get there".
    • Bilko confirms that he is feeling significant echo effects in the form of "warm chills" up his spine, WHICH IS A CLASSIC DEFINITION OF ECHO EFFECTS.
    • Bilko confirmed that the multiples that Andi experienced were all the result of a SINGLE use of the Key Sound
    • Chat concluded with the Adepts encouraging Bilko to ask for Andi's help in learning how to open more to even stronger Echo Effects.
    • From North Wales (British Isles): Don't miss Andi's great description near the end of the chat re: the positive effects this method has had on her husband, on their relationship, and on their relationship with their children!
    • Relatively-newbies vesta, howard (New Zealand), and from North Wales, 'Bilko' ("I'm ten days in"), returned to join (Key Sound Multiple Orgasm veterans) Pan, Drew, and Jack.
    • 'Mrs. Bilko' (aka 'Andi') checked in near the end to express her appreciation for this method and for these chats, and spoke eloquently about the benefits to her marriage and family.
    • Bilko describes the continuously pleasurable new feelings he's experiencing as he begins awakening these multi-orgasmic energy pathways. He reports a plateau, however and Pan and Jack offer suggestions from their experience for allowing the stronger orgasms to occur.
    • Jack gives the rationale for the increasingly important role the Key Sound plays as arousal increases and most people have a tendency to hold their breath, often high up in their chest. Key Sound on the exhale of that pent up breath is discussed.
    • Pan confirmed the amazing details of full-body orgasm simply AT WILL once in the multi-orgasmic 'zone' that Jack defined and others have confirmed.
    • Next, vesta reported details of early progress, but then a certain feeling of being stuck.
    • Jack, Pan, and Drew helped identify the challenge of not knowing exactly what to expect, and Drew and Pan described as best they could what the male multiple orgasm experience is like for them.
    • Vesta mentioned a program he watched the night before on network television that perpetuated the myth that women are by nature multi-orgasmic while men are not. Vesta expressed his frustration at the perpetuation of this destructive myth and got lots of support from the group!
    • Returning then to both Pan and Drew's intuition that Vesta was getting hung up in overstimulation, they described why they thought this, and offered suggestions for getting past it to the full body multiple orgasms.
    • This discussion also included thoughts about the appropriate times to introduce the use of the Aneros perineo-prosate stimulator as an option. (For details about the Aneros, click the Order Now or Order Seminar links to view catalog).
    • Next the group addressed the potential emotional risks of trying to use this practice to push past emotional 'furballs' (i.e., unresolved emotional issues that may surface as one opens to profoundly greater erotic pleasure), and Jack made suggestions for getting professional assistance with the surfacing emotional issues before continuing the KSMO practice.
    • Howard from New Zealand then reported he wasn't getting any Echo Effects. He did report that he was combining KSMO practice with another. Jack noted that this is a frequently observed pattern, to begin by combining KSMO with some other practice, but then not getting the expected results. Jack invited howard (and all others) to consider just practicing KSMO by itself until the multiples are experienced and THEN add in other modalities if desired.
    • vesta acknowledged he hadn't heard the actual Key Sound yet (i.e. hadn't yet heard the audio seminar in which it's demo'd). Jack opined that the Key Sound is very specific and virtually essential to learning how to enjoy true multiple orgasm without ejaculation control. KSMO veteran Pan concurred in this.
    • [To order the audio seminar in which Jack demonstrates the Key Sound that unlocks the multiple orgasms without ejaculation control... click here ]
    • Pan concludes by offering some experiences of KSMO with his partner, what he discovered about using a condom, as well as positions that for him seem to favor Key Sound Multiple Orgasms. DON'T MISS HIS GREAT DESCRIPTION!.
    • Then bilko's wife joined in! When Jack asked her if she was already noticing any changes for the better 'Mrs. B' replied "You're not kidding, Jack!", and offered details.
    • She also detailed how these powerfully transformative changes in their lives have had a very positive effect on their interactions with their children as well.
    • Mrs. Bilko's comments are not to be missed!
    • Pan then shared a time when he was actually afraid to give a partner orgasms, and why, and how that attitude has changed since learning KSMO.
    • Notes to be posted soon. :-)
    • Newbie 'rags' from Oklahoma joined Key Sound Multiple Orgasm ('KSMO') 'Adepts' Pan and Jack to begin today's discussion.
    • The group was then joined by newbie 'rags' from Oklahoma who reports some very positive beginnings of the pleasurable Echo Effects, 'hansdd' from Kentucky - who is totally new to the process, 'newbie' from SoCal who has started to experience solo multiples, 'vesta444', simon, and 'mi2az05' all newbies.
    • Pan reported a perceived difference between the multiples he experiences in solo practice and those he experiences with his partner, and discussed with the group what options might be for exploring additional mutually pleasurable nuances of the experience.
    • Jack offered some suggestions for exploring additional ways of sharing what for them is already a very enjoyable experience.
    • The group was then joined by newbie 'rags' from Oklahoma who reports some very positive beginnings of the pleasurable Echo Effects, 'hansdd' from Kentucky - who is totally new to the process, 'newbie' from SoCal who has started to experience solo multiples, 'vesta444', simon, and 'mi2az05' all newbies.
    • Rags reported getting relatively strong Echo Effects that include shaking or vibrating of his body, and was wondering if this is typical. Jack commented that this is fairly common at times, and Pan, a Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adept of several years, shared his experience of learning, that included a good deal of shaking. Jack then continued to elaborate on what this shaking can mean, and also associated it to what is discussed in some tantric traditions.
    • vesta reported experiencing Echo Effects and then noticed one night during sleep that he suddenly had about 5 "dry ejaculations" where the genitals felt as if they were expelling semen but they did not. He asked the group what this meant, and received a number of replies.
    • He then confirmed that at this point he is experiencing very strong "Echo Effects" and finds them to be very pleasurable (Congratulations, vesta!!!). AND he's only been practicing for about 5 days!
    • Vesta then described another session in which the shaking started transitioning to more strongly pleasurable waves, and Jack commented on what this probably indicates.
    • newbie then introduced a discussion about how Jack discovered this protocol and Jack and others commented. Jack also recommended they refer to Chat 0038 for a detailed account of how he discovered it.
    • This discussion then moved into some comments among participants about relating this practice to tantra, wicca, and other philosophical models. Jack emphasized that learning this method does NOT require a knowledge of tantra, etc. although that may be helpful.
    • mi2az05 asked what percentage of people can learn this, and Jack offered his thoughts about this, and recommended ways to get started.
    • Pan offered some additional resources from the tantra community. Jack offered some cautions, since most of these methods seem to be based on a variant of PC muscle squeezing, which is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE and confusing when learning the KSMO method, since the KSMO method does NOT require any attempts at blocking or preventing ejaculation, since when KSMO is done correctly, THERE IS >>NO<< "POINT OF NO RETURN" TO BLOCK!
    • Adept Storms from the Netherlands checked in and discussed how a very heavy work schedule had impaired his capacity for KSMO, and Jack and others offered some suggestions.
    • Newbie Simon then checked in with a progress report, and Jack reviewed the basic KSMO protocol with him. In doing so, Simon was able to identify what was getting in his way, and this inspired Jack to commit to print the "KSMO Checklist" he mentally uses when helping people resolve blocks to progress.
    • vesta then reported attempts at learning multiples before learning about KSMO.
    • Pan then asked (Adept) Mari about what benefits for her KSMO practice her experience with martial arts has had. Mari then proceeded to give a very articulate description of the relationship between her approach to energy in Karate, and how that relates to her KSMO practice.
    • Finally, Robert from Wales checked in. He's completely new to the process and shared his thoughts and questions about what had been discussed.
    • Chat included KSMO veterans Drew and Pan, as well as Jack, joined by newbies 'Rags' from Oklahoma, Jeremy from Hong Kong, and Noel from Indiana.
    • Chat addresses changing attitudes toward relationship of erection and multiple orgasm, including the realization that erection is ***NOT*** necessary to enjoy multiple orgasms... THEY HAPPEN WITH OR WITHOUT ERECTION.
    • Other topics include: 
      • why people started using this program
      • detailed descriptions of the seemingly fractal variety of feelings and quality of the multiple orgasms
      • when and how to introduce this experience to a partner
      • specific tips for newbies from Jack
      • how long it takes to learn
      • further emphasis on learning to slow down the pace of stimulation
      • consideration that our culture is over-stimulated but underaroused
      • Key Sound Multiple Orgasms and how they help recovery from spinal injury... one person's story
      • tips about when to use the Aneros perineo-prostate stimulator
    • Rags, who'd been practicing for about a week and already experiencing postive effects, described his changing attitude towards the role of erection.
    • bobbyd asked the excellent question: "Why did you start using this program?", and the group responded in succession.
    • Rags asked about the variety of orgasmic feelings he's already beginning to experience. Pan and Drew commented in detail re: their experience of the variety.
    • Pan made an excellent point that he noticed that the more slowly he went at the early stages, the more intense the orgasms were when they started happening. Jack linked this directly to level of higher arousal is achieved by going more slowly.
    • Pan responded to rags' question about when to introduce this process to a partner.
    • Jack then gave Jeremy some specific tips for continuing his practice, and summarized the very simple Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger protocol, of which most readers will benefit.
    • Noel then asked how long it takes to get on the right track. Doug asked a similar question, and the KSMO veterans shared their insights and suggestions.
    • The veterans all emphasized the importance of learning to SLOW DOWN the stimulation to allow the arousal to build.
    • Jack introduced the theme that as a culture, we are: "Over-stimulated and Under-aroused."
    • Pan then shared a very moving excerpt from his story about learning KSMO... how he was in so much pain from his spinal cord injury, that he doubted he could ever be lucky enough to learn this, yet he did!
    • Noel asked about the proper time to introduce the Aneros perineo-prostate stimulator into practice, as an option, and the veterans shared their views and experience.
    • Jack was joined by Drew (a KSMO 'Adept', i.e. someone who has learned how to enjoy multiples using this method, withOUT any form of 'ejaculation control') SuperJets from Israel who has returned after some absence with some new questions, Pan (Adept living in California), Mari (female Adept living in California), and Rags (newbie,Oklahoma).
    • Superjets began by asking was about learning to "control" erection. As part of the discussion Jack recommended a book, the Hazards of Being Male, that includes an excellent chapter called "The Wisdom of the Penis" by Herb Goldberg and mentioned that he'll be adding a "Resources" area to the site in the near future with recommended reading, etc.
    • Jack confirmed and elaborated on the fact that using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm(tm) (aka 'KSMO'(tm)) method, it is truly possible to experience extremely high, multi-orgasmic levels of arousal without any erection whatsoever, and referred him to the free streaming audio Success Stories to hear people confirm this in their own voice.
    • He next assisted 'rags' from Oklahoma in determining that he was probably following into the most common block for men in learning the KSMO: too much stimulation too soon, which leads to the infamous "Point of No Return" that is the "leading edge" of the ejaculation reflex being triggered.
    • He also offered tips for releasing this tendency so rags could proceed to enjoying true multiple orgasms without any use of ejaculation control, and commented how many women really like the idea of a male partner's not being obsessed with contstant erection, and 'performance', but rather going more slowly and taking the time to become more fully aroused, which is more harmonic with most women's pattern of arousal, and thus promotes a greater intimate connection.
    • Jack next gave Superjets some more tips re: addressing the very common tendency to overstimulate while learning the KSMO method, and detailed why and how one can learn, even without any erection whatsoever, to experience non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms that are consistently way more intense than any orgasms previously experienced with ejaculation. He also detailed how this is accomplished without ANY need for the distracting artificiality of ANY kind of ejaculation control gimmicks such as PC squeeze, stop/start, etc.
    • Jack then gives a brief, yet detailed review of the very simple Key Sound Multiple Orgasm protocol.
    • Rags asked about what role the Aneros perineo-prostate stimulator may optionally play in enhancing these experiences.
    • [Note: For more information about the Aneros, click the Order Now button/link and read about it in the catalog. Also: Read in the Live Forum how others describe using the Aneros in combination with the KSMO method. See the Forum Conference titled: "Aneros perineo-prostate stimulator and the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger".]
    • Next Jack offers suggestions about where on the website one may learn more about 'Echo Effects', and proceeds to give further tips about how to recognize the clues our body gives us when one is not following the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger (KSMO) protocol correctly, and how to get back on track.
    • Superjets asks a few questions about how to go about sharing this information with others, when so many people are so burned out on ejaculation control methods, but are skeptical of alternatives to it. Jack and Rags offer their viewpoints.
    • Next Superjets asks an excellent question about what is indicated when, as excitement builds, the testicles start to draw up inside. Jack and Pan (another 'KSMO Adept') share what they have learned this means: It's an important warning sign!
    • Rags then asks the group about whether or not one needs to be concerned about maintaining a constant erection, and Pan gives an EXCELLENT suggestion.
    • Next Superjets expresses concern about learning to slow down enough to avoid setting up the ejaculation reflex, when with a partner.
    • Both Pan and Jack respond to his question with a practical approach, and suggestions.
    • Mari (also an Adept) then expresses HER viewpoint about this issue of men learning to slow down enough, and what it means to her as a woman, as well as what's really important to her in intimate sexual relationship with a man. Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0094
    • Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adepts Drew, blissful1, and Jack assisted two newbies, augustusgloop and doh, giving very detailed assistance for dealing with the MOST COMMON MISTAKE that people make when learning the KSMO method: TOO MUCH STIMULATION; discussion then moves to the role of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger as an AMPLIFIER OF AROUSAL.
    • Augustusgloop began by asking for assistance in determining whether or not he was using too stimulation. Jack and the other Adepts offered suggestions for ways to recognize when one is using too much stimulation, and made detailed suggestions for correcting this very common tendency.
    • Tips then followed for recognizing the "larger-than- average in-breath" which is essential for learning how to TIME the use of the Key Sound, in order to stimulate the automatic Echo Effects that at higher levels of arousal blossom into multiple orgasms without ejaculation control. Jack made a SIGNIFICANT POINT that this AUTOMATIC CHANGE IN BREATHING is VERY SUBTLE.
    • Jack details a LIST OF COMMON MISTAKES that people usually make when beginning to learn the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger. These are the habits that one must UNlearn in order to be able to open to the waves of multiple orgasms, without even feeling a "Point of No Return".
    • At the same time, he offers a LIST OF THE CONDITIONS THAT SET THE STAGE FOR EJACULATION, and he then details how proper use of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger helps you avoid ALL of these conditions, yet at the same time learning how to enjoy waves of intensely pleasurable multiple orgasms, without any sense of having to use ejaculation control.
    • Jack explains why it's so important to use VERY LITTLE stimulation to learn how to tune into the SUBTLE SIGNALS (the "Echo Effects") that your body AUTOMATICALLY give you that LEAD YOU TO MULTIPLE ORGASM WITHOUT EJACULATION CONTROL.
    • ***Aug then reports difficulty in slowing down his rate of stimulation, that in effect he feels rather compelled to stimulate quickly and vigorously. Jack offers some insights about how this pattern gets established and how it can be broken, and some tips about STARTING slowly, and then continuing at a very slow pace like that. Additional tips are also offered.
    • doh then checks in to report that before learning the Key Sound method, he has already begun to experience certain pleasure waves that appear to be Echo Effects. Jack used this opportunity to detail the role of the Key Sound as an AMPLIFIER OF AROUSAL that when practiced correctly is COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of triggering ejaculation or even a sense of a Point of No Return, thus leading to multiple orgasms without ejaculation control.
    • Aug then asks how it is that LESS STIMULATION actually is the way to enjoying multiple orgasms without ejaculation control, and Jack details how that's at the core of the secret to learning multiple orgasm without ejaculation control, since it is the basis for learning how to BYPASS RATHER THAN BLOCK ejaculation.
    • During this portion of the discussion, Aug realizes that his persistent vigorous stimulation during masturbation has actually led to a desensitization of his penis, which has apparently led to perpetuating the tendency for ever greater and more vigorous stimulation. Jack offers suggestions for breaking out of this loop, by applying the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger method correctly.
    • doh, a gay man, also mentions the tendency to use very vigorous stimulation, which leads to ejaculation, but due to the ejaculation, the orgasms are very limited, thus leaving him (and his partner) very unsatisfied.
    • Jack also refers the newbies (and you, reader!) to the "Ejaculation Compulsion" discussion in the Live Forum.
    • Adept Drew defined Echo Effects according to his experience, and detailed his personal benefits for learning to slow down and open to the intense feelings, and to transcend the fears that came up. He then shared a bit of his story, during his participation in this online community since 1995/6 (first appearing in Chat 0020. See the Archived Chats Q & A).
    • Jman from the North Central U.S. reports multiple orgasm success without needing to use ejaculation control by using Jack's Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Trigger (KSMO) method, description by Jman of 'Heartgasms', questions about use of the Aneros in combination with KSMO, newbie questions about how much time is required to learn KSMO, partner issues, etc., Jack details key differences between KSMO and ejaculation control methods, detailed description of the role of 'Echo Effects'.
    • Adept Jman begins by describing how for him the Key Sound Multiple Orgasms keep getting better and better. He shares details about the increase of intensity and of variety of the orgasms as they include more and more of his entire body.
    • He also offered some tips for being able to open up even more to the "Heartgasms" we talk about as we open even more to the multi-orgasmic energy flowing throughout our >>entire<< body and not just localizing in our genitals. He also describes what "Heartgasm" is like for him.
    • Jman also confirmed that he had never experienced orgasms nearly as intense or dramatic as he now does after learning how to use the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Trigger to enjoy all of the multiple orgasms he wants without needing ejaculation control.
    • Jman then asked if he might benefit from getting an Aneros perineo-prostate stimulator, since he already knows how to have multiple orgasms, thanks to using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Trigger. Jack gave him a number of comments and suggestions about the benefits, including mentioning the story of the very courageous KSMO Adept, Robert S, whose story is in the streaming audio Success Stories area of the website.
    • Next, steward, a newbie, asked several questions including wondering if KSMO was self-hypnosis, how long it took to learn, and if a partner is required to learn it. Adept Jman responded.
    • As part of this discussion, Jack then described the differences between the conditions that set the stage for a "Point of No Return" and ejaculation versus the conditions that lead to MULTIPLE orgasms withOUT feeling any "Point of No Return" and thus having no need to practice "ejaculation control".
    • Steward asked for additional details on the notion of Echo Effects and Jack and Jman provided further details of how these Echo Effects get triggered, and how as arousal increases the Echo Effects turn into multiple orgasms.
    • Differences between ejaculation control methodsand the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger (KSMO) method, how heterosexual lovemaking is different after learning the KSMO method, use of the Aneros perineo-prostate stimulator in combination with the KSMO Trigger method.
    • Christian began by asking how it is that this method is equally effective for women, and Jack offered details about the difference between a multi-orgasmic method that is based on ejaculation control, and the method he discovered, the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger (KSMO), which is based on amplifying AROUSAL, completely independent of any need to control ejaculation.
    • MtmMan wondered about what hetersexual lovemaking was like once one learns how to enjoy multiple orgasms in this way, and Jack pointed him to resources on the website for getting answers.
    • Christian then asked "Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adept" Drew if with this method each successive orgasm gets a little less, which was Christian's experience using Barbara Keesling's (ejaculation control) method.
    • Part 1: (very brief): Question about Key Sound when English is not one's native language, and information on how to purchase the seminar by mail when outside of the U.S.
    • Part 2: EXCELLENT summary of the very simple Key Sound Multiple Orgasm protocol (NO EJACULATION CONTROL NECESSARY), as well as detailed TIPS FOR AVOIDING the most common traps and sidetracks resulting from past masturbation habits leading to ejaculation.
    • Part 1: (very brief) "Hono" from Mexico City began the chat by asking Jack some questions about the Key Sound. Hono at this time had not yet purchased the audio seminar, and Jack reassured him that he is nevertheless very welcome to come to the free chats to get his questions answered.
    • Hono asked if the Key Sound would be different in Spanish, that is, if it needed to be translated. Jack assured him that it did not need to be translated since there are no words in the sound. It is a UNIVERSAL sound, and will work no matter what language one speaks.
    • Hono then asked for some help in placing an international order by mail and Jack gave him the details.
    • Part 2: Simon (in Texas) requested help in identifying the causes of being stuck. Jack helped him identify where he was stuck, while re-articulating the basic Key Sound Multiple Orgasm protocol, as well as detailing for him and for YOU a number of the common traps that get in people's way as they learn how to enjoy multiple orgasms without ejaculation control by using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger.
    • This is a very good chat because it involves Jack's step by step coaching of practitioners at three different stages of progress:
      • ron_m, a total newbie (hadn't purchased the audio seminar yet),
      • Fingerz88, who is about 25% of the way (i.e., starting to get moderately strong Echo Effects in response to correct use of the Key Sound, and
      • dbarnett who with VERY intense Echo Effects is JUST at the VERY THRESHOLD of opening to full-blown multiple orgasms without ejaculation, and NOTE that he also reports this super high arousal with no erection!
    • dbarnett began the chat by reporting that after reviewing the transcript of a previous chat, he realized that he may need to make some corrections in his practice. He went on to describe that he is now able to experience very high states of arousal with no erection, just by thinking about or lightly touching his hot spots. Jack confirmed that db is getting very strong Echo Effects.
    • Jack then reviewed the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm protocol "checklist" to see where a change might enable db to cross the threshold into the multi-orgasmic zone.
    • When Jack asked him what his breathing was like during these intense Echo Effects, db noted that in fact he had a tendency to >>hold his breath<<... Jack noted that this may be the crux of the matter: when you hold your breath, you are blocking the energy flow and the full multi-orgasmic release.
    • db noted that although he had no erection at all, he felt extremely highly aroused. Jack reminded him that all 3 of the male Success Stories posted so far to the streaming audio area spontaneously reported this same condition as the multiples began.
    • Jack emphasized that if db could avoid getting impatient or frustrated, and instead of holding his breath at that peak moment, to go ahead and use the Key Sound, he could go multi-orgasmic fairly soon.
    • ron_m (age 66) then checked in for the first time. He mentioned that he hadn't purchased the audio seminar yet, but Jack reassured him that he is still very welcome to come to the chats and get his questions answered.
    • He reported that although sexually very active, lately he hadn't been able to reach orgasm-with-ejaculation.
    • Jack asked if he'd be willing to do some solo practice to learn this method, and then share it with his partner once he learned, and he agreed.
    • Next, fingerz88 checked in and reported that he was quite busy with exams and the like, but was looking forward to practicing in more stress-free setting. He DID report that he was starting to get Echo Effects, however!
    • Jack then did a detailed review of the basic protocol, and re-introduced the "pushing water in the bathtub" metaphor which Fingerz (and many others prior) have felt very helpful in understanding how this works (with thanks to the Adept who posted that suggestion in the Forum!)
    • Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adept Jonathan (aka "Ambient") describes how knowing how to share multiple orgasm with his girlfriend has affected their relationship
    • Intensive and detailed newbie coaching sessions.
    • Dec 14 In the first hour, Key Sound Multiple Orgasm (aka "KSMO") Adept Jonathan, aka "Ambient" shared his experiences, including with what this has been like, sharing it with his girlfriend of 7 months.
    • Jack began by thanking him for all of his EXCELLENT recent posts to the Live Forum.
    • Jonathan described some of the "therapeutic" benefits he's experienced by learning to use the KSMO.
    • He first talked about how learning to have multiple orgasms in this way has given him a great motivation to work through the emotional wounds that remain for him... so that the pleasure and orgasmic energy can flow even more freely through his "emotional body".
    • He discussed how his learning to open to these multiple orgasms has made him aware of some deep feelings of not being "worthy" to feel THIS much pleasure.
    • Jonathan related these feelings to childhood abuse.
    • Jack asked if Jon was getting professional counseling assistance to help heal them and Jon confirmed that he is.
    • Jon described how his relationship with his girlfriend is going to a much deeper level, yet when they are making love the pleasure is so intense that at the very time they are in ecstacy, his feelings of unworthiness "pop the emotional breaker" and take him out of his feelings. Jack urged him to address this specific instance with his counselor.
    • Jon and Jack then discussed in detail Jon's girlfriend's responses to his multiple orgasms, and what their lovemaking has been like since he learned how to use KSMO to enjoy non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms back in October 2002.
    • Next, Jack asked Jon what his message might be to those who have not yet learned KSMO and/or are wondering if it's even really possible for them.
    • In the second hour, Jon and Jack were joined by mr_x, a newbie, who has been having trouble identifying the automatic larger-than-average inbreath (which is the signal to use the Key Sound on the exhale to stimulate the Echo Effects that blossom into multiple orgasms at higher levels of arousal).
    • Jonathan, being an experienced KSMO Adept, then gave mr_x some excellent tips on identifying the automatic breath.
    • Jack then gave some further assistance and helped mr_x recognize that he had misunderstood in that he thought the larger inbreath HAD TO >>intentional<<. Jack corrected this impression.
    • It also turned out that mr_x was probably using way too much stimulation for the beginning stages of this practice, so Jack reviewed the basics for the early stages.
    • Then followed a intensive coaching session to help mr_x UNlearn several of the patterns that prevent people from learning how to relax enough, slow down enough, calm down enough, and open enough to experience the multiple orgasms.
    • Next, Jim checked in requesting assistance on taking his Echo Effects to higher levels of intensity.
    • After some questioning, it appeared that Jim's practice has always been pretty late at night, just before bed. Jack and others suggested he consider practicing earlier in the day when he has more energy available to go to the higher levels, since he IS getting moderately strong Echo Effects.
    • Howard from New Zealand checked in and received some tips from Jack on how to correct his practice to start experiencing Echo Effects.
    • Another Success Story (from Australia)!
    • Newbie "dbarnett" reports some difficulty in his beginning practice, and by doing a step by step review of the simple, basic Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger protocol, he recognizes where he can fine tune his practice to get stronger results.
    • 73 year old Adept rds7777 (aka RobertS: listen via streaming audio to his Success Story in the Success Stories section of the website and: Happy 73rd Birthday, Bob!!!) as well as Adepts Drew and Mari present.
    • Discussion of women's reports of benefits of learning the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger in making their multi-orgasmic experience much more accessible and effortless.
    • Blissful1 checked in from Australia to report his first Multiple Orgasms! Congratulations, mate! Welcome to Key Sound Multiple Orgasm "Adept" status!
    • He described how he followed the aspect of the couple's exercise in the audio seminar where he and his partner took in their partner's sound, let themselves feel it in their body, and that sent them higher and higher until his lover told him they had to back off a little because it was so intense for her!
    • Blissful1 then reported that he did some solo practice and had a number of multiples, and instead of feeling drained (as is so common after ejaculation) he felt energized
    • He confirmed that he had no sense of having to "control" or block ejaculation, that in fact in his last solo practice, he was barely aroused at all, but went into the multiple orgasms.
    • Blissful1 mentioned that his partner had used polarity therapy to remove energy blockages, and Jack confirmed that it's really important to use methods like this to clear the emotional "furballs" (i.e. old wounds), and energy blockages so that the pleasure will flow and the multi-orgasmic energy "gates" will open.
    • Then Blissful1 described the polarity method that he used a couple of weeks ago that helped him set the stage for using the Key Sound (in concert with his partner) to trigger the multiple orgasms.
    • He reported that is partner said that she felt so fulfilled that even if she died the next day, she felt completely fulfilled.
    • He also noted that he now realizes that prior to multiples, his lovemaking was way too active and thus much less satisfying since, among other things, it led to ejaculation within a fairly short time.
    • Next, dbarnett (a newbie) reported that by his second practice session he was starting to notice a lot of pleasurable sensations, and rec'd some tips on how to amplify those feelings into more intense orgasms.
    • As Jack once again re-iterates the basic protocol of creating the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm trigger, dbarnett realizes a number of "fine tunings" that he feels are helping him correct his practice and understand this a lot better.
    • And he demonstrated a significantly increased ability to identify what it was in his practice that needed some fine tuning, for example he noticed that once he started getting Echo Effects, he mistakenly switched into more vigorous stimulation (abandoning the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger protocol), but now he knew what to do to get back on track.
    • Next, Adept rds7777 (aka RobertS in the audio Success Stories) checked in and said that the review with dbarnett was very helpful to him as well.
    • Next Adept Mari stopped by for a brief checkin after her karate practice.
    • She mentioned how much she enjoyed listening to the new (free) streaming audio Success Stories (in which section she also tells HER story), and also how much she liked reading Dr. Mitch Tepper's article at the website about the website and the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger and its benefits for people living with disabilities (FYI: Mari suffered a mild brain trauma that left her partially disabled).
    • Mari mentioned how the Key Sound practice has made her multi-orgasmic response much more accessible, and that she didn't have to use as much effort to experience multiple orgasms.
    • Jack noted that in Amy's streaming audio story in the Success Stories section of the website she talks about how prior to learning the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger she always had to "reach" (i.e. make a real effort) to experience orgasm, and now she no longer feels that.
    • Mari confirmed that that was true for her too.
    • She then went on to describe how she now uses the Key Sound in her regular meditation practice, with NO erotic stimulation at all, and experiences VERY positive results.
    • She confirmed as true for her, Jack's assertion that once a person learns how to open the multi-orgasmic gateways using the Key Sound, that it can be used to amplify virtually ANY pleasurable experience.
    • And she reaffirmed how fundamental to her well-being that learning this process has been for her.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0087

    • Multiple Orgasm newbie mellofello gets a free detailed review of the basics, and Jack points out the most common traps that temporarily block success. AN EXCELLENT REVIEW for everyone wanting to learn how to enjoy multiple orgasms withOUT relying on frustrating and distracting ejaculation control methods any more!
    • mellofello joined the chat for the first time. He's had the audio seminar for a while, but this was his first visit to the Live Chat.
    • mello expressed a very common concern: He was still ejaculating instead of experiencing multiples.
    • Jack pointed out that this is a very common challenge early on, probably due to too much stimulation, and trying to keep a constant erection. Jack pointed out that this is "the old-fashioned way" so mello's still getting old-fashioned results!
    • It turns out that rather than following the instructions in the audio seminar, chats 0078 and 0085 and elsewhere, mello was still practicing ejaculation control, trying to block ejaculation at the Point of No Return, and then at the last moment, trying to use a Key Sound to magically create a different outcome.
    • Jack pointed out that THIS IS THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY, it is NOT using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger method!
    • Jack then reminded mello to use ONLY enough stimulation to be able to notice an automatic change in breathing pattern, and to NOT concentrate on trying to maintain a constant erection.
    • Vigorous stimulation and trying to maintain a constant erection are TRAPS that will lead you right back to orgasm WITH ejaculation.
    • Jack reminded mello to review chats 0078 and 0085 for reviews of the basics, and Jack also assured him that he'd be happy to review the basics once again in this chat.
    • Jack noticed that even in the chat, mello's energy seemed to be anxious and urgent, so Jack invited him to practice slowing down first, before continuing the chat.
    • He then reassured mello, that approaching sexual activity with urgency instead of calmness is a very common, culturally-programmed practice for men, and the secret to learning the Key Sound Multiple Orgasms is to UNDO the tendency to hurry, use vigorous stimulation, worry about constant erection, etc.
    • Jack proceeded to describe a thorough and detailed review of the most common places people get stuck learning this, and the solutions to these challenges. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT REVIEW.
    • Mellofello acknowledged that the info Jack shared with him gave him renewed understanding and enthusiasm for continuing his practice.
    • Jack concluded by reiterating the importance of frequently using the follow up resources at the website including the chat archive transcripts, the Live Forum to review the Q & A of others and post your own questions, and to come to the free Live Chats to get specific help in real time. THIS MEANS **YOU**! :-)

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0086

    • Multiple Orgasm Adepts (male and female) share more details of their stories and offer tips to newbies.
    • Adept Drew began the chat by reporting he'd had a great practice earlier.
    • Jack asked him to post his experiences to the Success Stories conference in the Live Forum, and Drew agreed to do so
    • When Adept Puffdragon arrived, Drew took a moment to extend his appreciate to Puff's wife Amy for her wonderful contribution to the previous chat, from the perspective of a wife. Jack enthusiastically seconded those thanks.
    • Drew mentioned energy blocking in his throat area. Jack and Puff offered a few suggestions and a few questions.
    • Adept Max (check out his streaming audio statement in the Success Stories by clicking the Success Stories button in left column of home page at then joined the discussion as well.
    • The group then discussed several strategies for loosening up the throat area to permit more of the energy passed through the Key Sound to move throughout the practitioner's system.
    • Jack mentioned an important caution about not trying to force Key Sound energy through a tight throat (possible risk of injury), and emphasized that in his view nothing in this practice should be forced.
    • Puff gave a brief description of what the more intense multi-orgasmic waves are like for him, and Jack associated these with Echo Effects at higher levels of arousal
    • In a couple of instances, Puff mentioned how feelings (waves of intense orgasmic pleasure) and certain body movements (e.g. arching of the back/neck) happened "on their own" and Jack noted how this indicates that they are probably part of the (multi-) orgasmic reflex that Puff has learned to trigger using the Key Sound.
    • Jack mentioned that he'd originally visualized this position as helping the lung/throat passage to be more of a straight line so the intense energy could flow more freely, and Puff confirmed that this is exactly what his experience was like, of the throat being a straight line, allowing much greater energy flow.
    • Adept Mari then joined the discussion. And she and the others offered Drew some suggestions about arching with support to open up the energy even more.
    • Puff then recommended a very specific therapeutic pillow (child size) that seems to serve the dual function perfectly.
    • Jack noted that this is what he described beginning in 92/93, called the "Bow of Pleasure" as a position for facilitating the Key Sound Multiple Orgasms.
    • Mari noted that women automatically often adopt this position during orgasm, and Jack noted that it was from considering this in women that he first got the clue to use this position in teaching himself and others how to open to (for men: non-ejaculatory) multiple orgasms.
    • Puff mentioned how hearty relaxed laughter is similar to a Key Sound and Jack mentioned that they can often intertwine, especially when with a partner. He mentioned that he and his partner refer to them as "Laughing-gasms" and Puff immediately confirmed that he and his partner Amy had shared that experience just a couple of weeks ago, and he was now grateful to have a name for it.
    • Jack then asked the group to share with the chat transcript readership what this experience of learning how to experience true (and for men: non-ejaculatory, with no ejac control) multiple orgasms.
    • Puffdragon described in some detail how learning the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger and experiencing the resultant non-ejaculatory orgasms has helped him a great deal re: the pain management of his spinal cord injury, and even spontaenous adjustments in his spinal areas.
    • The group then discussed the benefits of chiropractic adjustments for opening the energy pathways and the resultant increases in ability to move the high- intensity orgasmic energy throughout their body. Adept Mari (a Doctor of Chiropractic) offered some comments, as did Max.
    • Mari then discussed her experiences earlier today of introducing a discussion of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger process to a woman she knows.
    • Mari shared how the woman felt a great deal of shame about sex generally and had never given herself permission to experience sexual pleasure by herself.
    • Adept Jonathan (aka "Ambient") then checked in, and shared how he'd been seeing a sex counselor prior to discovering the Multiple Orgasm website, but the counselor didn't yet have the info that Jon received here, which has helped him. Jack invited Jon to pass the link to the site to his counselor, for his information.
    • Jack re-iterated that this information is not intended to replace counseling, but hopefully can assist in accelerating the counseling process.
    • The group then discussed how learning how to have multiple orgasms in this way has actually helped them resolve some feelings of depression, etc.
    • In a very moving segment, Jon and Puff talked detailed some of the pain they'd experienced prior to learning how to have these multiples, vis a vis the previous imbalance between their known ability to experience erotic pleasure, and that of their female partners.
    • Then jman and relative newbie zac (Eastern Australia) joined the discussion. Zac expressed some concerns about adominal pain while practicing. The group astutely recognized the possibility that he was perhaps pushing too hard.
    • Since jman had to get back to pre-test studies, zac took a brief pause, and jman asked for tips about Heartgasms (e.g. see the Forum for a conference (i.e. subject area) by that name, and accompanying posts).
    • Max reported how he seemed to experience them more when doing the Mirror Exercise (as detailed in the audio seminar).
    • Jack suggested a few tips re: finding truly appropriate private places to practice.
    • Zac then resumed receiving suggestions from the group re: sore abdominal muscles apparently resulting from the way he was practicing.
    • He noted that he also gets into a place where his body is shaking a lot, as the pre-orgasmic energy awakens.
    • Puffdragon offered some great insights based on his personal experience with this phenomenon.
    • After some other brief issues, (including questions about effectiveness of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger for women) howard (a relative newbie) from New Zealand checked in, and reported that he didn't feel like he was getting any results yet.
    • Puff and Jack gave him suggestions and he promised to check back after further practice.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0085

    • Once again, a number of Multiple Orgasm Adepts were present to to share their stories of how they learned this and what it feels like.
    • Adept Puffdragon's wife Amy was also present to describe what it's like having a partner who knows how to have multiples like this, and how their lovemaking and relationship have benefitted.
    • Newbie Jean-C was feeling stuck but with the help of the group realized he wasn't timing the Key Sound correctly, and Jack did a very thorough review of the basic protocol.
    • Adepts at the beginning of the chat: puffdragon (West Coast USA, spinal cord injured), storms (Netherlands), and marcusks (Kansas USA)...
    • Marcus mentioned that "inhaling" pushed him toward the point of no return (PONR). Jack pointed out that if PONR is an issue, then he's probably using WAY too much stimulation, that non-ejac multiples usually start way before that becomes an issue.
    • Marcus described how he notices this and then returns to the practice by relaxing, etc., then the multi- orgasmic waves continue.
    • Marcus noted that the PONR sensation started happening when energy built up in his upper chest and solar plexus.
    • Jack reminded the group about this being an example of how the upper chest breathing sets the stage to trigger the ejaculation reflex.
    • He then also suggested Marcus consider the possibility of maybe some emotional "furballs" in the heart area. Marcus found this very helpful.
    • Jack then asked Marcus to describe what his first time experiencing multiples was like. Marcus emphasized the importance of not forcing it, not trying to "make" it happen. He had been practicing PC control previously, along with some other strategies that did not give him the results he got when he began using the Key Sound method as described in Jack's audio seminar.
    • Marcus pointed out that now he doesn't need to worry about "muscle control".
    • He also noted that with these orgasms, you feel ENVIGORATED rather than exhausted and depleted like you do with ejaculation.
    • Jack continues to invite Marcus to describe what the actual physical sensations are like, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with this kind of experience.
    • Marcus also notes that in contrast to ejaculorgasm, these multiples involve feelings throughout his whole body
    • Jack notes that this is a characteristic that is reported by virtually everyone who learns how to experience these multiples.
    • And Marcus notes that with Key Sound multiple orgasms, the sexual experience is not over, it's just beginning!
    • Next, Jean-C (France) talked about how he initially felt some multiples, but is not feeling them at the moment.
    • However he then mentioned that he didn't use the Key Sound, so Jack asked him to describe what he did in order to experience what he called "quite powerful multiple orgasms".
    • Jean stated that he simply relaxed while stimulating himself and felt very intense warm feelings rushing through his body. However, this no longer seems to be working for him.
    • The Adepts and the rest of the group then asked Jean to describe what his experience was.
    • It became clear that Jean had actually not been practicing the method Jack teaches, so it came as little surprise to the group that he wasn't getting the results!
    • Jean claimed that he tried using the Key Sounds a few times but with no results, so Jack asked him to describe the TIMING of when he used the Key Sounds (proper TIMING of the use of the Key Sound is ESSENTIAL for success).
    • At that point Jean realized that he wasn't getting results because he was not TIMING the use of the Key Sound correctly!
    • Jack then does a VERY THOROUGH and detailed review of the basic protocol, including alerting to the most common pitfalls and sidetracks, and Jean and others report a much improved understanding of the process.
    • There was then some discussion about the resentment that most men unconsciously carry towards women due to the MISTAKEN belief that "women get to have all of the orgasms they want and men don't". The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger ELIMINATES this!
    • Next, Amy, Puffdragon's wife, described what it's been like to be with a man who has learned the Key Sound Multiple Orgasms.
    • Included in her description are how it's affected their connection during lovemaking, the effects on her that his use of the Key Sound have stimulated, including her now beginning to spontaneously use the KS to enhance her orgasm as well.
    • She then talked about sharing the couple's Key Sound exercise as described in the audio seminar, and Jack offered a couple of suggestions.
    • Puffdragon then describes what his practice has been like, considering he suffers from a chronically painful spinal cord injury.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0084

    • This chat hosted two more experienced and adept practitioners and freqent contributors to the Live Forum and chats: Drew and Oliver along with three newbies, Vlad (Australia), Marcus (West Coast USA), and Marcopollo (Texas).
    • Topics included identifying one the most common stumbling blocks: too much stimulation too soon (i.e., the "old-fashioned way") versus "Lower and Slower" (i.e., using a lower, vocally deeper, "sexier" Key Sound, and introducing erotic stimulation in very, very small increments while tuning in to the progressively more intense autonomic "Echo Effect" (i.e. multi-orgasmic) responses to this practice.
    • Newbies Vlad, Marcus, and marcopolo (Texas) checked in for the first time with questions that are excellent for those just getting started
    • ***The excellent questions these newbies asked are so right on, that his chat makes a GREAT "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions document) for people just hearing about this for the first time, and for those just getting started with the practice
    • Newbie Vlad from Australia reported that he'd just begun his practice (just rec'd the seminar) and was already starting to experience Echo Effects in response to use of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger
    • He asked about PONR and JJ said if gotta ask, you're doing way too much stim
    • Marcusr (West Coast USA) checked in to the free Live Chat for the first time, with what using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger has done for him...
    • It turns out that both Marcus' and Vlad's concerns and early challenges were because they were using way too much stimulation, and thought they had to maintain a constant erection during the whole process, so they set the stage for the ejaculation reflex, but at low levels of arousal
    • Marcopollo reported suffering from premature ejaculation, and wondered if learning the Multiple Orgasm Trigger would be something that would be helpful to him
    • Drew (who has learned how to have these kinds of non- ejacultory multiple orgasms without needing to use ejaculation control or "stop-start" strategies) then shared what experiencing these kinds of full-body orgasms are like...
    • He then goes on to describe a new kind of orgasmic experience... that of having "minnies", i.e. "mini- orgasms" throughout the day
    • PREMATURE EJACULATION... a more detailed discussion:
    • Although Marcopolo had to depart, Jack wanted to follow up on the concerns expressed by him.
    • So Jack talked about the issue of premature ejaculation, how ejaculation generally tends to occur at levels of erotic arousal that are actually relatively low compared to what Jack described and demonstrated in the four editions of the audio seminar, and what others are describing on the website and in the Forum and the Live Chats
    • This detailed segment includes how the fundamental elements of this simple "Multiple Orgasm Trigger" practice can help one "do the opposite" of many of the behaviors that set the stage for premature ejaculation
    • Thus one of the ultimate benefits of learning how to bypass rather than block ejaculation >>when one so chooses<< is to learn to experience much higher and more "full-body" levels of arousal and non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms
    • These much higher levels of arousal are frequently reported by those who learn to have these non- ejaculatory (yet no withholding, no stop-start, no PC muscle squeezing, etc.) multiple orgasms as being much much higher than the rising arousal that usually gets pre-empted by typical male patterns of relatively rapid linear buildup of this moderate arousal culminating in ejaculation
    • Oliver then discussed the issue of concern about sound affecting the neighbors
    • Drew shared his technique for dealing with this issue successfully
    • The group discussed the option of using periodic retreats to acoustically private places in order not to feel the tension that often accompanies shared-wall urban living
    • In the next topic, Jack acknowledged that very understandably, the results offered by learning this process seem to many, simply unbelievable.
    • In an effort to help its possibility, and for a growing number its reality, become more real and worth investigating, he mentioned that he's in the process of doing audio recordings of a number of the people who have learned how to experience multiple orgasms by using his discovery, the "Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger".
    • He asked the group if they thought it would be of benefit to post freely downloadable excerpts, and they offered their comments.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0083

    • There were SEVEN Key Sound Multiple Orgasm "Adepts" present at this very instructive chat, including a female Adept, offering suggestions and answering questions of the newbies, and sharing details of what their personal multi-orgasmic experience is like. ("Adepts" are people who have learned how to have hours of multiple orgasms by using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger as demonstrated in my audio seminar, and for the men, without having to use any ejaculation control, withholding, PC muscle squeezing, or other distracting, frustrating methods.)
    • Multiple Orgasm Adepts Drew and Jonathan began by discussing Jonathan's sharing the multiple orgasm experience with his girlfriend, and that the emotions shared are now "WAY MORE INTENSE" than previously experienced.
    • He also reported her positive responses to this new energy appearing in their lovemaking.
    • Next, newbie "earthjoy" was welcomed as a first timer to the Live Chat. Earthjoy reported just getting started with the Key Sound practice, and noted that his first goal was to learn how to relax more.
    • Jack and the others supported his making that his primary initial goal, just relaxation using the Key Sound practice, rather than trying to make multiple orgasms happen right away. Several discussed the importance of setting up a sexy atmosphere with candles, low light, etc. Jack noted that this setting helps contribute to that atmosphere of relaxation.
    • Earthjoy then asked about the possible role of sexual fantasy in the practice. The experienced guys cautioned earthjoy about becoming too externalized in the beginning by using fantasy (altho a little could be fine), but instead to focus on the basics of using the Key Sound as demonstrated in the audio seminar, and then tuning in to the automatic Echo Effect feelings that happen after one makes the Key Sound correctly.
    • Jack cautioned that it's a common error to start adding extra activities e.g. fantasy, various tantric techniques etc., rather than just sticking with the basics. He further warned that this could actually slow down the progress.
    • Jonathan clarified that his "fantasy" energy was in the form of feeling exotic and sexy and connected with his lover. Jack affirmed his feeling that this particular kind of "fantasy" is very congruent and does tend to supplement the effects of this practice.
    • New "Adept" Max then joined the group to share some of his experiences with hour-long multiple orgasms... again without using any ejaculation control or PC squeezing, etc.
    • Max and [Adept] Drew then compared notes on what the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm experience has been like for them. It is very interesting to see how they both report certain physical happenings that are similar.
    • Max asked an excellent question of Drew: to compare the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm experience with (pre-KSMO) orgasm occurring WITH ejaculation. See the chat for Drew's reply!
    • Max then asked Jonathan to share what HIS new Key Sound multi-orgasmic experience is like.
    • Jonathan then gives an excellent description of what this new multi-orgasmic opening is like for him.
    • Max and Jonathan then make a very important (and to pre-Multiple people quite startling) revelation: that these FREQUENTLY multiples often occur with very little or even NO stimulation, and often with no erection!
    • Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Adepts Shiva (France) and Puffdragon [Spinal Cord Injury] then joined the chat, and the whole group emphasized that erection is not necessary, and that vigorous stimulation is not only not necessary, it may actually be counterproductive! It may actually prevent one from SLOWING DOWN ENOUGH to be able to open to the non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms!
    • Jonathan then made the point that these multiple orgasms actually exercise the abdominal muscles... sometimes even to the point of soreness. The others agreed and also noted that by learning to relax for a little while after this kind of tensing, that opens them up to more multiple orgasms.
    • Jack emphasized the importance of the Adepts telling their stories since it's natural for people not to believe Jack since he's the author of the CD. EVERYBODY acknowledged that they were at first skeptical, and reading the stories of others was what motivated them to learn how.
    • Puffdragon then asked if others had any difficulty transferring the Key Sound practice to lovemaking with a partner. The group gave suggestions, and Jack did a review of the basics of introducing Key Sound practice to a partner and then gradually bringing it in to coitus.
    • Fingerz then returned to the chat with a progress report... definitely starting to feel the pleasurable Echo Effects AT WILL... asking about how to increase the intensity. Jack mentioned that in this chat there are 7 or so people who know how to experience full multiple orgasms and that he was welcome to tap their experience, which he did!
    • He also DID note that already the feelings are "WAY more intense than ejaculatory orgasms."
    • Mari then described HER practice of the Key Sound... with some of the strongest results yet, and they lasted all day!
    • Just before Fingerz had to depart the chat, Jack gave a detailed commentary/assessment on where Fingerz seemed to be at in his practice, with some suggestions.
    • Jack then announced that he will be placing an audio file up on the website that's a phone conversation with Max, recorded with his permission, where he tells his story in his own words, so that when new people visit the website and are understandably skeptical about what is being offered here, they will here Max (and others!) tell of their experiences not only in their own words, but also in their own voice. All agreed.
    • Finally, Jack mentioned that he is submitting a proposal to AASECT, the American Society of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists to present at their annual convention in Las Vegas in June '03, and asked if the people present in the Chat would consider being part of a panel discussion at the convention, if they could make it. All agreed that if feasible for them to do so, they would love it.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0082

    • Here are more tips from people who have learned how to enjoy multiple orgasms without using artificial ejaculation control or PC muscle squeezing techniques, as well as questions from some newbies about the best ways to get started:
    • Mark and "ambient" begin the chat by comparing their experiences in working with the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger and learning to bypass (rather than control or block) ejaculation in order to experience multiple orgasms.
    • They also discuss current differences between solo practice and with a partner.
    • Jack reminded them about the couples' exercises in the audio seminar, for introducing a partner to the practice, and emphasized the importance of carefully reviewing the information in the transcript from Chat 0078 (in the Chat Archives) for timing the use of the Key Sound correctly, etc..
    • He also reminded the group to go slowly... that men tend to be culturally programmed to rush through the experience and as a result may miss the opportunity to experience the much higher levels of multi-orgasmic arousal that are possible.
    • VERY IMPORTANT: Jack reminds the group and you, reader, that maintaining a constant erection during this practice thru intensive stimulation may actually be counterproductive since it may tend to trigger the ejaculation reflex before you get a chance to enjoy the much higher levels of arousal.
    • Bob (a newbie) asks for tips on how to tune in to the automatic breathing changes that signal the correct time to use the Key Sound to amplify the feelings.
    • Jack also emphasized the importance of making the Key Sound a really low, sexy sound... that making it with a tight throat is counterproductive, and "Multiple Orgasm Adept" Drew offered additional tips and viewpoint, as did others experienced in this practice.
    • Mark expressed some concerns about sometimes feeling like he was running out of breath when using the Key Sound, so the group gave him suggestions, and Jack warned him and the rest of us about a big TRAP that one can get into by forcing the Key Sound in trying to "make" onesself have multiples.
    • Drew noted that he would like to open even more to the multiples he experiences, and noted that his throat is still rather constricted when he uses the Key Sound. He also very astutely noted that this seemed to be a "head/heart" issue. The group gave him some suggestions about how he might resolve this.
    • Shiva (France) shared a cool reference for dealing with the "Terror at the Gate" issue as well as other fears.
    • Northstarguy added his comments about the benefits of using the Aneros perineo-prostate stimulator in combination with the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger (also see the "Aneros" conference in the Live Forum). Northstar then describes how his sexual experience has changed since he learned how to use the M.O. Trigger, including that the intensity of his orgasms has >>MORE THAN DOUBLED<<, as well as he now has the ability to experience multiple orgasms without using ejaculation "control".
    • Mari (female) then described how the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger helps intensify HER multi-orgasmic experience.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0081

    • Read the suggestions and answers given to newbies by six men experienced in using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm trigger to enjoy hour after hour of multiple orgasms without using artificial ejaculation control or PC muscle squeezing techniques
    • Naphere, a newbie, asked the fundamental question: How long does it take to learn how to have true Multiple Orgasms without using ejaculation control? He received the benefits of the experience of Drew, storms, shiva, and stu, among others, who have learned how.
    • Stu described how the orgasms often originate in the pit of his stomach, then seem to include a spontaneous squeezing of his prostate and genitals.
    • Jack mentioned that some of the most powerful multiple orgasms happen without any erection at all, and Drew confirmed this in his experience.
    • Jack also noted that trying to maintain a constant erection in this practice can be a trap because it leads to easily to triggering the ejaculation reflex
    • Then the issue of learning how to "ground" the energy once you get to the higher level of arousal. Sometimes it's so intense that it may feel a little difficult to "come down" from.
    • The group went on to discuss the culturally programmed tendency to be frenetic rather than gentle, learning to slow down and FEEL rather than focussing on performance and getting it over with, etc.
    • Jack also commented on the trap that men are culturally programmed to try to "think" our way through any problem and thus newbies may get trapped in trying to get it all figured out intellectually ahead of time, i.e., trying to figure out "what to expect", when in fact it's probably nearly impossible to arrive at such an understanding intellectually, in advance.
    • Other issues included learning to recognize the tendency to try to force ourselves to have orgasms and getting into the trap of anger sneaking in to the practice, as well as issues having to do with sexual identitity and orientation.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0080

    • A very thorough discussion of the experiences of several people, including a woman, as they have used the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger to successfully open to multiple orgasms without ejaculation control or other holding back practices.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0079

    • A variety of helpful tips from Jack and others from all over the world, including a woman's point of view describing how the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger is equally effective for women:
    • Excellent distillation: Storms began by sharing the benefits of combining a periodic fasting program with the Key Sound practice, and reported positive results... an ability to open more to the orgasmic waves. The clearing of old emotional garbage helps one open more to the multi-orgasmic energy. Then he started sharing what is a very common cycle in this practice: an initial big opening, followed by increased awareness of emotional wounds from the past or other blockage... the famous "emotional furballs" so often discussed in the Live Forum.
    • ins0mnia identified this pattern in his own experience as well... Jack emphasized the importance of addressing rather than ignoring the furballs, even by using a counselor if necessary, and recommended for people with special training in this area.
    • The group next discussed the role yoga can play in increasing body awareness, and Jack suggested incorporating Key Sound practice with yoga practice.
    • Jack then extended this idea to any body activity which is gentle and pleasurable rather than pushing into the pain zone.
    • ins0mnia then described some pleasurable new sensations in his heart area that were so strong they scared him somewhat, and Jack and others gave him tips on how to handle this.
    • Our discussion then centered on learning to trust what our body is trying to teach us about how to open to the multi-orgasmic energy, and that the heart may need to open (see Forum: "Heartgasms") so that the rest of us, including our genitals, can open further to the intensity of the multi-orgasmic bliss. Jim, a newbie, then got some tips on getting started with practice in a way that would lead to success.
    • Mari shared some of her experience in her practice... challenges of current emotional "furballs" i.e. emotional pain coming up, needing attention, and blocking her ability to open to the orgasmic energy... She then talked about the challenges of talking with men about the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger... How they want to stay focused on ejaculation, etc. Shiva added that for men it's often about "performance" Mari then shared the challenges she's facing in working with couples, in helping the men move beyond performance issues, while supporting the women who are asking the men for more connection rather than "better performance". Jack made the point that until now with Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger, they haven't had a true alternative other than more performance... try harder... tantric_seeker then checked in with progress reports from his experience with just getting started with using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger, and he received suggestions from the group.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0078

    • ATTN: This is a very good introduction to the Basics: Excellent distillation of the basic method of learning to use the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger to enjoy hours of multiple orgasms, without having to use any ejaculation control or ejaculation prevention gimmicks.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0077

    • Another Historic Five Hour Chat: Includes a very articulate woman's point of view from "Mari" (California USA), sharing her experience with using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger with her lover... and how using it helps her experience multiple orgasm as well as him, and greatly increases their sense of shared energy and intimacy
    • Budding Multiple Orgasm Trigger "Adept" "Jean-c" from France describes his first experience of multiple orgasm without having to control ejaculation... Congratulations (et felicitations, mon ami!) to Jean-c!
    • Some tough questions from "Superjet" (Israel), additional suggestions from Multiple Orgasm Trigger "Adepts" Drew (Michigan USA) and "Storms" (Netherlands)
    • Jack gives a very detailed and thorough re-articulation of just how powerful this kind of multi-orgasmic opening can be, talking about his very first time using the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger
    • A very eloquent exposition by Storms of how his use of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger integrates with his practice of yoga and Transcendental Meditation

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0076

    • HISTORIC CHAT: The Longest Male Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat in over 7 years... Five Hours
    • Whew! This chat is far too comprehensive to attempt to summarize! A VERY wide range of issues regarding the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger were discussed in detail, by Jack and a terrific group of Male Multiple Orgasm VETERANS and, NEWBIES from France, Australia, U.K., the USA, etc.
    • DON'T MISS IT!!!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0075

    • Jack was joined by Oliver, who recently posted several great observations of his to the First Time Experience conference of the MMO Discussion Forum at ../bulletin.html
    • Oliver discussed the differences between what he called the "false" Echo Effects which actually seemed to be leading towards orgasm WITH ejaculation, versus the "true" Echo Effects which led him to the NON ejaculatory multiple orgasms.
    • He also noted how after the non-ejac multiples, he felt energized, rather than neutral or depleted.
    • He then discussed the "follow-up pressure trap" the way we can fall into pressuring ourselves to repeat the experience...
    • He noted that the "Spot" started tingling ("for attention") at times he wasn't TRYING to consciously stimulate erotic arousal.
    • Oliver and Jack both emphasized the importance of being RELAXED in order to allow the multiples to happen.
    • Oliver is starting to date someone, and he and Jack discussed the gradual process of introducing a partner to the experience by beginning with the non-sexual portion of the partner exercises described in the audio seminar.
    • Next they discussed the ways so many people get very uncomfortable with even the IDEA that men could experience non-ejac multiples.
    • Oliver also noted that it's his experience that generally women have been more open to hearing about his experience than his male friends. He and Jack discussed some possibilities of why this may be so.
    • Oliver then made some highly complimentary comments regarding the value of the audio cassette seminar.
    • To wrap up the discussion, Oliver offered some details of what he meant in his "First Time" post about "The Spot" and how tuning in to it helped him reach the non-ejaculatory MMO.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0074

    • Jack and Drew discuss key concepts in Dr. David Schnarch's very important book on sex and intimacy: Passionate Marriage.
    • Jack noted that Dr. Schnarch defines "marriage" very broadly as any committed relationship between people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
    • The first concept Jack elucidates is Schnarch's idea of "emotional fusion" versus "differentiation" between partners, and how such fusion can lead to relationship pain, estrangement, and often divorce.
    • Related to fusion is the concept of "borrowed functioning".

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0073

    • Drew describes a synergy of personal growth that is happening with his integration and balancing of Male Multiple Orgasm practice with personal (counseling) work. To "calmpost the (emotional) furballs."
    • Drew makes a great subconscious statement when he mentioned his "Male Multiple Orgasm seesions."
    • Next he does some extensive sharing of how his new studies in the Pilates and Alexander Technique bodywork methods are enhancing his enjoyment and new openness in his Male Multiple Orgasm practice.
    • He also relates lessons about muscle tension and the blockage of pleasure flow.
    • He then describes his awakening to a new level of opening, and begins to feel the orgasmic energy emanating from his heart. What Jack has dubbed "The Heartgasm".
    • Jack then suggests combining fully aware eye contact with the Heartgasm practice. With an informed partner the goal is to maintain eye contact while the feelings are flowing. In solo practice, Jack suggests using a mirror to experience this new intimacy with onesself.
    • The chat concludes with Jack describing a new book on relationships that he's really excited about and which he has now included in the Pleasure Products resource area of the website: Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch, Ph.D. Jack first clarifies that in the Introduction to the book, Dr. Schnarch states: "I use the term 'marriage' for any emotionally committed relationship." So Jack believes that this book can be helpful for ANYone interested in personal development, and ESPECIALLY if they are in or want to be in relationship with another.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0072

    • Drew begins by discussing the relationship between his allowing himself to open more to Male Multiple Orgasm, and the way the increasing pleasure brings up emotional issues which need to be addressed (what Jack often refers to as "emotional furballs".
    • Jack and Drew discuss how it's important to address these issues and resolve them, either on one's own or with professional help, in order to free the emotional self from past wounds, and be more able to accept experiencing the much greater intensity of pleasure and self-acceptance that learning Male Multiple Orgasm brings.
    • Next, Drew shares how the various stresses in his life (work, etc.) adversely affect his ability to experience the pleasure that Male Multiple Orgasm can bring, and he notes how much more fully he can enjoy the Multiple Orgasm experience when he has taken the time to relax first, and free himself of stress.
    • He then goes on to share how important it is to him to really be gentle with himself in this process... to not try to force himself to experience the pleasure, but to relax his way into the waves of orgasm.
    • In fact, he notes that when he is really relaxed, he doesn't have to "work" at experiencing the orgasms at all.
    • Jack applauds his reaching this awareness viscerally, and notes that it is one of the core, positive paradoxes of Male Multiple Orgasm: that the secret is to learn how to relax into the orgasms, rather than trying to use increasing stimulation or artificially loud Key Sounds trying to force oneself to feel them.
    • Drew notes that the more he relaxes, the more intense the pleasure becomes.
    • Jack affirms that this has been experience and is frequently reported in the Live Forum by others who have succeeded in experiencing Male Multiple Orgasm, including Mike from San Diego who urges his fellow readers to "relax INto the orgasms!"
    • Drew then mentions the importance of being aware of muscle tonus, and Taobear's discussion in the Live Forum of the benefits of the "Pilates" methods for helping one open to Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • [NOTE to reader: You can use the SEARCH tool on the black menu bar in the Forum to search on Pilates and also on Taobear for some excellent posts that relate to this.]
    • Drew continues to detail the vicious circle one can get into by trying harder and harder to make the orgasms happen, rather than letting them happen... that the harder he tries, the more tension he introduces into his body, and the more this actually blocks his ability to experience the pleasure.
    • He then describes how much he feels his heart opening as he allows himself to relax... how this brings joy, laughter, and tears of relief.
    • Jack reminds him that this is what he has labelled 'Heartgasms' [NOTE: There is a conference in the Forum devoted specifically to 'Heartgasms'.
    • Drew then talks about how he can experience the orgasmic waves just by being near an attractive woman, and Jack cautions him to be aware of boundaries and mutual consent... to not expose people to this intense energy when they have not consented to accepting it.
    • Jack then introduces Drew to the many benefits re: passion and intimacy that can be realized by reading Passionate Marriage by Dr. David Schnarch.
    • He then cites a number of revolutionary ideas in the book, e.g., "Compromise is the key to a boring marriage" and "Nothing prepares you for marriage. Only marriage prepares you for marriage!" and "The key to a lifelong exciting relationship, deeper intimacy, and hot sex is learning how to hug until you are relaxed while making fully present eye contact.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0071

    • Jack was joined by jb, justin, and oliver for this chat.
    • Oliver and jb both mention that they have gone through the entire archive of past chat transcripts, and they found the information very helpful.
    • Oliver relates how reading the transcripts

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0070

    • GREAT CHAT FOR BEGINNERS! This evening's chat included men from all over the planet. Newbie "JB" had just been working with the info in the audio cassette seminar for a few weeks, had made some progress, noticed some Echo Effects, but felt stuck.
    • Jack and the others offer suggestions on how to get through the impasse, including how to know WHEN to use the Key Sound, how to recognize the Echo Effects when they're happening, etc.
    • Near the end of the discussion, JB shares some surprising information about his new access to erotic energy, that suggests he may be further along than he consciously realizes!
    • Jack clarifies and reiterates the idea that this system is NOT based on learning to CONTROL ejaculation, or hold back erotic arousal, and gives suggestions great for any beginner about how to learn to accept the paradox that learning non-ejac multiples using the Key Sound involves letting go of control, rather than holding back.
    • Jack also responds to wally's question about how much time he lets pass between ejaculations.
    • JB concludes the chat by expressing gratitude that of all the systems he's studied for Male Multiple Orgasm, this is the one which gives him hope.
    • Wally and Elmo also offered suggestions and support, as well as compliments about how helpful the information and discussion had been.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0069

    • Taobear chatted with Jack from the United Kingdom. Taobear describes a method for awakening erotic sensitivity of the nipples.
    • In addition to discussing the role the Key Sound can play in amplifying the pleasure, Taobear and Jack also discuss the very important role of learning to "let go" INTO the pleasurable feelings.
    • The discussion continues by Taobear's describing the intensity of the Echo Effects (proto-orgasms) he experiences, and he offers an exercise tip for making the energy channels open more to the flow of Echo Effects, stretching the tendons on the backs of the legs..
    • Oliver from Los Angeles then joined the chat as well.
    • Taobear then discussed how he uses (other board contributor) SKFu's "8 point orbit" to relax erection... and to reduce intense arousal (e.g. in order to fall asleep), bypassing the need to ejaculate to reduce arousal, since ejaculation often leaves him feeling de-energized.
    • Oliver, who BTW has not yet acquired Jack's audio seminar, Male Multiple Orgasm Step-by-Step, but who has followed much of the info that is on the website, stated that the steps have intensified his solo sex experience, but that he seems to have reached a plateau.
    • Oliver finds full expression of the Key Sound a challenge, since he lives in a thin-walled apartment. Jack notes this is a frequently expressed concern by many, and offers some suggestions on how to modify the Key Sound in such a circumstance.
    • The discussion then turns to "hot spots" e.g. the "Male Clitoris". Jack urges oliver (and all readers!) to check out SKFu's posts on the bulletin board.
    • Jack gives oliver some suggestions on how to tune in better to the hot spots, by relinquishing the goal orientation of striving for orgasm itself, and focusing initially instead on GENTLE stroking of the areas while practicing the Key Sound.
    • Jack gives oliver additional suggestions on how to use the Key Sound/Breath very effectively, yet without overly loud vocalizing. Jack points out the critical elements necessarily contained in the Key (Sound) Breath to make it effective.
    • Oliver and Jack share additional ideas for finding secure places to practice the Key Sound at volume.
    • Next, they touch on the issue of sharing the sound with a friend or partner, and Jack reminds Oliver of the exercises for a partner that are contained in the audio seminar, Male Multiple Orgasm Step-by-Step.
    • Jack urges Oliver to tune in more and listen more to the "quieter" part of him that's been urging him to focus on the pleasure rather than on the goal of orgasm itself, to use this quieter part as a teacher.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0068

    [To be annotated soon. Go ahead and browse it!]

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0067

    [To be annotated soon. Go ahead and browse it!]

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0066

    [To be annotated soon. Go ahead and browse it!]

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0065

    • Tom from Vancouver BC joined Jack in the chat room and they began by continuing the discussion started in the "Ejaculation Compulsion" conference about "orgasmic deficit" in men and its effects on their attitudes towards women, and possible increased tendencies towards aggression.
    • Tom recounted how he was definitely aware of the cultural myth that men could not have multiple orgasms, and that he definitely had negative feelings about this. He, like others Jack has heard from, identified "God" and "women" as targets of the resentment he felt about this mythical structural difference between the genders.
    • The perceived powerlessness of men re: feeling unable to change this apparently gender-defined "limitation" could be seen as very stressful. Tom and Jack wondered what relationship therefore there might be between ability to experience Male Multiple Orgasm and general health and longevity.
    • Possible links to militarism, the arms race, etc. were also discussed.
    • Jack then gave Tom some suggestions about how to increase the benefits of his personal practice.
    • Tom reported noticing some erotic "buzzing" etc. in response to work with the Key Sound, but noticed a plateau, where he couldn't seem to move to any higher levels of arousal.
    • Jack offered some clues for how to tell when the orgasms are actually beginning, the importance of being able to recognize this for what it is, and some tips on how to use the Key Sound to amplify the "pulses" of pleasure and the accompanying contractions.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0064

    • Drew and Jack happened to be on the bulletin board at the same time so decided to chat. Drew started by discussing the work he's been doing to let go of a certain kind of emotional control, and how this is helping him generally and vis a vis Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • He also offered some kind comments as to how much he appreciates the level of sharing on the bulletin board, and how this is helping him personally.
    • He was also greatful to see men posting their intentions of sharing this kind of info with their sons when the time is right, for a healthier sexual education.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0063

    • Jesse and Jack discuss Jack's hypothesis of "Ejaculation Compulsion" - the possible negative personal societal effects of NOT knowing how to separate orgasm from ejaculation to enable men and their partners to have ALL of the orgasms they want and need.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0062

    • Drew re-joins Jack, both wondering where all of our European users might be hiding, since this chat time is being offered especially (although not exclusively!) for the convenience of those East of the Atlantic.
    • Jack mentioned the radio shows he's been appearing on lately.
    • Although he hadn't had much luck locating an improvisational dance class in the Detroit area (his "homework" from the last chat), Drew described a book he'd found on dating, by Nina Atwood, titled "Be your own dating service (a step by step guide to creating and maintaining healthy relationships)". He recommends it!
    • Nevertheless, he was not yet seeing the parallels between the difficulties he's been experiencing in dating and in experiencing Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • Drew noted that the interplay between tension and relaxation in moving the Male Multiple Orgasm energy definitely increased his pleasure, and that his focus was NOT on his genitals.
    • Next certain paradoxes in learning new behaviors were noted, metaphorically.


    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0061

    • Drew expresses appreciation at Jack's acknowledgement of their growing friendship. [Drew has been participating in the Male Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chats for a number of years!]
    • Drew mentions that he's not getting the social contact he desires.
    • Jack suggests an activity that is an adaptation of a model suggested by John Grinder of NeuroLinguistic Programming fame.
    • Drew next shares some very vulnerable feelings re: difficulty in dating, in making the kinds of social contacts he'd like to experience. Jack notes the parallels between Drew's difficulties with dating, and his surrendering to the full intensity of non-ejac orgasms.
    • Then follows some very interesting dialogue culminating in Jack's suggesting an "Ericksonian" field research assignment for Drew. Jack urged Drew to post his findings to the newly created "Field Research" conference on the bulletin board.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0060

    • Jack, Dr. Victor from Hungary, and Drew continued their discussion of the specific nuances of using the Key Sound to increase orgasmic feelings while bypassing ejaculation.
    • Jack offers Dr. Victor and Drew a specific exercise for effecting such an increase in pleasure.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0059

    • Jack, Tom, and Drew review the concept of "emotional breaker" as a metaphor describing the tendency to shutdown the Male Multiple Orgasm experience as pleasure increases in intensity beyond one's previous comfortable limits.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0058

    • At loooong last Jack and Dr. Victor from Hungary were able to meet in the chat room!
    • Dr. Victor and Jack were also joined by newbie Rich from Northern California.
    • The group was also joined by "Larew" of O'Reilly and Associates, the developer of WebBoard, who very graciously came into the chat to answer some concerns about the refresh rate, and response time of the chat window. The problem appeared to be an Internet problem getting the packets all the way from Hungary and back in a timely manner. Thanks for the quick service, Larew!
    • Rich began the discussion by asking a question about the fact that since Male Multiple Orgasm does not involve ejaculation, should he nevertheless ejaculate regularly for health reasons?
    • Jack, not a physician and therefore not an "expert" on prostate health, suggested that Rich (who is 45) consult a urologist about ejaculation frequency, and to be sure to get a prostate checkup at a frequency recommended by a urologist, since he is over 40.
    • Next Dr. Victor (age 22) shared his desire to experience Male Multiple Orgasm, but that he is still experiencing exclusively ejaculorgasms. He went on to describe a "clearing" effect in his mind when using the Key Sound before orgasm. Then follows a detailed dialogue between Jack and Dr. V as Jack elicits more details of Dr. V's experience.
    • Dr. V describes a pulsing of his muscles during stimulation that is very pleasurable.
    • These non-ejac orgasmic feelings he can continue for hours! However, Dr.V feels they are not quite as strong as ejaculorgasm, so Jack makes suggestions on how to increase this intensity.
    • Jack elegantly describes the issue that the ever-increasing erotic energy must have SOMEWHERE to go, some avenue of expression, and that the penis (thru ejaculation) and sound (as well as changes in mental state) seem to be those avenues.
    • Jack reassures Dr V and Rich that the issue is learning how to REDIRECT this ever-increasing energy, whether OR NOT one has an erection.
    • He also explains that since that rising erotic energy wants to go SOMEwhere, and it mainly has available the penis the Key Sound, and the mind, ANY HOLDING BACK OF THE KEY SOUND WILL REDIRECT THE EROTIC ENERGY BACK OUT THROUGH THE PENIS and what's not discharged there of course will still be expressed as sound and alterations of consciousness.
    • NOTE this is a very detailed discussion of the concept of learning how to REDIRECT accumulating erotic energy away from expression via the penis in the form of ejaculation and INTO the expression of it via the Key Sound.
    • Spike (Mike from LA) then joined the discussion, and was welcomed back by Jack and the group after a period of convalescence. Glad you're feeling better Mike!
    • Dr V described how he felt he was doing pretty much everything according to the Male Multiple Orgasm guidelines yet still sometimes ejaculated. Jack invited Spike to describe the Big Draw, which is taught by the Body Electric School and other Tantra-based teachers.
    • Spike then gave Dr V some great suggestions about better tuning into the physical cues that let someone know that ejaculation is imminent, and went on to detail the Big Draw.
    • Spike also suggested another exercise on pacing the levels of erotic excitement.
    • Spike, it's REALLY great to have your wonderful expertise back in the discussion!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0057

    • Howe from Amsterdam checked in briefly about 20 minutes before the official start time, but unfortunately had to leave before Jack's arrival at the scheduled 6 pm time :-(
    • Jack thanked Drew for posting the story of his getting together with Fred... first time meeting in "3-space" since they'd been sharing the Male Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat for over a year! See the Announcements conference in the bulletin board under "Happening in Salt Lake City" for the post.
    • Jack mentioned that people from all of the globe have been checking in to the bulletin board, including Columbia, Portugal, Israel, etc. He invites them all to "find their voice" and actively join the discussion by posting their comments and questions to the bulletin board and to the chat.
    • Drew, being of British origin, offered Jack some suggestions for an optimum time for making a chat convenient for people in the European longitudes. This will also make Male Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chats accessible to people in Africa, e.g. Bertus in South Africa.
    • At this point, Glen from Hawaii joined the discussion. Glen mentioned that he first heard about Male Multiple Orgasm when he received a copy of Jack's First Edition over 18 months ago! Glen mentions how his friend Ariel has integrated Jack's Male Multiple Orgasm technique with other Tantric breathing techniques in her practice as a sexual healer.
    • The group discusses the effect that allowing a loud Key Sound may have on the neighbors, and discuss how R.D. in the Male Multiple Orgasm tape interview handled the issue with his neighbors.
    • They also discuss how, MikeB's technique of "visualizing the Key Sound" notwithstanding, the more one can allow the sound to happen, the more intense the orgasmic waves seem to become.
    • Glen discusses his personal experience with Male Multiple Orgasm, including how he's been able to carry the experience along for three hours at a time! He describes how he typically uses the Key Sound fairly quietly, except on certain occasions.
    • Yonette from California then joined the discussion for a short time, and was glad to know that she had at last figured out how to use the new chat system. She promised to return in the near future.
    • Next Drew and Jack got into a VERY IMPORTANT discussion of some of the spiritual effects of Male Multiple Orgasm practice. These characteristics included at the moment of first experiencing pleasure waves of orgasmic intensity, a sense of surrender, and connection with a cosmic "All That Is".
    • The pleasurable energized feelings which remained, sometimes for a day or more, gave them a different sense of connection with their daily world.
    • Jack then reintroduced the subject from some time ago of "Terror at the Gate", i.e. Terror at the Multi-Orgasmic Gate... how at those moments just before the full non-ejaculatory multi-orgasmic waves took on a full orgasmic intensity, there occurred a certain fear of total surrender to the experience.
    • He noted that it was at THAT point, or in that "zone" that when he felt he could no longer physically tolerate any higher level of arousal, that by directing that intensity INTO a Key Sound, he felt himself "melting into" a "connection with the One", a surrender that resulted in non-ejaculatory multi-orgasmic waves of an intensity greater than those he'd ever experienced with ejaculation.
    • Drew noted that it was the sense of "surrender" that presented a challenge for him. Drew acknowledged a sense of experiencing of not knowing what was "on the other side". Jack agreed that this was INDEED the kind of experience he was describing as the "Terror at the Gate"...
    • Then follows an intense and VERY IMPORTANT description of the critical importance of using the Key Sound as a vehicle for projecting all of the emotions of fear, doubt, pleasure, not knowing, etc. You use the Key Sound to project all of those feelings back into the "Cosmos" and in doing so the Gates open!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0056

    NOTE: Unfortunately due to a bug in the early release of WebBoard's chat feature, this session was not logged to disk. I'm sorry to say that this summary must suffice. A "bug fix"was installed for the next chat.

    • Jack and Drew discuss power of the new bulletin board and Jack invites all of the folks reading the chats to post their comments to the board so we can expand the dialogue about Male Multiple Orgasm over the whole planet.
    • Jack mentions that he's shipping copies of Male Multiple Orgasm Step-by-Step to Portugal, El Salvador, Australia, etc., and invites all of these people from those countries as well as South Africa, Hungary, and the rest to find their voice and post questions and comments to the bulletin board so we can expand the global nature of our discussions.
    • Jack mentions that he's going to be posting a lot of email he's received to the bbs, while protecting people's identity, of course! Drew agrees that that's a good idea!
    • They then discuss Jesse's posts to the bbs describing the non-ejac orgasmic experiences as "electric ejaculation" and "singing penis".
    • They also review the discussion on the board posted by someone who is experiencing retarded ejaculation, i.e. not being able to ejaculate when they want to. Jack complimented both Spike (aka Mike indiprod) and Jesse for their contributions, and re-emphasized the importance of getting something like that checked out by a physician, since it could be a prostate- or related organic problem.
    • Drew complimented Jack for pointing out that ejaculation and orgasm are not the same event, to which Jack replied (after thankin' Drew, of course!) that understanding this concept that ejaculation and orgasm are SEPARATE events is the cornerstone for learning how to experience non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm.
    • Drew then recounted that at this stage of the process, he is reviewing the basics, and proceeded to describe his understanding of what the basics are.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0055

    • Jack was joined by newbie Jesse, who is also new to chat systems other than aol and bbs. See jesse's post in the First Time conference on the bulletin board.
    • He also compliments Jack on the audio tape: Male Multiple Orgasm Step-by-Step, saying the sound samples were particularly helpful.
    • They then go on to compare notes about the Key Sound and how the second part of it seems to move energy DOWNWARD from the chest to the pelvic area.
    • Jack compliments Jesse on the image he coined in the bulletin board post of "The Singing Penis".
    • Next Jesse offers some valuable suggestions re: learning how to loosen up one's pelvic area. Jack notes that as the Male Multiple Orgasm energetic "Gates" open, rocking the pelvis ALONE may stimulate non-ejaculatory multi-orgasmic waves.
    • They also discuss the sensation of feeling very erotically energized for a day or more after the Male Multiple Orgasm experience, positive effects on self-esteem, frequency and duration of practice, and use of the mirror technique and importance of keeping the legs bent.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0054


    • Benedict was the first to appear in the BRAND NEW CHAT ROOM to celebrate its Grand Opening. Jack started by giving him a thorough tour of some of the initial features of the bulletin board.
    • Drew arrived just in time to help Benedict sort out a MacIntosh problem with getting the software to display the actual posted messages from the bulletin board.
    • There followed a brief dialogue trying to determine if it was a problem with WebBoard, Netscape, or MAC. It seemed to be somewhere between Netscape version for the Mac, and the Mac operating system.
    • Jack then took Benedict and Drew on a comprehensive tour of the bulletin board and chat room features, demonstrating the different font sizes, how to imbed .gif files, hot link URLs, the Whisper feature, etc.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0053

    • Jack announces that the new bulletin board has been installed and will be operational within a few days!
    • Newbie Troy started the discussion by asking about "single spurt" ejaculation at the time of orgasm. He felt he had developed some degree of ejaculatory control more or less by accident.
    • Jack and Troy then got into a very thorough review of the basics of using the Key Sound and tuning into the feelings of "resonance".
    • Next the discussion turns to the role sound seems to play in women's enjoyment of sex. Jack extended this to emphasize the importance of his discovery for men.
    • Jack goes on to offer some pointers on how to be sure to allow the Key Sound to match the level of erotic arousal and not try to force it or to try to use the Key Sound to try to MAKE an orgasm happen.
    • Troy then raises an excellent point about many men's tendencies to fantasize at the moment of ejaculorgasm.
    • Jack contrasts this with his own experience and that of others when experiencing non-ejac multiple orgasms.
    • Following this, the discussion turns to an awareness with Male Multiple Orgasm that for many there is no need to fantasize to experience orgasm, that instead one is focussed on one's own physical and emotional experiences, and when a partner's involved, on theirs.
    • And not only physical and emotional, but also a spiritual expansion as well, including the sense of merging with the "Cosmic All That Is".

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0052

    • Yonette and Ed joined Jack at the beginning of the chat this evening. Yonette started things off by saying how much she enjoyed Chat 0051, and stated how pleasantly surprised she was to see that men could have such transformative erotic experiences thru solo sex.
    • Jack commented that its his belief that erotic opening begins with solo practice.
    • When Yonette asked Ed about his emotional state, he replied that he felt solo practice was having some pitfalls for him; namely, too intensely and too often.
    • Jack noted that perhaps some emotional furballs had been knocked loose.
    • Yonette mentioned that in her professional practice she has been working with older men so is seeking feedback from Ed.
    • He felt that although it was very ecstatic, his desire for the experience became very dominant.
    • Happily, he did report that he felt things returning to some kind of balance.Nevertheless he reported that at this point the experience was so intense that he wasn't sure he was going to try it again.
    • Jack concurred with his decision to take a breather, invited him to stay connected to the discussions, and suggested that if he DOES feel motivated to work with Male Multiple Orgasm again that he do so more slowly and gently, to which Ed agreed.
    • Ed then mentioned that the source of the problem seemed to be the feelings he had about its being a solo experience. He feared it was too totally self absorbing and indulgent to be shared. At this point he elected to turn over the Talking Stick to others, so Jack again agreed that he take a breather from Male Multiple Orgasm, urged him to stay connected to the discussions, and to refer back to past chat discussions on the topic of furballs for consolation and support.
    • Jack noted that Ed's report reminded him of past chat discussions where he and Drew discussed "Terror at the Gate" feelings. i.e., as one either approached the full non-ejac orgasm and/or afterwards, a certain awe and even terror might be experienced at the power that is accessible this way.
    • At Yonette's request, Drew re-iterated this very important concept, and "trail sign". In part, Drew described the experience as an awareness that he was about to become "one with the All" and he felt it too overwhelming to proceed.
    • Jack asked him if he felt any sense of shift from that original feeling of terror, noting that if his feelings had not reframed, then his response would likely be the same.Drew also noted that Ed's sharing helped him re-evaluate his own practice and that he'd actually been shutting down emotionally and just focusing on the sexual arousal. He felt that this was holding him back. He stated a need to be gentler with himself and to give himself more time and space to tune into his feelings during the process, rather than to shut down his emotions (the "emotional breaker" phenomenon discussed in other chats and in the Audio Seminar and Guide Book).
    • Jack observed gratefully that Ed's difficulties had raised a VERY IMPORTANT POINT. That is, that some and maybe many men may feel this kind of "Terror at the Gate" either or both before and after the full Male Multiple Orgasm experience.
    • Jack then suggested a specific exercise Drew could use to transform the "Terror at the Gate" feelings.Jack commented that this energetic "Gate of the Thousand Fold Pleasures" is sometimes "guarded" by "Fu Dogs" such as the stone figures found on either side of the entrance to the temple gates in China. Metaphorically, it seems that sometimes these "Terror Dogs" can scare one away from the energetic "Gate" BEFORE the full non-ejaculatory orgasm is experienced, and sometimes, such as Ed's situation, the terror can hit AFTER going "through" the energetic "Gate" and experiencing complete non-ejaculatory orgasm.
    • Although Jack had to then excuse himself for the evening, Mike and Drew carried on with an extensive discussion, beginning with Drew's description of what this "Terror at the Gate" has been like for him in the past.According to Mike's intuition, and Drew's affirmation, this terror seems to be related to confronting the seeming INFINITY of the magnitude of these kinds of orgasms, as well as a fear of the loss of personal identity.
    • Yonette asked Drew if he'd had any psychedelic experiences, to which Drew replied in the negative.
    • Mike raised a wonderful question about WHAT AGE Drew felt the fear was coming from.He then offered some powerful suggestions for addressing this fear.
    • In parting, Yonette offered that her question re: psychedelics helped learned to face these kinds of primal terror, and also about letting go.
    • Drew then shares with Mike some of his emotional history as to the source of this SUPER FURBALL.
    • Mike recommended an excellent book by Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Ann Miller, "Prisoners of Childhood".
    • Mike and Drew then explored possible early childhood prohibitions and sanctions about about feeling the kind of intense pleasure associated with Male Multiple Orgasm.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0051

    The group celebrated a NEW RECORD!!!

    Longest ever Male Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat!!! 3hrs 10 minutes... and VERY rich!!! Whew!

    • Ed checks back in to report that he needs to be very careful about WHEN he practices Male Multiple Orgasm, since it is very energizing, and he has trouble sleeping if he practices late at night. Now THAT is a "higher level gripe" (in Abe Maslow's vernacular).
    • Yonette returns and asks Ed what his EMOTIONAL responses to Male Multiple Orgasm have been.
    • Fred and Drew also check in...Ed goes on to say that the lack of sleep causes exhaustion the following day. That after Male Multiple Orgasm, he is so energized that even ejaculorgasm doesn't really sedate him.
    • Jack invites him to consider enjoying Male Multiple Orgasm at a different time of day.
    • In response to Jack's observation that the experience of being energized is in high contrast to the experience many men seem to have after ejaculorgasm -- of exhaustion and perhaps a sense of depletion. Yonette asks if this seems to be true for all men.
    • Jack comments that apparently not. Some report feeling energized.
    • Ed notes that altho he feels relaxed while in bed, his body continues to rush on to further orgasms. He comments that the effect may be exacerbated by his use of "Ensure" and coffee.
    • Jack invites him to see what would happen without the coffee. Ed agrees that that would be a good idea, as well as forgoing Ensure, which is also high in calories.
    • Larry joined the chat and Yonette asked him about his Male Multiple Orgasm experience. He said it usually depended on the interaction with his partner.
    • Newbie Steve also joined the group this evening and said he is very excited about the Male Multiple Orgasm experience and the dialogue the chat offers.
    • Larry offered that what has worked best for him, rather than using the Key Sound, is visualizing the energy flow, and letting it flow until orgasm is reached. He did go on to note however, that he has also had some good experiences with combining the Key Sound and Visualization.
    • Larry mentioned that most of his experiences have been with a partner. Jack mentioned that although he's had some fabulous experiences with a partner, he has also had some VERY transformative, ecstatic experiences in solo, as have others, most recently Ed, who posted a wonderful description in Chat 0050.
    • Steve then described what HIS first experiences with practicing from the Male Multiple Orgasm Step by Step Audio Seminar have been.
    • He described practicing the Key Sound while on his commute! (Key Sound ONLY, folks!) He's been concentrating on making the sound as resonant as possible. On his second day of practice, new feelings started to awaken! He reported pleasurable tingling sensations starting behind his ear, and spreading up and down his body.
    • In response to Steve's request for feedback, Drew shared that he too experiences the tingling sensation and noted that it's a manifestation of the Echo Effect which we've discussed so often in the chats. He then went on to detail additional sensations which let him know he's "on track".
    • He also emphasized the importance of reviewing the information.
    • Jack clarified the importance of the "Echo Effect" as the core sensations which lead to non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm.
    • He invited Steve to use the Find function from the Edit menu of his Browser to search the Annotated Chat Archive Index by keyword "Echo Effect" and "Echo Response" for more info, as well as logging in to the Live Forum, clicking SEARCH on the black menu bar, and searching on the keyword echo.
    • Mike from Southern California rejoined the group and shared his experiences with this kind of energy as well. Mike eloquently expressed much gratitude at the warmth and support of our global community of pioneers in this chat! :-)
    • He then spoke about how he has taken this energy into the rest of his life, including his personal psychotherapy, meditation, creativity, and an enhanced sense of humor about it all!
    • Steve really resonated to Mike's metaphysical outlook, and reported how he's noticed a brighter bounce to his step all through the day.
    • The whole gang expressed a LOT of warmth, gratitude and mutual support.
    • Steve mentioned that when he tried to practice the very strong Key Sound, he lost the pleasurable sensations.
    • Jack reminded him to only use the Key Sound to express the energy one is already feeling, NOT to use it to try to MAKE something happen.
    • He then also asked an EXCELLENT question about how to deal with the Key Sound practice when there are houseguests present.
    • Jack emphasized how powerful this energy is, and the group discussed issues of boundaries and consent.
    • The group discussed the differences in experience between practicing the Key Sound at a whisper, versus being able to fully express the Key Sound.
    • Jack mentioned that he has a feeling of more complete connection with "all that is" when he is able to express the sound fully.
    • Mike related this to the toning (e.g. AUM) of Eastern Tradition. Jack replied that he experiences the Key Sound as a Tantric Mantra.
    • Steve then asked a question about the "lower hot spots" re: how much pressure, etc. Jack shared details of locating them.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0050

    • Newbie Ed (in his seventies) returns to report details on his discoveries with Male Multiple Orgasm during the past 6 weeks.
    • Yonette also rejoined the discussion, bringing more great questions, including from a Buddhist monk friend of hers, asking about the use of visualization, etc.
    • Jack replied that he prefers to begin by teaching people the basics to avoid confusion, then once the "student" is comfortable with that process, THEN add the additional components.
    • Nevertheless, Jack and others have mentioned the use of imagery and visualization in numerous previous chats.
    • Yonette asked the group what the average learning time is for Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • Drew shared that he doesn't feel he's quite made it yet, but has learned a tremendous amount along the way.
    • Meanwhile, 70 year-old Ed has reported success in 6 weeks. It really IS a VERY individualized process!
    • He goes on to describe in excellent detail what these non-ejaculatory orgasms feel like, and what is happening in his body as they occur.
    • Jack reiterates how to use the Key Sound on the EXhale of any automatic INbreath that is "larger than average", i.e., in response to increasing arousal... and the resultant increase in automatic "Echo Effect" waves of pleasure.
    • Ed's incredible description includes a VERY TYPICAL characteristic of the FULL Male Multiple Orgasm experience: a strong sense of connection and empathy with the female experience of nurturance RATHER THAN STRICT FOCUS ON OBJECTIFICATION OF THE FEMALE.
    • Ed also noted how the Key Sound seems to be "Male" (or what Jack would describe as "Yang") and the "Echo Effects" as "female" (what Jack would describe as "Yin").
    • Ed then expressed some concerns: possible ADDICTION to this experience... How about Light-headedness, High Blood Pressure, Hyperventilation, etc.
    • Jack suggested that first that it's a VERY good idea to discuss what's happening with one's physician. ESPECIALLY if one has any of the above concerns, or is above age 40!
    • Yonette asked a wonderful question about Jack's description of moving the energy from the chest (response to arousal) DOWN and then OUT to the extremities. Is this just moving the energy OUT or where does the theme of recirculation of energy come in?
    • Jack replied that the "Echo Effects" are the manifestation of the the completion of the energy cycles or loops.
    • Jack also reiterated the Share Check Share model of introducing this practice to a partner. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MODEL for learning to share this powerful energy with another!
    • Ed asked about lightheadedness. Jack reminded him it's a sign to slow down the pace and take more regular breaths between each Key Sound breath.
    • Yonette reported how these methods are helping her in HER erotic experience as well.The group discussed how great it was to share the discussion with a woman who is interested in this quality of connection.
    • Yonette asked some questions about how to use the Key Sound, and Jack answered, including referring her to the article in the How to section of the web site, and to those sections in the audio seminar, as well as to the Q & A - Key Sound conference in the Live Forum.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0049

    We had a GREAT crowd of people tonite! Fred, Drew, Mike (indiprod), Newbie Yonette, Newbie uh, clem who's been a reader of the web site for some time... welcome uh, clem (love that handle!), lorax returns after a sabbatical... welcome back!... recently Newbie Ed returned to tell us more about his experiences. Whew!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0048

    • What a wonderful chat this was! Alumni Emeriti Fred and Drew and I were joined by newbies indiprod (Mike) and Ed.
    • Upon Fred's request re: how to alter the urge to rush toward orgasm, Mike made some great suggestions, including sage advice on how to shift out of rushing-towards-orgasm mode to savoring the peaks and valleys (and still higher peaks!), a very special and helpful book by Dr. Barbara Keesling (who heartily endorses Jack's audio seminar Male Multiple Orgasm Step by Step!), and a suggestion to feel greater appreciation of your physical self by simply massaging your own hand, arm, foot, etc., just to feel your body.
    • Newbie Ed checked in to share his joy at discovering non-ejaculatory multiples orgasms within 3 weeks' time of reviewing the notes and chat transcripts on this web site! AND he shared that he suffers from impotence and that this has given him NEW HOPE.
    • In his words from the chat: "I have never experienced anything like this in all my life!" Congratulations Ed, and welcome to our global community!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0047

    • Jack gives Drew some important pointers on how to move intense erotic energy into the Key Sound.
    • This discussion focuses on the CRUCIAL TECHNIQUE for moving ALL of this energy in such a way that one can experience fully intense orgasms which may EXCEED the intensity of orgasms with ejaculation.
    • In response to Jack's questions, Drew recognizes a special kind of pre-orgasmic fear that is characteristic of the moments JUST BEFORE non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm, which Jack refers to as "Terror at the Gate," and reminds him to review R.D.'s comments at the end of the audio seminar, and of J's story.
    • The group then discusses some of the philosophical aspects of this experience, and Jack gives Drew some tips on how to move past the fear.
    • The discussion concludes with Drew summarizing all he's gained through his practice of Male Multiple Orgasm, and how it has changed his attitudes toward women.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0046

    • In this week's chat, newbie Karl returns with a report of his first practice session!
    • Karl's questions and Drew's and Jack's answers and comments will be useful to all newbies to this process, and can also help you veterans!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0045

    • Fred, Drew, and Jack are joined this week by Newbie Karl from New York.
    • More great tips for beginners and veterans alike!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0044

    Drew from Michigan and Jack from Oregon, later joined by Fred from Utah and Newbie Renoir from Virginia, comprised a THREE HOUR CHAT in this session!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0043

    • Jack shares a testimonial letter from a gentleman in Nova Scotia.
    • Fred notes some dissatisfaction with his current practice.
    • Discussion reveals that he still experiences an urgency to ejaculate, and thus the whole experience feels rushed.
    • Jack makes some suggestions based on ideas discussed in the Audio Seminar, and in the Live Forum.
    • Drew offers Fred some great advice for handling the ups and downs of Male Multiple Orgasm practice.
    • He also emphasizes the importance of being able to be in the moment, to not have a lot of other stuff on your mind when approaching the practice.
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming is briefly discussed as a powerful tool for healing furballs.
    • Jack invites Fred and Drew to discuss how meditation might help Fred transform some of the tendency to rush through things, including Male Multiple Orgasm practice, and how it can also be helpful throughout Male Multiple Orgasm practice as a means of "grounding" all of the energy that gets awakened through Male Multiple Orgasm practice.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0042

    • This week Drew from Michigan reports some major improvements in his life! He reiterates the importance of addressing emotional "furballs" that come up in Male Multiple Orgasm practice, and in life in general, and of getting the help one needs to heal these wounds rather than continuing to avoid them.
    • Drew details how his work with a counsellor experienced in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) helped him identify the obsolete behavior patterns, and substitute new, more productive ones.
    • Jack cheers Drew's getting the help he needed, and offers a simile for the relationship of the conscious ego-I to rest of the psyche.
    • Next, Drew details his new strategy for dealing with furballs that come up: it includes approaching the issue with a fresh, child-like curiosity instead of triggering shame, guilt, fear, etc.
    • Drew continues to share how much his life is expanding as a result of his various avenues of personal work, e.g. NLP, Male Multiple Orgasm, etc., and notes that he's also experiencing physical changes!
    • The discussion then shifts to questions about Male Multiple Orgasm practice. Specifically, is there is "Point of No Return" in non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms as there usually is in orgasm with ejaculation?
    • This question leads to a broader discussion of the characteristics of orgasm (other than ejaculation) as detailed in the chat of Chat 0031.
    • Jack details the relationship between being able to express the Key Sound at higher levels of arousal and the appearance of the increasing number and intensity of orgasm characteristics.
    • Drew next comments that he usually only feels the sensations below his navel, thus far not in the heart area or above, although he does experience a great increase in body heat.
    • Jack relates the body heat changes to certain tantric legends.
    • Jack suggests meditation as a way of "grounding" all of the new energies that get opened up through the kinds of discoveries Drew is reporting.
    • Drew concurs that he values the role meditation plays in his process.
    • Then Jack offers some suggestions for gently moving the energy above the navel.
    • Drew develops some strategies, including light touch and specific visualizations, for moving the energy above his navel.
    • Jack links these methods to those he used to discover Male Multiple Orgasm in the first place! The group then discusses "Utah" Fred's visit to Jack's home town the previous week.
    • Drew lays some nice gratitude on Jack :-)

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0041

    • This week's chat was a great gathering of veterans!
    • Mike from San Diego, R.D. from Ashland, Fred from Utah who was visiting Ashland, and Lorax (aka Ilorax) from New Hampshire.
    • Jack was absent due to tech difficulties. Specifically, he discovered that he was unable to let Fred use his acct at the same time he was! So he was present, but "silent"...
    • Fred begins by extending much gratitude to Mike for "sage advice" he's offered in previous chats.
    • Mike continues his sage advice by encouraging Fred to take a slow approach to learning to open even more. He emphasizes that "learning Male Multiple Orgasm" depends a great deal on learning to recognize the (initially subtle) changes and sensations that begin occuring... the "clues".
    • Mike then thanks R.D. (who was interviewed at the end of the Audio Seminar) for his description of creating a calm, quiet, safe setting for practice, and for his authenticity :-)
    • R.D. and Mike then compare notes on going deeper into the practice, and R.D. shares some experience he's had with his partner.
    • R.D. details a beautiful comparison of the vulnerability he feels when letting his partner bring him to Male Multiple Orgasms, and the vulnerability women often describe in opening to orgasm with a partner.
    • He then paraphrases his (woman) partner's comments about Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • Mike and R.D. next compare what's happening with them physically when Male Multiple Orgasms occur... and continue a discussion of what the Male Multiple Orgasm journey has been like for them so far.
    • Fred rejoins the discussion and asks Mike if he's experienced any more Male Multiple Orgasms while riding in an airplane.
    • Fred reports some nice effects of practicing Male Multiple Orgasm while viewing an erotic video, as Mike had reported in previous chats.
    • R.D. expresses enthusiasm for trying this aspect of "field research"!
    • Mike makes several distinctions in the quality of his Male Multiple Orgasm experience between the times he just focuses on physical sensations, and when he combines it with viewing erotic video.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0040

    • Drew (Michigan USA) gets this evening's chat off to a great start with a success story!
    • By shifting his focus away from trying to make himself experience Male Multiple Orgasm, and concentrating on just building and holding an ever-bigger erotic charge, he experienced some "extremely pleasurable" responses from his erotic self.
    • VERY NOTEWORTHY: He reports having a clear sense of "remembering" or of familiarity as these new feelings appeared!
    • This corroborates Jack's initial assumption that set the stage for discovering the Key Sound trigger for non-ejaculatory Multiple Orgasms, that assumption being that the knowledge of how to have these kinds of orgasms is coded into our DNA and every cell in our body wants to feel this energy. And all we need to do is use the Key Sound to help our body remember.
    • And a great bit of news is that Drew no longer feels the nausea at higher levels of arousal that he'd reported in previous chats.
    • Drew further reports that he felt he could continue these extremely pleasurable "waves" indefinitely!
    • He found himself beginning to vary the "traditional" Key Sound, while the sounds nevertheless retained the "rolling quality" in the middle, that is the essential characteristic of the Key Sound.
    • Fred (Utah) joins the discussion and asks for Drew's suggestions for dealing with his sense of impatience about not yet experiencing a "total" non-ejaculatory "climax".
    • Drew describes how he uses the Key Sound to distribute the increasing erotic energy throughout his body, rather than allowing it to just localize in his genital area.
    • Fred offers a VERY IMPORTANT TIP in that when he finds that his use of the Key Sound is no longer increasing his level of arousal, he returns to a quieter use of the Key Sound, one that feels once again connected to stimulating pleasurable "Echo" responses from his body. This is crucial to opening more intense orgasms.
    • Jack notes Fred's implication that at higher levels of sound volume, he becomes uncomfortable with the volume of the sound
    • With Drew's help, Fred identifies a significant way of improving his practice: i.e., to use the Key Sound to express the erotic energy that has built up, rather than using the Key Sound to try to make the good feelings happen. See the article How to Time the Key Sound for suggestions.
    • With Drew's and Jack's help Fred becomes aware that he's been trying to make himself reach "climax" rather than using the Key Sound to express whatever erotic energy is already happening.
    • Jack underscores the PARADOXICAL nature of this approach: that the shortest path to climactic intensity of non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms is to quit trying to make them happen!
    • At this point Fred becomes aware that in fact he has had a feeling of trying to push himself toward climax, leading to frustration rather than ecstacy.
    • Jack re-emphasizes the PARADOXICAL nature of Male Multiple Orgasm success: that we must LET GO of trying to MAKE the orgasms happen! [With many thanks to Jack Morin's book, The Erotic Mind, for identifying the paradoxical nature of many aspects of sexual pleasure.]
    • Next Jack re-iterates the importance of keeping the "rolling quality" of in the middle of the sounds one might feel moved to use as variations of the Key Sound as I demonstrate in the audio seminar.
    • Drew notes that the additional examples given in the new edition of the Audio Seminar have been very helpful in this regard.
    • He also recognizes that the variations of the Key Sound which he spontaneously found intensified his experience DID contain the "rolling quality" in the middle of each of them.
    • Jack reminds Fred that he doesn't need to consciously try to make the "abdominal roll", but rather, by focusing on making Key Sounds which resonate, the "roll" will tend to happen automatically.
    • Jack then invites Drew to describe how these intense experiences differ from ejaculorgasm (other than lack of ejaculation with the Male Multiple Orgasm waves), and how they are similar.
    • Drew emphasizes that these experiences tend to leave him feeling energized.
    • A discussion follows about how it's easy to fall into the trap of making this process into "work" (going for the Big One) rather than play and open-ended exploration (i.e., relaxing and opening to the pleasure waves).

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0039

    • This week, Jack was joined by ILORAX (New Hampshire USA), Fred (Utah USA), and Drew (Michigan USA), and the group identifies some VERY IMPORTANT TIPS for making the practice more successful
    • ILORAX mentions that the method of breathing described in the Audio Seminar is the opposite of that described by a different author
    • Jack acknowledges that at first the Key Sound may feel "counterintuitive".
    • Drew and Fred share with ILORAX their experience of working with the Key Sound
    • When Drew mentions that it sometimes feels like he's forcing the muscle movements, Jack invites him to redirect his focus to making a resonant Key Sound
    • Drew describes how, after having studied the Third Edition of the Audio Seminar he's just been playing with the Key Sound, freely experimenting with it
    • Jack underscores that focusing on the Key Sound and experimenting with getting different effects is an IMPORTANT STARTING POINT
    • Fred offers an IMPORTANT TIP for getting back "on track" with the Key Sound
    • Fred and Drew both underscore that working with the Key Sound at LOWER volume to begin with, paradoxically tends to produce STRONGER EFFECTS
    • Jack identifies this use of the Key Sound at low volume as one of the IMPORTANT ADDITIONS to the Third Edition of the Audio Seminar
    • Drew then asks how to continue making the Key Sound as sexual arousal gets very high
    • Fred offers a good suggestion
    • Jack does a little "fine tuning" and clarification re: Fred's suggestion
    • Jack then introduces a KEY CONCEPT: that paradoxically, in the beginning, one should NOT focus on "trying" to have an orgasm, but rather the CRUCIAL FOCUS should be on making the Key Sound in a way that really seems to resonate
    • Jack also clarifies that the Key Sound volume should not be any greater or louder than is necessary to naturally express the erotic energy that has built up
    • Next, Jack re-iterates THE CORE CONCEPT OF LEARNING MMO
    • Drew identifies how he was pushing the Key Sound, rather than letting it find the level necessary to express the built up energy
    • Fred picks up on this difference as a USEFUL TIP for his practice
    • Jack makes an IMPORTANT SUGGESTION re: focusing on making Key Sounds that resonate, rather than on "trying" for more pleasure (through stimulation)
    • Chat wraps up with Jack emphasizing that the focus of practice should be on learning how to make RESONANT Key Sounds at ever higher levels of arousal
    • All three of the others agree that this makes sense and offers promise

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0038

    • In Session One of the chat this week, Mark from San Francisco asks Jack to compare his methods with those of other popular authors, and...He also asks Jack to summarize how he discovered this powerful process!
    • Next they discuss the social implications of being able to move beyond the artificial limitation of male orgasm when it's exclusively linked to ejaculation [See also the Live Forum, in the conference Ejaculation Compulsion for an in-depth discussion and the ability to post your comments!]
    • These implications focus on healing unconscious resentment towards women as "getting to have all of the orgasms they want, while men 'can not,'" and may extend beyond that to global violence as well!
    • Mark then describes where he's stuck in his own practice of Male Multiple Orgasm and Jack makes some suggestions which Mark finds helpful!


    • In this session, Drew from Michigan returns and expresses gratitude for Jack's email response to the e-letter Drew sent this week
    • He then goes on to focus on the issue of emotional vulnerability and to discuss a particular furball in this context, namely, the more pleasure he feels, the more acutely he feels the loss of not having an intimate partner at this time
    • Drew and Jack brainstorm about ways to trance-end this all-too-common furball
    • Jack suggests using Charles Whitfield's "share/check/share" model as a way of taking care of oneself as you begin opening emotionally to someoneDrew identifies several insights and action steps to apply in the coming week

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0037

    • Present for this chat were Rene (Ontario CANADA), Drew (Michigan USA), Fred (Utah USA), and Jack (Oregon USA).
    • Rene shares a non-ejaculatory, Multi-Orgasmic success story!!!
    • Drew also reports very strong and pleasurable sensations, but at times experiences nausea and wonders what this might mean.
    • Jack suggests that the nausea may be an indicator of energy blockage, and explores the ramifications of this with Drew and the group.
    • Jack introduces the concept of the "One-Item Checklist", somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as a means of analyzing difficulties or unsatisfactory results in one's Male Multiple Orgasm practice.
    • Drew continues a report of his recent experiences, including some very powerful, pleasurable experiences that happened WITHOUT erection!
    • Drew ponders how it is that he's experiencing many feelings associated with orgasm, yet somehow is not quite describing these experiences as "orgasm".

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0036

    • Our live global discussion was truly international this time as Drew (35, Michigan USA) and Jack (48, Oregon USA) were first joined by Darrin (28) from Calgary Alberta!
    • Darrin begins by reporting that he has had the Second Edition of the Audio Seminar for about year, but doesn't feel he's been able to... "...make anything happen ... I still can't seem to get anywhere." [Note: We are now in our Fourth Edition of the Audio Seminar and the significant improvements to it, along with the comprehensive extensive and exceptional followup assistance in the Live Forum have led to a much higher success rate. Also: the seminar comes with a money back guarantee!]
    • Jack reviews some of the basics with Darrin re: practicing the Key Sound at low volume with no erotic stimulation, and using the 3 or 4 intervening regular breaths to locate the tingles, shivers, etc. as discussed in Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0031, and suggests he review the Very Important Tips (Timing, Intro to Solo Practice, and Intro to Practice with a Partner) articles in the How To section of the website.
    • Suddenly Darrin's report changes to one of acknowledging a number of pleasurable sensations, only he'd been discounting them since they ultimately were leading to orgasm. This is actually what he meant by "nothing is happening, I'm not getting anywhere"!!! Translation: "I'm having lots of pleasurable feelings but they still are leading to ejaculation so I'm still saying I haven't made any progress at all."
    • Fred (66, Utah USA) now joins the discussion and offers some feedback for Darrin, based on his early experiences and frustrations learning Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • Darrin learns that he might be increasing stimulation too quickly because he's trying to maintain a constant erection (which is not necessary when learning Male Multiple Orgasm!).
    • The other men reassure him that erections will cycle through the practice session, but the feelings of multiple orgasm can often be the most intense when there is NO erection! Instead of trying to maintain an erection, Darrin's invited to explore making timely, complete Key Sounds at increasing levels of excitement, but not to worry about trying to maintain erection.
    • Jack reviews how to apply the use of the Key Sound to your practice at ever higher levels of excitement, in order to intensify the "different good feelings" (i.e. proto-orgasms and orgasms).
    • Drew and Fred mention that they both noticed a generalized tingling as one of the first sensations that grew into Male Multiple Orgasm waves, pulses, etc.
    • Drew describes the paradox of letting go of the urge to "go for it" (ejaculorgasm) and how relaxing into the tingles and other feelings that are happening in fact lead to the non-ejaculatory orgasmic sensations.
    • Jack suggests redirecting the "go for it" energy into "going for" getting ALL of the pent up erotic energy into the SECOND part of the Key Sound, as one makes the complete sound.
    • Next the men engage in a depth discussion about how to introduce these erotically-charged sounds to a potential sexual partner.
    • Darrin then asks the group for suggestions regarding the urgency to ejaculate he usually feels when he begins this practice. Several suggestions are offered.
    • After further dialogue, it comes out that Darrin in fact DOES experience "waves" after EVERY USE of the Key Sound! Since he still tends to ejaculate during this process, he considered all of these new feelings "not it"!
    • Jack suggests to Darrin that he reduce the erotic stimulation a LITTLE bit when he gets into the higher levels of arousal. Maybe just enough to "lose" an erection, but still high enough to feel those "waves" he's already been feeling after each use of the Key Sound!
    • Drew then does a wonderful exposition on the importance of "relaxing into" these kinds of orgasms, in contrast to the high muscle tension typical of orgasm WITH ejaculation. Drew also characterizes this process as one of EXPANSION rather than contraction.
    • Darrin follows up with a VERY IMPORTANT OBSERVATION about the similarities between "FMO" ("Female Multiple Orgasms") and "Male Multiple Orgasm" ("Male Multiple Orgasms").
    • Discussion concludes with Drew's promise to talk more next time about his NEW DISCOVERY of strong pleasure waves in response to very light touches in his "lower penis" area (between the anus and top of the scrotum).

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0035

    • Drew (35, Michigan USA) begins the discussion by reporting a seemingly temporary decrease in motivation to practice the Male Multiple Orgasm techniques.This report leads to a discussion of the cycles observable in Male Multiple Orgasm practice; namely, that there tends to be a cycle of intense practice followed by a time of quiescence, ideally a time to integrate the changes that have been happening, both physically and emotionally.
    • Jack compares this larger cycle of periods of intense practice interspersed with times of quiescence to the cycle of Key Sound plus regular breaths, i.e., intense charging, then a reduction in intensity to allow the system to accomodate the changes in energy and emotion, followed perhaps by additional cycles in a rising spiral of arousal and emotional opening.
    • Drew offers some excellent guidelines for determining when it's time to back off from the Male Multiple Orgasm practice for a while, using a lack of Echo responses as a key indicator.
    • Jack lauds Drew's focusing on quality of experience in each practice session, rather than simply trying to "make" multiple orgasms happen.
    • Both agree that this falling off of Echo responses (pleasurable feelings in response to using the Key Sound may also signal a need to review one's level of self-care (rest, nutrition, exercise, recreation, social contact, etc.).
    • Fred (66, Utah USA) then joins the discussion, and Drew asks him for a report on his practicing the Key Sound in front of a mirror. A few chats previously, Fred had reported great difficulty with the exercise, due to "furballs" (unresolved emotional wounds).Coincidentally Fred reports that he'd taken a little time off from practice to travel, and that when he returned home and to the mirror, he'd become aware of a positive shift in his experience with the mirror!
    • Noting the coincidence, Jack offers a more detailed hypothesis of the relationships between the practice/no practice cycle, and the Key Sound/regular breath cycle.
    • Fred and Drew then discuss how the Male Multiple Orgasm practice has changed their feelings about themselves and about life.
    • Fred notes that the whole process, including the weekly chats, has offered him relief from loneliness.
    • Drew offers a very moving description of a challenge remaining in his life: now that he has access to this wonderful energy, how does he connect with a partner who can share it?
    • This discussion is temporarily bookmarked due to the arrival of newcomer ILORAX (40, New Hampshire USA).
    • Fred, Drew, and Jack all respond to ILORAX's questions about what these kinds of orgasmic sensations are like.
    • Jack then offers ILORAX and our whole community of readers and practitioners a suggestion for browsing the Annotated Chat Archive Index by keyword.
    • Fred responds to ILORAX's question regarding difficulty locating the lower penis hot spots by sharing his experience and the time it took him to awaken them, and by emphasizing the importance of not trying to rush the process.
    • Jack invites Drew (and Fred) to try "an experiment in psycholinguistics" to (at least) partially address Drew's concerns about not being with a partner.
    • Drew reports a definite positive shift in emotional state as a result of the experiment...
    • Jack then suggests a tantric-type visualization employing the erotic energy raised through Male Multiple Orgasm practice for calling "the beloved" into your life.
    • Fred learns the meaning of the term "tractor beam" (and of "Trekkie" and "Trekker"), and another intergenerational bridge is forged!
    • Fred thanks Drew for the explanation and for the key to attracting his true love!
    • Jack emphasizes the importance of using mutual consent with this kind of "tractor-beam"!
    • Unfortunately Fred gets dropped from the IRC network and doesn't find his way back, this session, but sent his regards by phone.
    • Drew and Jack review some ways for expanding social options to enable life to "deal you a wild card..."
    • Jack suggests use of the Key Sound to express the feelings Drew might begin feeling as he actually gets the relationship he really wants.
    • Jack points Drew to the "Success!" index page and to this Annotated Chat Archive Index for statements from women re: their experience with men who know how to have these kinds of non-ejaculatory Multiple Orgasms, and how they as women experience this same energy!
    • Drew and Jack conclude with a final suggestion for a "reframe" (the "psycholinguistic experiment previously mentioned) of one of Drew's statements about having the relationship he wants.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0034

    • Jack and Drew continue to discuss an issue brought up in Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0032 in Jack's last chat with Fred, namely, the power of practicing the Key Sound in front of a mirror, and the unresolved emotional issues such practice may evoke.
    • They agree that this exercise may initially be more challenging than Key Sound practice with a partner.
    • They identify authentic compassion (in contrast to self-pity) communicated to oneself in the mirror as a key ability to develop in order to fully open to climactically intense non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms, and the dramatically expanded capacity for intimacy that may accompany them.
    • Drew next shares an insight triggered by discussion in a recent chat. He describes a "reframe" of feelings he'd heretofore experienced about not being attractive to women, that somehow women didn't enjoy sex, etc. The previous chat led him to realize that WOMEN really CAN FULLY EXPERIENCE, SHARE, AND ENJOY the orgasmic energy accessed through the Key Sound practice.
    • Now he also realizes he can in time create the kind of relationship with another that he hopes for, and the starting point for this is in developing a stronger and more intimate relationship with himself.
    • The group next discusses the issue of attractiveness, and Jack describes two general classes of contributing factors, the first being the healing of the "furballs" - the emotional wounds of the past and present, and developing an authentic, intimate, compassionate, and healthy erotic relationship with oneself.
    • The second class includes physical world issues: stress management (projecting stressed out vibes isn't usually attractive, except to other stress puppies...), basic physical conditioning, and others.
    • Next Drew aptly defines the difference between a "date" and sharing an activity with an acquaintance as being "romantic intent".
    • As Drew reports some fears about rejection, etc. in asking for a date, Jack suggests that the explorations using the mirror and the practice of using the Key Sound to communicate compassion to oneself in the mirror can identify and perhaps help heal the kinds of wounds that may result in such fears.
    • Jack relates this potential for healing in part to the practice's ability to shift an enculturated attitude that "women are the source of man's pleasure" to an awareness that we are the primary source of our own capacity for erotic pleasure and intimacy, and that we then have the opportunity to share this power with a partner.
    • Drew confirms that this was the core of the reframe for him, realizing that his source of pleasure resides within himself.
    • Jack sees "getting" this concept as having at least two aspects, the first (often) is understanding this intellectually, the second is "getting it" orgasmically (a full-body grok!).
    • He invites Drew to use the new Very Important Tip given in Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0033, Session One, about how to intensify the orgasmic "Echo" feelings experienced in response to using the Key Sound....and re-emphasizes that a person's ability to fully feel these kinds of orgasms is a function of their ability to clear the "pleasure energy channels" of any emotional wounds that surface as one learns to increase the intensity of the pleasure.
    • Drew confirms that he's also noticed difficulty in making the SECOND part of the Key Sound as he gets more turned on. Jack points out that it is exactly this ability to complete the second part of the Key Sound at higher levels of arousal that leads to Echo responses to the Key Sound of climactic intensity.
    • Jack gives a brief synopsis of how he used this awareness of the breath's being high in the chest, coupled with the Key Sound to move that "energy center" down below the navel and genitals, that led directly to his first experience of non-ejaculatory orgasm of intensity greater than any ejaculorgasm he'd ever experienced.
    • Drew concludes the chat by suggesting a topic to be included in a near-future chat: what functions or survival value these experiences may have other than "inseminating a woman" that Fred mentioned in a previous chat.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0033 Session One

    • This is a very important chat in which "Utah Fred" reports enjoying the "extremely pleasurable Male Multiple Orgasm feelings", yet wonders what the next step is for increasing these feelings to the point that they seem to be clearly a "climax".
    • Fred confirms that the "extremely pleasurable" feelings he's describing do not include ejaculation, although they display many of the characteristics of orgasm discussed in Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0031
    • Fred also makes a dramatic report that once he's in the process, these extremely pleasurable feelings seem to be readily available to him. In effect, he says, "...if I want to feel them some more, all I have to do is ask."
    • He states that even though up until now there's been no sense of "climax", he usually terminates his practice because he feels "so satisfied".
    • As a result of his question about climax, he discovers some VERY PIVOTAL information about the importance of continuing to make the SECOND part of the Key Sound, as the erotic energy becomes ever more intense.
    • Jack elucidates the challenge, and the powerful effects, of making sure one continues to include the COMPLETE second portion of the Key Sound, as one gets more and more turned on.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0033 SESSION TWO

    • Newbie Rene (in nightowl mode!) checks in from Ontario Canada! He raises a common concern that although he's using the Key Sound, etc., his level of pleasure seems to plateau, and he finds himself getting bored. Rene offers a GREAT IDEA: making a tape of his Key Sounds that he can use for "inspiration" and as a model while he's practicing. He reports that he continues to use the Key Sound every 3rd or 4th breath, even after beginning erotic stimulation
    • Jack offers AN IMPORTANT SUGGESTION that once Rene's begun to add erotic stimulation, he switch from an external measure of which breath to make the Key Sound on (i.e. "every 3rd breath"), to an INternal cuing system. Namely, use the Key Sound to exhale any "larger-than-average" inbreath - such inbreath being for most of us a typical response to any erotic stimulation. For more info on this, see the chat, and also the Very Important Tips article: How to Time the Key Sound.
    • Rene realizes that he's been using too much direct penile stimulation. He decides to alter his stimulation pattern, and to focus on making complete Key Sounds (i.e. making sure he completes the SECOND part of the Key Sound) at the higher levels of stimulation.
    • Jack reiterates the location of one area some men refer to as the "Male Clitoris" because it can be so erotically sensitive.
    • Rene reports penile contractions apparently similar to those Fred has described in previous chats.
    • Jack concludes the chat by inviting Rene to practice the soft use of the Key Sound with his wife, without any erotic stimulation, to begin Key Sound Male Multiple Orgasm practice with a partner.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0032

    • Due to Jack's leading a sold-out workshop at Good Vibrations in San Francisco, this needed to be only a one-hour discussion.
    • Fred from Utah returns to discuss his first experience doing Key Sound Practice in front of a mirror.He experiences an AHA! when Jack suggests that the difficulties he's reporting may actually be a "furball", i.e., an unhealed emotional wound, and he and Jack develop a strategy for beginning to transform it.
    • Fred "confesses" that he "played hooky" from the exercise Jack suggested last week to self-pleasure the "old-fashioned way" (i.e., to ejaculation), but with the intention of increasing awareness of what was physically happening at the moment of orgasm, ejaculation notwithstanding. "Playing Hooky" (an allusion to childhood practice of fraudulent (but often fun!) absence from school) in this case being Fred's simply spending time with Male Multiple Orgasm practice and enjoying it so much that he felt satisfied and ended the practice session.
    • When Jack re-invites Fred to do the exercise of self-pleasuring the "old-fashioned way", Fred tells Jack he'll probably "play hooky" (i.e. practice non-ejaculatory orgasms) again instead!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0031

    • This chat is a dramatic discussion between Fred (Utah, age 66), Drew (Michigan, age ~42), and Jack (Oregon, logging in from San Francisco Bay Area) who discuss the question: "Other than actual ejaculation, how do you know you are experiencing an orgasm?" That is, what are the physical characteristics? What's happening to your breathing, body movement, etc.?
    • These criteria, based on the orgasms we're used to experiencing are then used to evaluate the kinds of experiences one may have during Male Multiple Orgasm practice. And...Check out the "paradigm shift"... the AHA!!! the guys experience as a result of the discussion!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0030

    • R.D. (who tells his story of opening to Male Multiple Orgasm at the end of the Audio Seminar) returns to chat after having checked out the completely revised New Edition (see ordering information).
    • He and his partner are still discovering new subtleties of pleasure and intimacy. As a man who has been experiencing multiples for several years now, R.D. believes the New Edition will make the process even easier to learn!
    • R.D. (who learned to use the Key Sound to open to Male Multiple Orgasm when he was in his early 50's) makes the startling revelation that he seldom experiences full erections, yet experiences intense multiple orgasms and delightful ecstatic intimacy with his partner!
    • Next he shares a few tips about how he reaches the multi-orgasmic "Gate", and describes some of his first experiences.
    • He continues by describing the qualitative differences in pleasure he feels by varying body positions while in the midst of the Male Multiple Orgasms, and Jack associates these different spontaneous positions with the "mudras" (meditative poses) of Tantra, for example, as depicted in the temple carvings of Konorak (aka 'Karnak') and Khajuraho for example.
    • Jack then invites R.D. to share considerable detail about what is happening to him physically as he experiences the multi-orgasmic waves.
    • Next R.D. tells of how he recognizes a certain decision point, a "tickle" (i.e. a strong urge to "go for" ejaculation), and how he instead uses the Key Sound to effect the non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms.
    • Jack describes how he uses the Key Sound to release the pent-up pressure to ejaculate, and a number of autonomic (i.e., not consciously controlled or chosen) body movements that accompany his Male Multiple Orgasms, including eyes crossing, etc.
    • R.D. describes the deep, multi-orgasmic sharing with his partner he experiences, even though he only has a partial erection.
    • He realizes he's been enjoying Male Multiple Orgasms with his partner so much that he hasn't been doing much solo practice, and gains a new understanding of the importance of continuing it, in order to keep his relationship with his partner healthy.
    • Next, R.D. shares a very moving story of how prior to learning Male Multiple Orgasms, he'd figured his sex life was about over (in his 50's at the time of this chat), and how he had so much performance anxiety that he was afraid to seek out a sexual partner.
    • He tells of the positive effects on his self esteem, and how this in fact improved his attitudes and feelings towards women generally.
    • He also reveals how learning Male Multiple Orgasms has changed his feelings towards men: he no longer feels as competitive, mistrustful, or "less than".
    • Introducing Male Multiple Orgasm to his partner is the next part of R.D.'s dramatic story! He reaffirms the value of creating a time for Male Multiple Orgasm practice with a partner that is separate from their customary lovemaking times.
    • The group concludes their chat by discussing the surprising emotional power of practicing the Key Sound at very low volume with no erotic stimulation.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0029 SESSION ONE

    Session One

    • Howard from Connecticut checks in and he introduces some fascinating links between Jack's work and Radix Therapy.
    • Howard then discusses his experience of Alexander Lowen, and how this lead to a major wounding re: learning new sexual techniques. This is a very important discussion!
    • Jack and Howard further discuss some pro's and con's re: "If my sex life is fine the way it is, why rock the boat trying to learn some new techniques?"
    • Jack reminds Howard of the "Prime Directive" in this practice: If there's anything you don't want to do, don't do it!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0029 SESSION TWO

    • Fred from Utah returns from his vacation and he and Jack pick up the thread Howard started in Session One about potential performance abuses resulting from authoritarian teachers of "correct" sexual techniques.
    • Jack clarifies his own philosophy about how to approach a practice such as learning the skills that can lead to Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • Jack re-iterates his support of Howard's protectiveness of his current intimate relationship, given past wounds re: learning sexual techniques.
    • He also emphasizes the importance of approaching this practice with a sense of safety... it should not be forced!
    • Jack then offers Fred some suggestions on how to adapt the "Key Sound Practice with Partner" exercises to solo Key Sound practice, using a mirror.
    • Fred discusses furballs that seem to be arising in anticipation of his beginning solo mirror Key Sound practice.
    • Jack suggests some ways Fred can deepen a nurturing relationship with himself, through the mirror practice.
    • Fred and Jack discuss seeking outside support for moving through major emotional wounds.
    • Fred shares some painful wounds in past relationships with women, including a counseling disaster. Fred & Jack contrast trying to move through pain using cognitive techniques versus using emotive processes.
    • Jack reminds Fred of the gratitude of Jackalope and others who have expressed their appreciation of Fred's sharing in the chats. Fred gets a little practice letting that awareness in...

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0029 SESSION THREE

    • Jackalope (Nevada USA) reappears transformed into RenoMike! 26 year old RenoMike begins by detailing his struggles to transcend an upbringing that was extremely repressive sexually.
    • Mike describes his greater comfort with giving rather than receiving pleasure, yet his growing desire to learn how to receive more.
    • Jack suggests that his greater comfort in giving pleasure may have to do with its yielding a greater sense of control. Mike counted that as a bullseye!
    • Mike describes a tendency to have "runaway thoughts" as he begins to experience greater pleasure. Jack associates this phenomenon to the image of an "emotional breaker," and gives Mike some ideas on how to better observe this phenomenon and to use it to learn more about his blocks to greater pleasure and intimacy.
    • Mike and Jack also discuss the "distractions" etc. within the context of Attention Deficit Disorder, which Jack prefers to describe as a "Hypertext Cognitive Style" since it parallels the hypertext organization of the World Wide Web, branching from one "hot" concept to the next.
    • What makes it an emotional breaker in this context is the TIMING... this thinking begins when Mike approaches the limits of pleasure his deeper self believes its "kind of ok" to feel.
    • Next the group talks about how pleasure can be used as a focus of meditation, and how meditation generally can help calm "hypertext cognition".
    • Mike gets a very clear AHA! about how the "runaway thoughts" signal internalized pseudo-limits of pleasure or other emotional energy.
    • As Mike becomes more aware of how some of this pleasure creates great anxiety, Jack shares the wisdom of the late Bob Goulding, M.D.: "Anxiety is excitement I won't let myself feel!"
    • The guys then talk about goal setting and the importance of having a goal BEYOND the immediate goal.
    • Jack introduces the research of O. Carl Simonton, M.D. and Stephanie Mathews with extending the life expectancies of cancer patients, and the statistically significant correlation between that survival and setting of meaningful life goals.
    • Jack offers Mike some tips for solo Key Sound practice with the mirror, and some suggestions for non-sexual Key Sound practice with his girlfriend.
    • Jack reminds Mike of an earlier chat with Drew where he discovered that at times he "went for" ejaculorgasm as an emotional breaker to avoid feeling greater pleasure!
    • Session Three concludes by Jack encouraging Mike to read the Explorer article on the Web site.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0028

    • Jack begins by encouraging Murfe from Alaska to take a look at the How To articles.
    • He then goes on to encourage Murfe to begin by working with the Key Sound at very low volume, and with no direct erotic stimulation at first; then to separate each Key Sound with at least 3 or 4 regular breaths between each Key Sound.
    • By focusing on making the Key Sound correctly, so that you notice a certain resonance, you begin to awaken the multi-orasmic energy pathways.
    • Jack also introduces Murfe to the concept of learning to look for any good feelings which may happen in response to working with the Key Sound. These good feelings are what Jack refers to as the "Echo Effect." That is, they are your body's automatic response to using the Key Sound at the proper time. [For demonstration of the Key Sound, and a clear introduction to the basic concepts of its use, order Jack's globally popular Audio Seminar which is offered with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.]
    • He underscores that these good feeling responses are the feedback your own body gives you to let you know you are on track.
    • Murfe has an AHA! awareness when Jack explains that the pivotal concept of all of this is in learning how to direct your rising erotic energy out through the Key Sound, rather than through your penis in the form of ejaculation. That is, learn how to use the Key Sound to give the pent up ready-to-explode energy somewhere to go (i.e., out through sound) rather than out through ejaculation!
    • Jack clarifies that the Valley Breath that automatically occurs when one correctly makes the Key Sound is the opposite of diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing usually involves expanding the lower belly on the INhale, whereas the automatic muscle movements accompanying a Key Sound involve expanding the lower belly on the EXhale.
    • Jack concludes Session One by encouraging Murfe to review transcripts of the recent coaching chats for more information. [That is the purpose of this Male Multiple Orgasm Annotated Chat Archives Index!]
    • Session Two: Fred from Utah learns how to recognize multiples when they happen!
    • Fred asks Jack about how this ability to experience multiple orgasms may actually have survival value for our species
    • Fred and Jack discuss a phone conversation Fred recently had with R.D. where R.D. discussed how learning Male Multiple Orgasm helped him develop the first sexually intimate relationship with another that he'd had in nine years, AND this even though R.D. usually doesn't experience erections!
    • Jack elaborates further about the "social/cultural survival value" of Male Multiple Orgasm, and how healing the "furballs" (emotional wounds) that may arise while learning this practice can then make a person more emotionally available for bonding with another.
    • Next, is a very informative dialogue about HOW TO TELL WHEN THE ORGASMS ARE ACTUALLY HAPPENING!
    • Fred learns that in fact he may already be experiencing non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms! Jack encourages him to continue the process of converting the rising energy into Key Sound , NO MATTER HOW STRONG THE FEELINGS GET rather than stopping the process to try to make himself avoid ejaculating.
    • Jack re-emphasizes that ejaculating during this practice is not a "failure" and shouldn't be worried about, since you can learn how to experience these kinds of orgasms both before and after ejaculating.
    • Fred and Jack discuss how these orgasms may differ from an orgasm with ejaculation, especially in that these kinds of orgasms often leave one energized rather than tired, as is often the case with ejaculatory orgasm.Veteran Male Multiple Orgasm'er Mike from Oregon checks in briefly with some additional suggestions for Fred

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0027

    • This week Jack was joined by Fred from Utah, and Drew from Michigan. Jack begins thediscussion by explaining how to convert Greenwich Mean Time or "World Time" into local time, in order to tell when the next chat will be.
    • Jack then attempts to give an operational definition of the word "grok".
    • The group goes on to discuss what it may mean if you find you're not doing the practice any more. It seems that viewing this phenomenon as part of the "cycles" one will go through in the practice can be very helpful and move one beyond the "Pass/Fail" way of evaluating one's practice.
    • Drew and Fred engage in a wonderful discussion comparing their practice. Drew tends to average an hour or more per session, whereas Fred's practice is usually more brief.
    • They go on to discuss other similarities and differences in their experience.
    • Both agree that they have felt at times that they are "standing right in front of the Gate toMMO."
    • Jack reminds them that THIS is the most important time to remember to use the Key Sound. It is in effect the "Open Sesame!" to multiples!
    • The group then does some brainstorming to help Drew deal with the fact that his apartment has very thin walls and he doesn't feel comfortable making the Key Sound. Various suggestions are offered, including using the methods of _visualizing_ the Key Sound, as suggested by Mike from San Diego in previous sessions.
    • Next the group discusses the meaning of "grounding" the energy that gets awakened through this practice.
    • Distinctions are made between "forced grounding" and "grounding" the energy in ways that may be more productive. Importance of remembering to ground the energy is emphasized.
    • These concepts are related to how to deal with feeling really charged up after a session.
    • Jack and Fred discuss how alcohol might be used (for better or ill) as a method of "forced grounding" and Jack re-iterates how this may often feel like an "emotional breaker" or "emotional fuse" blowing.
    • Jack suggests exploring some ways of grounding as alternatives to using alcohol for this purpose.
    • Fred offers a terrific suggestion about reviewing the concepts in the Audio Seminar while doing his daily walk.
    • After Drew and Fred logged off, Jack went on to add commentary about other issues touched on during the evening, among them:What it means if you're focusing on "not ejaculating" or are feeling that it's "tough to delay" during your practice
    • How the energy may be released through breath when loud sounds are not an option
    • Jack then offers some ideas to Fred and Drew (and you!) how to expand their options to make their practice more flexible...
    • and Jack also gives an important tip on how to quickly find chat topics on the chat archives index page.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0026

    • Jack and Fred brief but enlightening talk. Jack thought that it was interesting that in the phone conversation that he and Fred had, Fred mentioned that John described Jack as the "guy who makes all the noise."
    • Jack discussed his feelings about the difference between calling the Key Sound "noise," and calling it "sound." He pointed out how just the simple use of one or the other of these two words can really change the implications of what you're saying, and how you feel about your Male Multiple Orgasm practice.
    • The choice in use of these two words, because of the condescension that can be attached to the word "noise," can either give support for your practice or set the stage for you to have greater difficulty in opening your erotic voice!
    • Jack points out that men need "support, permission, whatever... for ...claiming their EROTIC/ORGASMIC VOICE!!!"
    • Fred reports going to an adult sexuality workshop and getting great feedback regarding theamount of 'erotic energy' he 'displayed.'
    • Fred was unclear about what Jack means when he talks about "Echo Effect." So Jack tells us what he considers "echoes," how to recognize them, and how to use these to benefit your practice.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0026

    • Jack is back from Seattle and starts off this chat with some really exciting News!
    • Drew checks in with us on a different note saying that he's been a little frustrated. He "...can't seem to replicate some of the results I've previously experienced, the build up of energy...particularly in my upper torso."
    • Jack responds to this wondering how Drew was feeling at the time when he decided to practice, and has some good advice how not to let the Male Multiple Orgasm practice become another stress. Kind of like a 'Catch 22'.
    • Drew supposes ...the frustration is fuelled by the time it takes to 'practice', time he doesn't really feel he has
    • They discuss the challenge of opening up to feelings, and the energy.
    • This is an issue of being taught NOT to feel. Because of the cultural overlay there is alot of "unlearning" that we need to do as part of opening ourselves to this much pleasure
    • Jack talks about easing up on the Male Multiple Orgasm practice when you encounter other stuff (furballs) coming up such as this.
    • Jack shares his personal exercise that he uses for putting all of that daily stress aside temporarily.
    • Jack talks about ways to be GENTLER both physically and emotionally with yourself that will help you not go into PUSHING or FORCING mode, and that can often lead to frustration and unpleasant physical sensations
    • More good news from Fred! He had previously "complained for months that 'I was dead to my own touch'" but now he is reporting that he "arrive(s) at such heights of pleasurable intensity by massaging the "hot spots" (I feel so close to Male Multiple Orgasm climax) and I get excited, out of control and ejaculate."
    • So once again if you are in a similar place, check out the chat for some HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS in this area.
    • Jack discusses staying in that "pioneer" mode... as opposed to the 'giv(ing) up and div(ing)' into ejaculation mode that Drew and Fred both refer to.
    • Jack believes that it is not good to frame ejaculation as a 'failure' however. He tells us that it's ALL part of learning more about ourselves.And as far as something to look foward to... check out what Jack has to say about what happened to him once he started really accepting orgasm WITH ejaculation as an OK part of this whole experience
    • Drew asks Jack if there are any similar programs available specifically for women? Check this chat for info on similiar techniques for women and for how THIS seminar can be useful to women as well as men!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0024

    • Fred has good news about changing his attitude towards the way he works with Male Multiple Orgasm!
    • Fred has some even MORE INCREDIBLE good news about his new found ability to experience ejaculation without experiencing guilt! For the first time in 30 YEARS!
    • Jack gives very specific instructions (which are also documented in the article about Timing out here on the Website) to Fred as to how to use the Key Sound at the most effective moment to get closer to experiencing a full Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • There is a lot of helpful information in this chat about your breath and how to make it work for you!
    • Up to this point Fred had been very sparing and cautious about how much erotic stimulation he had been using along with the Key Sound because usually too much stimulation would bring on ejaculation. But in this chat Jack suggests ways for Fred to integrate a little more erotic stimulation into his practice which will hopefully get him nearer to where he wants to be.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0023

    • To begin this chat we had a new chatter from Massachussetts named Bob. Bob has not had too much time to work with the Audio Seminar but has some good insight for newcomers as to what for him seem to work to begin this process.
    • Jack gives Bob some tips that help him get over the feeling that this process to begin with seems too "much like excercizing."
    • Because Bob is JUST beginning this process, this is a good chat to read if you are also just starting to work with Male Multiple Orgasm
    • Jack gives good advice for those of you who, like Bob, feel that they are concentrating on the process rather than the sensation.
    • Do you ever feel guilt about experiencing "this much" or "this kind" of pleasure, often deciding" Aw fuckit!" and then go for ejaculorgasm? Well you're not alone... Check out what these men have to say about that!
    • Jack, Fred, and Bob all agree that "pleasure is SO loaded as SIN in our culture..." That's what we're here to change.
    • When an uncontrollable desire...becomes INTENTIONAL self pleasure...that's what seems to draw the guilt monster out!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0022

    • Jack and Fred have a serious discussion on how to recognize these orgasms when they start happening.
    • Do automatic sounds your body makes associated with pleasure waves signal low intensity Male Multiple Orgasms? [Answer: YES! These are baby orgasms or 'Echo Effects' in response to your using the Key Sound to trigger the opening of these erotic energy pathways!]
    • How do you tell the difference between a Male Multiple Orgasm orgasm and what are just pleasurable pulsations you may experience in to response to working with the Key Sound? [They are the same.. on a continuum... It just becomes a matter of gradually increasing arousal while continuing to use the Key Sound to trigger the 'Echoes' as they become more and more fully orgasmic and intense.]
    • What is THE EXPERIENCE supposed to be like?
    • We had a new visitor, Woofer, from Boston Ma. who says that reading the archives of past chats has helped him greatly!
    • So make sure to check out the transcripts of the other chats also.
    • Once again Jack stresses the importance of reading the How To articles here on the Website.
    • Jack talks about not trying "too hard for the big bang" as said very articulately by Woofer. Jack helps Woofer find a different way of going about this process of working with Male Multiple Orgasm.Once again, as mentioned in the article called How to Time the Key Sound found here on the Website, when you feel those "different" good feelings, draw them in with a breath, and then out with the Key Sound!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0021

    • Drew returns with some dramatic new experiences to report!
    • He describes the body position he used, and his search for and discovery of some lower genital area hot spots!
    • Drew and Jack discuss the role of expectations.
    • Jack gives Drew some suggestions of what to do when uncomfortable symptoms arise.
    • They then discuss the importance of giving yourself a little break now and then, of "grounding" or "earthing" all of the energy that's been awakened.
    • Next they discuss the role conscious intention can play when coupled with this Life Force energy.
    • Jack clarifies his views of the role of informed mutual consent when exposing anyone else to this energy.
    • Drew then goes on to detail where his "hot spots" are located.
    • Drew identifies some spontaneous sounds that have begun to happen during the pleasure.
    • Jack identifies these sounds as signs of non-ejaculatory male orgasm!
    • They then compare notes on the intensity of orgasm WITH ejaculation, when experienced after NON-ejaculatory orgasms.
    • Drew reviews the importance of learning to relax the muscles, and to focus on diffusing the erotic energy throughout his body.
    • Jack talks about how to deal with the strong "physical cue" to "go for" ejaculation that R.D. reported in earlier sessions, and in his story of his very first Male Multiple Orgasm, that appears at the end of Part 1 in the Audio Seminar.
    • Drew details how he has learned to play with the erotic energy, to move it around in his body. Jack links this to the mudras (sacred meditative body poses) practiced by Tantrics, and how different positions can alter the qualitative experience.
    • Jack describes the PIVOTAL TECHNIQUE of how to release the increasing erotic excitement into the Key Sound and the spontaneous sounds to effect the non-ejaculatory orgasms.
    • Jack also clarifies the role the practice of the Key Sound plays in teaching our belly muscles how to move to facilitate the non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms.
    • Importance of using personal intuition as a primary guide, since our real goal is remembering the information about Male Multiple Orgasm that's coded in our DNA!
    • Drew gets a recommendation from Jack re: use of a vibrator.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0020

    • Drew chats for the first time, and has exciting news to tell of some of his first Male Multiple Orgasm experiences.
    • He has had some powerful results with just the breathing.
    • Fred and Mike B. both talk about their experiences of "pulsing toward orgasm" or even experiencing orgasm, without any stimulation whatsoever!
    • Mike B. gives proof that there is no feeling of trying to "hold back the ejaculation" anymore.
    • Jack agrees saying that it just feels like "you're just off in a different erotic zone."
    • Mike B. describes his "Special Method for Working with Sound When You're Not Really Comfortable Doing So," including how to practice Male Multiple Orgasm while on a business trip, flying in an airplane!
    • Jack, Fred, and Mike all give us their incredible testimony of experiencing orgasm without even being hard.
    • Mike and Jack both emphasize the importance of giving yourself permission that "It's OK to feel this good."
    • Jack talks about Male Multiple Orgasm as a way to "expand people's range of choices," not to replace ejaculation.
    • Jack gives encouragement to everyone for when "not much seems to be happening," talking about "cycles of erotic experience."
    • Check out the discussion on helping us all overcome the negative associations we have toward self-pleasuring!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0019

    • Fred talks about the difference to him between masturbating and practicing Male Multiple Orgasm
    • Fred also tells us his experience of "gathering the roses along the way," as Jack had previousily suggested.
    • Fred says he can counteract the negative childhood experiences he had RE: "playing with himself," through Male Multiple Orgasm practice. That is, how Male Multiple Orgasm practice can help him heal the 'furballs'.
    • Jack and Fred give their accounts of "erotic undulations," or what some call "riding the serpent."
    • Fred describes his experience without an erect penis AND WITHOUT ANY STIMULATION whatsoever!
    • Jack thinks that this is very important for our disabled brothers and sisters!
    • Important Info on making sure to work through your "furballs" before you progress into further stages of Male Multiple Orgasm.
    • Kevin is having trouble doing the Valley Breath consistently. So Jack gives advice for everyone on how and when to use the Key Sound (timing). [See also the FREE BONUS article on "How to Tell When to Use the Key Sound" in the How To section of the website]
    • Jack and Kevin talk about how they feel when they go back and try to do it the "good old fashioned way."

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0018

    • Fred describes his "progress with Male Multiple Orgasm" into "new territory."
    • Fred has proof for everyone that it is not necessary to have an erection to experience these "different good feelings"
    • He also explains one of his new experiences with "the sensuous shakes."
    • He then gives inspiring testimony talking about his "most successful Male Multiple Orgasm experience to date!"
    • If you have had the feeling that Male Multiple Orgasm is more elusive the harder you "try to consciously capture it," then check out what Jack and Fred have to say about this!
    • Jack tries to give everbody who is working with this process reassurance. He says to "see yourself as a non-critical pioneer... traveling into uncharted territory..."
    • Fred talks about a pumping toward orgasm feeling he has in his testicles when practicing, and Jack responds with how he feels this fits into the process, saying that this "different feeling" is just this side of Male Multiple Orgasm!
    • And last but not least Jack wants to remind everyone to "Savor the process along the way..."

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0017

    • Jack urges Male Multiple Orgasm "newbie" Ted to begin his practice by working with the information in the FREE BONUS How To articles, that are on this Website.
    • Jack suggests that for people who experience discomfort working with the Key Sound, to read Mike B.'s story on the Website... His solution to this problem is to visualize the sound at first!
    • For those of you who are OK with making the Key Sound aloud, Jack suggests you begin by practicing the sound very softly and not worrying so much what the stomach muscles are "supposed" to be doing.
    • He discusses this in more detail in the free bonus How To articles.
    • Jack points out that it is good to give ourselves slack when working with this because "consciously" we don't know what to expect. He says it's most important just to notice the "different" good feelings that your body "echoes" back to you, however subtle they are. Just following this thread will eventually lead to Male Multiple Orgasms.
    • Kevin, Jack, and Mike all talk about the energy and feelings they get during their practice. "It's a feeling of fullness in my belly... like being in warm water," says Kevin.
    • Mike and Jack agree and also talk about the energy going up into the head, which Jack associates with "the opening of the crown chakra," where some believe you can hold, and charge a visualization with this orgasmic life force to bring it into the waking life!
    • Jack points out to remember that erection is not necessary in order to have these kinds of Male Multiple Orgasms...Mike talks about his transition to using the Key Sound as "a feeling of giving up some kind of control at first, as if making the sound was revealing a part of myself to the world."
    • Jack replies to this last comment saying this is a very important point, that what the work is really about is opening the emotional self, the non-ejaculatory orgasms are then a result of this ability to open.

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0016

    • Mitch comments "When I started working with the KEY SOUND,....I experienced an emotional opening".......
    • Fred checks in saying that he has had his best experiences using the "KEY SOUND" at low volumes.
    • QUESTION: How much time should be devoted to one session?
    • R.D. tells us that by using variations on the "KEY SOUND", it seems to vary the intensity of his Multiple Orgasms
    • Mitch talks about feeling the erotic energy in the Heart center...
    • Allen states "I do think that if more folks were connected to their energy/erotic source that the world would be a more peaceful and less alienated place" [See the conference titled 'Ejaculation Compulsion' in the Live Forum]
    • Jack comments that a lot of us guys have much conditioning to overcome, a lot of UNlearning, and....REMEMBERING!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0015

    • Jack talks about the incredible subtlety and power of the Key Sound... The incredible power the use of this sound can have at very_soft_ volume
    • Exercises for loosening up your voice BEFORE practicing the Key Sound...
    • How this practice may identify emotional blocks to expressing sound...How these sounds, and especially the Key Sound, may at first trigger negative associations or memories...
    • Use of term "furballs" not intended to diminish the power or importance of these painful feelings...
    • Use of a mirror for beginning solo practice...

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0014

    • The importance of the Key Sound even at low volumes
    • Allen checks in with some pleasant experiences with Male Multiple Orgasm
    • Jack suggests using the "Echo Effect" to honor the sounds that may be a block, or"Furball"
    • Allen describes the Shaking feeling he gets when the energy begins to rise in his body
    • Jack and Allen talk about the Body Electric School and how Male Multiple Orgasm blends wonderfully with that experience

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0013

    • Mike and Allen check in with the latest happenings of Male Multiple Orgasm in their lives
    • Allen describes his experience with the "Energy Shakes" during his Male Multiple Orgasm sessions
    • Mike and Allen chat about the "ECHO EFFECT" and how it's used to connect to the body
    • Moving energy thru SOUND!
    • Mike encourages Allen to use the Soft Sound exercise with his partner!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0012

    • Jack describes how the good energy starts pushing the emotional limits and awakening the parts of self that need healing
    • Sharing the concept of Emotional Breakers during a non-emotional or non-erotically charged time is very important
    • R.D. checks in with his experiences around "Emotional Furballs"
    • Jack talks about how men tend to PUSH ON THRU the issues or pain associated with emotions, but what we really need to do is gently let the healing energy flow to our wounded areas
    • Allen checks in with his latest Male Multiple Orgasm experience

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0011

    • MikeD checks in with some>>GREAT NEWS<< of a recent Male Multiple Orgasm success experience with his wife Lynda!
    • Jack and MikeD talk about using the Key Sounding during intercourse.
    • Jack helps define the Difference between consciously making the Key Sound and the unconscious response of the sound that comes with the orgasmic "ECHO EFFECT"
    • Lynda (MikeD's wife)checks in with a woman's story of her own experience of using the Key Sound during lovemaking and how she felt when her partner uses these techniques
    • MikeD describes the feeling that his head was bulging with erotic energy
    • With similar experiences, Jack talks about the opening of the Crown Chakra and how to move the energy through using the Key Sound.......

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0010

    • Jack, MikeD, and Wayne check in with their experiences differentiating between Ejaculatory and NON-ejaculatory orgasms
    • MikeD talks about the "Echo Effect" and how it affects his life, emotionally and physically
    • Amazing synchronicity about SIGHS
    • Jack talks about the Key Sound and how it triggers the "Echo Effect".
    • Jack speaks more of the "ECHO EFFECT" and how it becomes a wavelike sensation in your body

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0009

    • Jack talks about the "squeeze" technique that others use, but with his technique there is >>NO<< holding back.
    • Wayne checks in with his experience of a shallow breath and "NO" stimulation to Male Multiple Orgasms!
    • Descriptions of the "Echo Effect" as a warm flush across the body
    • Wayne shares how he learned about the separation of orgasm from ejaculation through the Audio Seminar!
    • Dave S. checks in for the first time, he had just found the Website, called Jack, ordered the Seminar, and then joined the chat in progress
    • A salute to our friend R.D. on describing the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm as "MOREGASMS"
    • Jack talks about the "Unlearning of our conditioning".......

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0008

    • Jack introduces the concept of Male Multiple Orgasm Echo Effects as "proto-orgasms." You may be further than you realize
    • MikeB from San Diego & Carlos from Indiana check in with some "Field Research" reports
    • Jack introduces the "Echo Effect:" Your body's automatic orgasmic response to using the Key Sound.
    • Mike B. talks about the initial subtle feelings with Male Multiple Orgasm
    • Carlos reports experiencing the Echo Effect with only very light touch of the "HOT SPOTS"
    • MikeB assures Carlos that it seems he is already experiencing Male Multiple Orgasm, just not recognizing them as such!
    • MikeB gives Carlos some encouragement and some great tips
    • MikeD talks about a pelvic pumping excercise he does to intensify his experience.
    • Jack suggests how to use the presence or absence of the Echo Effect as the signal to gradually INcrease or to DEcrease erotic stimulation
    • MikeB differentiates between automatic Echo Effect sounds and the voluntary Key Sound
    • Jack invites Carlos to consider that Male Multiple Orgasm IS occcurring already, that the issue now is merely one of learning how to increase the INTENSITY of the experience

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0007

    • Relax, don't force it!
    • It's important to read the How To articles, including:
    • How to Tell When to Use Key Sound
    • Solo Introduction to Key Sound Practice
    • Introduction to Key Sound for Partners
    • Where your focus should be at first
    • Jack describes his discovery of the Key Sound Male Multiple Orgasm!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0006

    • Feeling contractions below your genitals
    • "I was trying too hard!" MikeB talks about lowering expectations
    • Tuning into the automatic abdominal movement (erotic "ab crunches"!) that occur when using the Key Sound correctly, and how this movement pumps up the erotic energy throughout your body and allows you to bypass ejaculation, without using any squeeze technique, or other "last minute before it's too late" method.
    • "Becoming vulnerable"

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0005

    • "What 'should' I be feeling?"
    • A caution against trying to make it happen
    • Learning to relax with our bodies.... and just letting it happen.
    • Starting with the breathing and Key Sound before erotic touching very important
    • Letting go of expectations!
    • Learning to map your body's responses

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0004

    • "Good Shakes" also known as "Echo Effects" as a common signpost along the way
    • Finding the hot spots... waking them up
    • Some people combine this with "pumping the prostate"
    • Sending the orgasmic energy through the hands...
    • Sending orgasm to a partner using sound
    • What to do when a partner is "put off" by the sound
    • The power of intention
    • Introducing a partner to the sound, when that partner is mostly physically oriented

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0003

    • Jack makes suggestions to someone who "still ends each time with ejaculation."
    • Several men who have learned Male Multiple Orgasm describe their experience of being able at times to more or less be "swimming" in orgasmic energy for hours!

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm without requiring male Ejaculation Control Chat 0002

    • Here is our historic second chat