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Multiple Orgasm
multiple orgasm

"I can confirm that this method of achieving multiple orgasms works not only for me but also for my wife. Rating this method I would have to give it five ***** stars and an O MY GOD!!"


Why So Few?

Research shows that only about 13% of women experience multiple orgasms. For many women multiple orgasms are usually the result of masturbation rather than coitus. It is unknown the percentage of men who experience multiples, but posts by newbies to our Forum over the years suggest that it's a very small percentage. The first thing that comes to mind is why so few?

An orgasm is a natural response to heightened sexual arousal. For men, orgasm is typically associated with ejaculation. After ejaculation men are not likely to experience additional orgasms for some time, and so their partners may not either because the other half of the team is done.

It needn't be this way. Most people have been led to believe that male orgasm and ejaculation are a single process. However, the truth is that orgasm is not a physical process like ejaculation - it’s an energetic one.

Orgasm does not depend on ejaculation. And when men learn how to bypass ejaculation, the door is opened to surprising possibilities for multiple orgasm.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™

Learning to use The Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ will enable you to easily bypass the ejaculation reflex. This ability sets the stage for enjoying ultra-high levels of arousal that awaken the multi-orgasmic reflex and lead to the fractal world of The Peak Experience.

At last... you can begin enjoying wave after wave of multiple orgasms -as many as you want for as long as you want - and if you're a man with...

  • no more need for last-minute PC muscle squeezing techniques
  • no more distracting concerns about timing, stop/start, or edging near the "point of No Return"
  • no more need for other holding back or ejaculation control methods...
    and without costly monthly supplements or expensive devices.

If you're a woman, now you can enjoy delightfully intense full-body multiple orgasms that are...

  • sweeter
  • easier
  • more completely and deeply felt throughout your body and emotions...
    beyond the need to "reach," strain, or use continuous stimulation to enjoy them.
Opening new channels of erotic energy

As you learn and use The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™, you will experience the opening of new channels of sexual and emotional energy throughout your whole being. Once these channels are open, as you continue to practice this method over time, the results become increasingly profound.

These multi-orgasmic channels stay readily accessible, and the unprecedented waves of orgasmic pleasure tend to become far more intense than you've ever experienced.

As Mog posted: "Without boasting, I can usually clock up around thirty first-rate gold-standard events in the first hour of a session without any stimulation whatsoever. And that's just for starters... But I have to say that I've been with The Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ for about thirty months now.;"

Erection Issues

Misconceptions about the necessity of having and maintaining an erection are another reason why many men have been missing out on multiple orgasm. Although it is helpful and enjoyable for penetration, erection is simply not necessary for experiencing male orgasm. As you practice The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™, you will dispel this outdated belief through your personal experience.

Multiple Orgasm is Your Birthright

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Multiple Orgasm
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