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Welcome to OrgasmWiki !

Hosted by Jack Johnston Seminars - Online at Since 1995. All content in this wiki - including all content posted by users - that is not a verbatim citation from copyrighted work, or otherwise covered by copyrights held by the Media Wiki Foundation as detailed here,is ©Copyright 1993-2010 by J & J Collaborations Inc. dba Jack Johnston Seminars. All rights including international rights are reserved.


Last Longer ... Way Longer!

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger for Both Men and Women™ offers you Female Multiple Orgasms without straining or reaching and Male Multiple Orgasm including help for premature ejaculation yet without any frustrating last moment ejaculation control, PC muscle tensing, or other holding back.

Now both men AND women are enjoying continuous multiple orgasms for hours using one simple revolutionary technique.

OrgasmWiki will help you learn to enjoy multi-orgasmic bliss through the help of the OrgasmWiki informal online community.

Please keep reading to get the help you need, using the Multiple_Orgasm_Trigger_Protocol™ to begin realizing your true genetically-endowed multi-orgasmic capacity.

...And from the very beginning of your own Adventure as you awaken this lifelong skill, please feel free to log in using a pseudonym username and blog your experiences and ask all the questions you have.

In doing so, you are already helping us teach others how to access this ability within themselves.

Wishing you the very best that life has to offer, Jack Johnston, M.A. (Psychology).

To begin with...

As a member of the general public, you are very welcome to search and read the OrgasmWiki articles and discussions about how other men and women and their partners are learning to use the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™ in solo practice - for a maximum of 20 minutes per day, no more than 3 times a week - in order to awaken their innate multiorgasmic capacity - regardless of gender or orientation.

Rights to post and edit the OrgasmWiki (as well as posting rights to the Discussion Forum and frequent live coaching chats) are included with purchase of Jack's introductory seminar: Male Multiple Orgasm Step by Step (4th edition updated for women!) which you may purchase Here

It's only US $69.95 and has a purchase price money-back guarantee with no time limit or conditions.

User Access: How to get rights to post and edit pages in the OrgasmWiki

Due to the wiki engine's security structure, you must contact Jack directly to obtain posting privileges in the OrgasmWiki.

This is true even if you already have login access to the [Discussion Forum]

To obtain login privileges, please go to the User access page.

Recently registered for the OrgasmWiki and ready to start posting?

VERY IMPORTANT - Please take a moment to visit the Wiki newbie page to get a quick overview of how to start posting your thoughts, comments, questions, and experience

What Content Has Been Written So Far?

Click here on Recent Changes to see which pages have been recently created or modified,


Click here for All Articles written to date.


Check out the continuing stories of Forum Regulars Laly, Hlaser and Zeitgeist:

  • Lavahas started a VERY important thread about PRIVACY:

Finally: A HIGHLY USEFUL BOOKMARK - This leads you to a SITEMAP INDEX of the Wiki: Recommended Bookmark Me NOW!

Check out a newly created OrgasmWiki page for those whom are curious or experienced : [Orgasm without stimulation].

How can I browse and edit OrgasmWiki?

Having created an account, logged in and familiarized yourself with some of the pages/discussion pages, YOU are ready to start contributing your own experiences, learnings, questions, stucks and breakthroughs by editing and adding existing page content, as well as by adding new pages.

This wiki is very new. As such, it is still mostly an empty space - YOU are warmly invited to add your past and current experiences of your voyage - in order to help us offer the special and unique information that we feel is most important for all of us to share with others.

In the service of learning to use The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™ to greater benefit, please organize and expand upon the information archived in the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol Discussion Forum™ and appearing in the main areas of Feel free to copy ANY excerpts from the original Forum posts (anybody's) to use as examples or to support your points. That's one way we'll be able to "fold in" and extend the Forum content to the Orgasmwiki in a manner that will help those that come after you.

Not familiar with how wikis work? Take literally a few minutes to go through the Help:OrgasmWiki Tutorial.

What Can I Add to, or Edit?

You can create a new page (after searching to make sure none already exists!), and start an answer!

If someone has already created such a page on that topic, then feel free to add or edit it or click the page's discussion tab and make a comment on improvements and edits - make suggestions - ask questions - etc.

The only exception is of course, editing a person's Talk-space posts including their blog unless you recieve permission to add your comments.

VERY IMPORTANT: To practice your initial scripting, writing and editing, go to the Sandbox and edit with confidence knowing that nothing important will get erased or messed up.

  • Content - To contain the information that will make it most useful to you - AND - keep the Point of View of Newbies in mind as well. Remember back to when YOU were a newbie - What would you have liked to have seen on this page that would most quickly help you get to the heart of what is offered here?
  • Layout - Where there's a little more complexity to handle - unless you're already a true wikiwizard - you can post your suggestions onto the Discussion Tab at the top of each for this and other pages.

For a specific example: Please visit the FAQ page and add the questions you think a newbie (as well as people at ANY stage of the learning process) is most likely to ask, in order to get started familiarizing themselves with how a standard wiki works, how THIS wiki works, and most importantly, how the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™ works!

Please help us make this YOUR special space to take full advantage of the knowledge and experience available here for learning the true, lifelong skill of accessing hours-long multiorgasmic responses - for many - To use The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™ to maximum benefit - the soonest, by contributing articles, editing existing ones, starting and participating in discussions, and citing with links your favorite posts from the Old Forum as well as outside resources. - Thanks! - regards, Jack

How ELSE can I help build the OrgasmWiki Knowledge Base

For some additional ideas, just go to the page called How can I help

I'm a bit rusty on Wiki...

If you're somewhat familiar with wiki but want a little refresher you may use the following links:

It's easy!

The Village Pump - A Wiki space for Community Technical Discussion

If you want to see where we discuss layout and organization of the OrgasmWiki, and what is on our considerable do-list, check out the Village Pump.

It's a useful place to find out about what will be happening in the weeks and months ahead.

Please post your suggestions there! And... Feel free to help us...

That is traditionally the spirit of the wiki culture - the people who use the site participate in designing it - if even only by offering thoughtful suggestions for how to improve access to all of the knowledge found here and in the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Forum (Online since 1997) so it works optimally for everyone - for you too!

We will teach you how - in the wiki tradition, and also in the decade-long tradition of helping you learn to use the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™ to the greatest personal benefit.

How do I get HELP?

  • When in doubt, first check the FAQ.
  • If you still have a question, please go to the Support Desk
  • OR (if you are logged in) you are welcome to EMAIL Jack - In the Email Subject line, please put "wiki help" plus a clue to the details - Thanks!

How to Email Another User

Emailing another OrgasmWiki User is very easy, as long as that User has chosen to provide an email address.

Here's how:

  • From any page in the OrgasmWiki, using the Search Box in the left-hand column...
  • Type in: User: immediately followed by the recipient's Username. For example if you want to email Zeitgeist, you'd type: User:Zeitgeist
    • Please make sure you put that colon immediately after the word User.
    • And please make sure there are no spaces between User and the colon, nor between the colon and the actual Username...
  • So if the username of the person you want to contact is Hlaser, then type in User:Hlaser... If the User you want to contact is Jack then type in: User:Jack for Laly, type User:Laly - and so on.
  • After entering the User's name in that format, click the Go button just below the Search Box...
  • This will take you to that recipient's User page, where they may or may not as yet have posted something about themselves. Even if they have not yet posted anything about themselves, if you want to email them, the following will work - IF they have provided an email upon signup.
  • Once you are on that person's User page, notice that in the left-column Toolbox box, there now appears a link that says: E-mail this user...
Since this email link ONLY appears in the Toolbox when you are on a specific User's page, it is known as a page-sensitive link - 
That is, this link is programmed to appear ONLY when you're on a User page - in effect, the program "senses"
when you're on a User page - and when you are, it displays this page-sensitive link.
  • Just click that link and it takes you to a form page that you use to send the email.
  • Fill out the form and click the Send button near the bottom.
  • That's all there is to it!

If you want to receive email from others, be sure to be logged in to the OrgasmWiki, then click the my preferences link in the upper right of any page and add your valid email address - preferably one that does not reveal your true identity - unless you want that to happen.

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